sub 4 hour group,if anyone wants to get together

all welcome

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09/11/2003 at 22:11
Can't say I'm too hopeful either LM. However the other threads have so far revelaed a couple of people who didn't have their cheques cashed till about a week before the magazines came out last year. So I haven't entirely given up!

But the backup plan now looks like being Rotterdam on April 4th.
10/11/2003 at 18:01

Bareclona (21/3) for me - if only I can figure out how to enter it!
10/11/2003 at 22:04
so Alex, what and when is this get together?
11/11/2003 at 10:33
Barcelona looks favourite for me but I'm a bit put off by it being 3 weeks before FLM. Training events won't fit in.
11/11/2003 at 12:14
wow - ran 4 miles the other day, like an old man. wouldn't fancy the next 22.2....
11/11/2003 at 13:04
Well done Wolf!!
13/11/2003 at 23:54
Hope every one is out putting the miles in,not much going on hear.Missed you all,DOING CHRISTMAS PUDDING RUN ON SUNDAY!SHOULD BE PLODDING RUN.
14/11/2003 at 13:06

up to 3 or 4 miles per session now. a mountain to climb, but finally feeling very little pain

accupunctuire yesterday nearly killed me and actually drew blood
17/11/2003 at 22:35
handicapped by not being able to post by day-my it dept have finally closed off all access to forums and chatrooms-grr.have been out 6x in last 10 days,nice and easy .need to push up the mileage a bit,but new shoes wearing in,waistline has stopped getting all i need to know is whether i'm in or not!!i bequeathed,and if i don't i'll lne up with macmillan again, must get myself sorted.more soon.
20/11/2003 at 15:18
Hi there

I wanna run under 4 hours. Last time out (7 years ago) I managed 4.20, but this time will be different - I'm definitely not going to train for 6 months only to miss the 4 hour mark!

I've not put a running schedule in place yet - I'm just doing a "few runs a week" - but I ran the Cabbage Patch 10 miles in 1.15 so I'm not starting from zero.

What schedules is everyone else looking at?
26/11/2003 at 13:25
i'm doing about 20 miles per week and am trying to up it some more! how quick should i be doing say a 8 miler if i wanna realisticly beat 4 hours?
26/11/2003 at 13:54
64-66 minutes

if you search the net for, say, "running calculator" or "running time predictor" or marathon calculator, you'll find lots of sites that help you to plot your interdmediate target times.

the other thing is to ensure that you;ve done plenty of long runs - no good being able to run 8 miles in 64 but crash and burn at 16 miles.

goos luck - keep us in the picture
26/11/2003 at 13:55
PS for info - am going craply myself.

not sure i could even manage 8 miles at this stage
26/11/2003 at 14:03
cheers wolf. i am too keen at the minute. honestly i'm totally addicted....i'm having to try really hard not to over do it!
26/11/2003 at 14:13
no- 25 miles a week in nov and dec is a good place to start
26/11/2003 at 14:24
the thing is i was doing nothing 4 weeks ago! i don't want to do too much too soon! i'm pretty injury prone so i'm being careful - bought some swanky running shoes last week which are a massive improvement to my previous pair.

i'm all over this marathon thing....i just hope my keenness remains so strong!
26/11/2003 at 16:00
anyone on this sub 4 thread using yasso's as a training method? Or has anyone used them in the past? I'm interested in trying them this time round so any tales of success or woe would be welcome!
26/11/2003 at 16:20
what are lasso's?
26/11/2003 at 16:35
I did Yasso's last year and although I enjoyed doing them (usually hate speedwork) I thought the 4min jog was too long even when I got up to 10. Plan to cover the 800m in 3.45 with decreasing jogs between this time round. Injured at the moment so this is all hypothetical.

I'm gonna... - Yasso 800's are covered in this months RW, otherwise type it in to Google. Basically they're speedwork sessions run 800m in time you want to finish marathon eg if you wanna finish in 4 hrs you run 800m in 4mins then jog for 4 mins. Start by doing this 4 - 5 times & build up to 10 reps.
26/11/2003 at 20:29
Llama Man - did you complete a marathon 'on time' off the back of yasso's training? Or were they just part of your general training and didn't lead to 26.2?
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