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17/05/2012 at 10:46

Thanks all for your advice.

Ant - I get what you are saying about "if you do blow up, it'll put you off for life, probably." I'm factoring this in to the risk.  As it is, I know I haven't built up any real sort of conditioning for marathon running having started  from zero in January. I may be in for one of lifes hard lessons and dark moments!

17/05/2012 at 11:10

TP = Tolet Paper.

I was caught out by my recently consumed curry on Sunday night's 20 miler.

17/05/2012 at 20:58

Groin massage is one of the few exercises I'm uncomfortable doing in public

Minni, my club received £300 last year for the efforts of it's runners. No idea how it works but Mr twaddle told me so it must be true.

Decent club session tonight- 6 days until my 10k race, but plenty of work in the plan before then. Are you doing the Cookson Minni- I guess not?

17/05/2012 at 21:49

  You probably had some well placed runners.  I don't think there's much chance of my club getting an envelope from Mr Foster. 

No not doing the Cookson.  I have a few 10ks lined up in June and July and of course the Blaydon Races.

17/05/2012 at 22:02

Prize cheque has arrived. They have spelled both of my names correctly. Phew. 

Can't offer any advice on the groin issues I'm afraid. Why do you never hear of women getting those?!

17/05/2012 at 23:47

Like the hill session within a 6 mile run Gul, I'd take the recoveries down if you can? Programme demo sounds interesting, hope it went well.

Jezza, nice drug fuelled PB.

BikeIt, Really hope the taper eases your niggles & stiffness. Have you got any earplugs you can use? Dock leaves sound like a like green solution to "out in the open exit stratergies".

Wow $170 is a lot of dollar for a race entry MsE, being a gay bloke (allegedly) the firefighters will be a good end to the race .

Good news about the cheque Speedy, at least they got your name right when it counted.

Had a good run tonight, 1.25 miles jog to the park, then 2 laps of the park which came out at 2.5 miles @ 5.58 pace and then a 1.25 mile jog home. Funny how the jog home came out at 7.08 pace and yet felt easy!

18/05/2012 at 06:26

Jezza - great racing. I keep planning to start a parkrun steadily but have so far failed miserably.
BikeIt - that 60km run will certainly take a bit of recovering from! Hope you get a chance to find some rest and let your body adapt from all that training.
KR - Very speedy laps of the park. Re hill work: yes, the 60s efforts were uphill, then a couple of minutes or so to walk back down and another minute or so standing waiting to clock up 4 mins before starting again.
Yesterday went okay, but didn't get to demo the program after all that fretting.
3 easy miles clocked up a short while ago.

18/05/2012 at 07:59
Morning peeps, weather's looking promising for Edinburgh. Remember that the first 6 miles are down hill so don't go off too fast!

50 quid is excessive for a HM but if you think that's bad, the metro ran an ad yesterday for a well known shoe company releasing an extra load of tickets for the London 10k... I had a look, they still had spaces at lunch, but I'm not surprised as they too were asking for 50 quid! I nearly fell of my chair!
For a 10k! That's way OTT IMHO. That's nearly a tenner a mile!
18/05/2012 at 08:47

FINgers, I had a look at your blog on and I have to say that your 5 stage plan is missing stage 6 which is rest. You plan is solid: build up  base from now until early 2013 and then do a campaign built on that base, but to be honest if you get to 50 miles per week by end of June and then keep that up for the last 6 months of 2012 you will be a broken man. I reckon you need at least 2 breaks in a year (and for me that means 2 weeks in the summer and 2 weeks over Christmas and New Year) when you really cut back (so over Christmas I did 50 miles over the 2 weeks instead of 60 miles per week and the summer was 2 runs in 2 weeks) and in addition to that you need a few weeks when you cut back as a taper for a race so I have had weeks of 24 miles with a x-country race at the end. 

I like to think of myslef as a 50 mpw man but in 2011 I did 2,160 miles which is in fatc just over 40.

Edited: 18/05/2012 at 08:50
18/05/2012 at 09:08

Last night I was involved in a charity event with a group of guys from our office: beat the banana! 5k round Hyde Park chasing a man dressed as a banana all in aid of cancer research. Even though this is as low key as races get, I had the usual pre-race  nerves and they didn't get any better as the start time approached. There was an organised warm up so the real runners studiously ignored the excessively bouncy aerobics and were out doing drills and stretches so it became apparent there were a few serious runners among the 500 odd people. One looked really tall, lean and fast: bleached hair, tri-glasses (should have been a giveaway), coordinated kit, GPS watch and a tan but he was proudly talking about his 4:15 at VLM so no worries there, but the old bloke in he vibram 5 fingers looked to be doing some mighty fine stretches and drills.

The gun goes and the banana set off, then we wait for a while to give him a head start and we set off. Instantly a couple of youngsters (18-20) charged off and I followed and soon it was obvious that it was just a spurt and that left me and a few others including old guy and one in his mid 20s. At about 1k we overhauled the banana and it was just me and youngster who was breathing a bit too heavily so, and I am ashamed to say, I said to myself "his weakness is your strength" and I pushed on and he fell away. By 2km I was on my own and I was grateful that I had looked at the map and run the course as the marshals who were well placed on the turns were not always visible until quite close. At about 4k I had a glance back and was clear of all others so brought it home in 16:55, second the old guy back by about 30 seconds and third the youngster a minute back.

Course was well short so 16:55 means nothing in terms of a 5k, in reality it was probably a short 18 minute 5k which is about my parkrun speed. First mile was fast (5:33) and then a couple slower but the aim at the moment is to get faster and not do even miles.

18/05/2012 at 09:30

wow, PMJ, for a second or two thought you'd had (another) major breakthrough.  Still very speedy at low 18 and fantastic to get a win, well done.

was chatting to a bloke at work who is an excellent rower and a bit of a fitness & sports science geek.  He said he wasn't surprised by my good result over 5k with a cold - to paraphase him - the fact is that the body is in "fight mode" so when you shock it by working it hard it reacts by pumping more blood to muscles.  Downside is that afterwards, when work is being done to repair muscles etc this diverts resources from fighting the cold so virus can get the upper hand.  I reckon that fact it was an evening race and I was asleep soon afterwards offset much of teh downside risk.  Feeling good enough for a lunchtime bimble today.

Good luck all you Embru racers

18/05/2012 at 10:57

Enjoyed that little race report PMJ. I always find it amusing at the start of races vaguely eyeing up the "competition". It's less easy than you'd think to spot the quick people often. Also never ceases to amaze me how some people with atrocious form seem to be able to go pretty swiftly defying their awkward gait. That and clocking the quite inappropriately placed characters who should be standing several pens back is always entertaining

18/05/2012 at 11:35

Fraser, I think that Xempo colour coded tops with PBs clearly over-printed should be compulsory. 

18/05/2012 at 13:20

Basic question - I am thinking of joining a club locally of which there are several - is there a ranking of the clubs performance anywhere or is there anything I should be looking for? I dont know enough runners for word of mouth.

18/05/2012 at 14:29

Look on Power of 10 and search for clubs; you can see what the rankings were within local clubs last year, for instance, and work out the standard.

18/05/2012 at 14:47

Best of luck to those racing at Edingburgh this weekend!  Lots of love and best wishes from San Francisco  (is is this weekend, isn't it?) 

18/05/2012 at 14:48

Oooh, super racing there, PMJ!  Great time!

18/05/2012 at 15:22

Nice going, PMJ - smiled at your checking out the competition at the start. Not as easy as it looks!

Mennania - the club with the best performances may not be the most welcoming or best-organized.

Good luck to the Embra mob. How's the weather looking?

I went out early yesterday (6:20 - it was nearly light already) and did 7 miles @ 7:08mm and while there was some discomfort it was never painful as such and my gait wasn't impeded. I was taking Ibuprofen and rubbing Ibugel on the area all day, and it felt a lot better. However, in the night it did wake me up and remind me it was still there and wasn't thinking of going down without a fight. I went to the gym today and avoided the weights: just did 40 mins on the bike,  20 mins' rowing and then a good session of stretching. I feel this has helped and the the discomfort is more localised, i.e. right on the pubis, just above the Last Chicken in the Shop, so I don't think it's the abductors at all. On the internet I read that in fact you're better off allowing the area to stay inflamed as repair will occur more quickly.

Given the location, what could a physio actually do, even if I wasn't too shy to go and get fiddled around with Down There?

Of course, I could just lay off running for a week or two and all would be fine, but we all know that's not goiung to happen, don't we? I've got a fairly high-profile HM on Sat 26th, and then there's the marathon on 24th June. Longer term, I do actiually just want to keep in shape and want to be fairly fit for when I come over to England ion July with a group of kids under my wing (Southport or, God 'elp 'em, Blackpool). I'm going to rest it as much as possible during the day and do 8 miles tomorrow and hopefully 14-15 on Sunday.

18/05/2012 at 15:29

MsE - next week (27th)

Ant - not sure I can give any useful advice on your issue. Like you I'm not sue a physio can really offer much. Forecast looks promising though crappy day up here today. Was talking to my sister in law on Skype last night and they were saying it had been 39 degrees in Calaceite. Ouch ! Not entirely convinced their measuring equipment is accurate

Settling in for a good solid week of fretting and self doubt

18/05/2012 at 15:43
Feeling strangely relaxed, just about to go out on first run of the week with legs feeling good. I think bagging my GFA the other week has taken all of the stress out of Edinburgh - hope that doesn't translate to a bit of CNBA when it gets tough on the day though. Current feelings are of building excitement and really looking forward to it.

Nice fruit whupping there PMJ
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