sub 4 hour group,if anyone wants to get together

all welcome

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07/01/2004 at 23:39

Any tips on how to get over the ITB Band injury? I ran New York in November but am now suffering from a dull ache on the outside of my knee when I do a long run. I am using the Rest Ice Compression Elevation technique as much as possible but I desperately want to get training again because I have a place in the FLM and want to beat my PB!

08/01/2004 at 06:24

I still suffer on and off usually last 10 minutes of a 3hr.40 run but it is a lot better than it was, I find stretching after a run really helps for about 10-15 minutes.Also I shower cold/hot/cold on knees after most runs!!!!! also RICE from what I have been told in can take months and just have to be patient(not something I am good at)Just ordered some emu oil to rubon as it is suppose to be marvelous for this injury!!

Hope this has been useful to you and really hope you are back in training soon!!!

08/01/2004 at 11:10
"A 3hr.40 run" Poppy ? Is that your 20 miler ? or just one of your long distance efforts ;-)

What sort of energy drinks/gels if any are you using for the 2 hour + runs

I'm thinking better to stick to water and train the body to burn fat as fuel and only use gels/drinks in races (after a try out first to make sure they don't make me sick)

Good luck with your racing.
08/01/2004 at 11:29
I'm using Lukozade Sport to get used to what I'll be using on the day. I do find it v. sweet. also the Orange which I think is the one used is my least favourite.
08/01/2004 at 11:32
Using LS for all your long runs Higs?
08/01/2004 at 11:54

I'm not worried about not training my bod to run off fat metabolism as I can't carry enough to fuel me anywhere close to all the way round. Also my long ones start at Sat 8am and I only really get a slice of toast or a banana down me before Ive got to leave so I'm fairly 'empty' when I set off.
08/01/2004 at 12:10
Interesting Higs.

So how much LS would you drink/carry with you for say a 2 hour + run ? Or do you not carry it but loop round a route from home where you can leave it somewhere safe?

I read a thread once that suggested drinking an LS sachet (flm stylie) at 15k, 25k and 35k in a marathon...
08/01/2004 at 12:34
Hope you don't mind me jumping in here, I have recenlty taken two bottles (you knopw the ones with the hole in the middle) one with water the other with LS and have found this helps.
08/01/2004 at 13:46

You know me one of my Longer runs:-)

I have been ordered to drink more so on a 3 hour plus run 2 L.Sports plus an energy bar although RP wants us to eat 2!!!!!

The Theory is every 45 minutes a energy bar or a bottle of L>S
08/01/2004 at 14:10
Hmm, on the subject of drinking/refuelling what do others do? My LSDs are only up to 11 miles at the moment so I haven't yet felt the need to eat/drink on the run (not even water at this distance) but I'll need to start experimenting soon. I read on this website somewhere that a good idea would be to take some Lucozade Sport (or equivalent) just before the start and then every 5K or so. I guess it's a matter of experimenting to see what works for you but with a limited amount of LSDs to practice in any pointers would be much appreciated.
08/01/2004 at 15:13
I generally go out early sunday morning and
fairly empty for LSRs. If it is going to be
over 2 hours I stop at a petrol station (or
whatever) at about 1 1/2 hours to get some
lucozade sport orange flavour. It is far
too sweet and tastes disgusting - but it is
available on the day. (I also tend to carry
a few jelly babies and munch them as well).

On the day there is lucozade available at the
start, and last year cups of tea as well.
Then I think lucozade is available every
5 miles or so - up to 20 miles. Probably
a good idea to take some at each station.

But what helps me the most is a cup of tea
from my daughter in law whose house is almost
on the route at 19 miles. . .


10/01/2004 at 13:02

Thanks for the advice on the knee injury. I have been applying the RICE treatment all week and not run since Monday. The big test will come on Sunday afternoon when I try it out again. Fingers crossed...

13/01/2004 at 00:50
Ha !!!

Just found this site ........ Gonna scroll back to see what Welsh Poppy has been saying !!!
13/01/2004 at 06:44

Found me I see.......Welsh Poppy tries to think if she has said anything bad;-)
14/01/2004 at 14:02
Well guys where have you all gone? how has your training been??

Come on not long to go to the big day!!!!

We really need to get this thread going by posting how we are all doing each day!!!
14/01/2004 at 14:18
Good afternoon Welsh Poppy, I hope you don't mind me replying.

Last week was my first week back after the xmas break, did 45 miles with my long run being 12 miles.

So far this week I have done 11 miles on Monday in 1:33 and 6.6 mile yesterday in 56 mins, tonight will be another 6.6 miles and the same again on Thursday & Friday, I will rest on Saturday and do my long run Sunday which I plan to do 14.7 miles.

I have entered Watford, Hastings half marathons along with the RW 15 miler in Richmond Park.

This is going to be my first marathon so I am finding this all very new and don't know what to expect, training seems to be going well.

How's yours and if you've got any advice it will be welcome.
14/01/2004 at 14:25
I'm lurking on this thread because I'm old and slow, but if I train as though I was aiming for sub 4, I might get close to sub 4:30.

So I'm watching what you guys are doing, and copying all the best training tips.

hope you don't mind !

14/01/2004 at 14:26
Sorry me again, I am going to run for Macmillan, is anyone else part of Team Macmillan?

14/01/2004 at 15:10
Great to get some new peeps on the thread nice to meet you Crazy Addick and welcome LynneW off course we don't mind thats how we all learn I lurk on the sub 3.30 thread:-)

That is some good training you have done this week we will have to keep an eye on you:-)

This is my 1st marathon as well, last week was an easy week as I had 2 races in the week and a 10K time trial in 49 minutes and X country on Saturday 4.5 miles in 34 minutes for club and then my big disaster on Sunday a 10K with mountainous hills in 51 minutes.
So this week so far intervals at club last night and long run of 17-18 miles tomorrow will be a rest day or a recovery run.
14/01/2004 at 15:24

What sort of time do you do for your long run, before xmas my final long run was 19.1 miles, but I found myself slowing towards the end, do you have any advice on how i can maitain my speed over these longer distances.

I don't belong to a club so have found it hard to do speed work as most of my runs have a lot of hills involved.

I also have to confess that the Watford half will be my first ever race.
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