sub 4 hour group,if anyone wants to get together

all welcome

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16/01/2004 at 12:41

I would like to see you try :-)I always toe the line don't I??
16/01/2004 at 12:53
Sounds like you've got a difficult one there of luck ;-)
19/01/2004 at 15:49
Come on you sub 4's....

How's it going everyone? no sickness I hope (WP you OK?)

Had a decent 14.5 miler on Sunday with some other forumites in Richmond Park in 2:16. Next time the pace needs to be nearer 9 min/m I think.
I'll be doing a long (solo) run on Wednesdays from now on as I do like the idea of 2 long runs per week. Got a nice course in mind that will follow quite closely the FLM route in parts.

First ever deep tissue massage at 5pm today - I'm expecting pain ;-)

Good training everyone.
19/01/2004 at 16:58
Back on the road yesterday. Head still spinning, sinuses full. 25 Minute 5k. Felt fine from neck down.

Still on the mend today so plan is 6-9 miles depending on how I feel when I get going.

Last long run was late December so I am envious of those of you who did not get held up by Xmas and Flu.

Thanks to W.P. Kiwi Fruit Importers are now rocketing on the LSE.

Asked ‘er indoors for a deep tissue massage and got refused 'cause I had not had a shave and smelt of sweat :-( If only I could persuade her to run on the road. She does 50k plus per week on the treadmill bur reckons that fresh air triggers her (mild) asthma. She is not one to be persuaded. Likes to watch soaps, richard and judy etc whilst running. I don't understand how this is enjoyable !

Looks like things are going fine with you Percy. I shall have to see if I am up to a long-ish run by the end of the week.

Have also fixed a puncture on my bike so I might include a few long cycles too. Seems to help the lungs I feel.

19/01/2004 at 18:14
Hi Guys,

I was going to post today you beat me to it Percy:-)
Still under the weather (tummy bug all weekend and today) but managed 11 miles on Saturday at marathon pace and only 4 miles Sunday I was too ill to continue,still feeling delicate But this morning I knew I could not slack off so got out and did 5.5-6 miles.
I have intervals tomorrow at track it kills me9I wheeze like an old woman at the end of the session) but I know it is good for me:-)

Well done Percy sounds like you are right on schedule with your training,How far are you planning to do on Wednesday?

Hope massage went well and not too much pain;-)

Good luck with training!!

Shame Mrs Alex did not want to give you should gently persuade her to get outside and run it will be very good for her Asthma(I should know)will open up her lungs.I don't understand either it is so much better(Running)
outside and does not rot the brain;-)

Sounds like you will be back on track soon and giving us all a run for our money!!!!

Glad Kiwi fruit sales have rocketed!!

Good luck with training
19/01/2004 at 19:53
my sympathies re. careful not to come back too quickly after...;-) I think after losing 17 days training to flu in September it's taken me nearly the same again to get back to where I was.

I need some speed from somewhere so intervals and hill reps are looming on the horizon.

Feeling loose and sore ish after the massage. No probs. highlighted though just some (suprise suprise) tight calves and hamstrings. I'll go again in 3 weeks.

Wednesday I fancy around the 18 mile mark at 9:30 min/miles pace. So tomorrow I might do a hilly 8 gulp, preparation.

50k a week on a treadie - certifiable!
or perhaps just another form of the mileage affliction that affects me.
I think I read somewhere it's not too healthy to run only on a treadie, though if my partner I'd be happier re. the safety aspect.

Good luck all.
20/01/2004 at 00:26
About Mrs Alex

I must say 50k per week minimum on the treadmill, last week she clocked 68k. I have been trying to persuade her that she should do speedwork or hills, even if on the treadie. Perhaps a fast 5k, but it seeks that 10k is the minimum she seems interested in and her favourite distance is about 10 miles.

I can not convince her that the answer to being thinner (and she is thin enough already)is not more miles. She is convinced she is a "big fat blimp" whereas there is actually more fat on Kera Knightley.

She is doing a 52 min 10k whilst watching neighbours. I have suggested she should do the marathon with be but no joy.

In the last ten years I have pursuaded her to do 3 things. The other 2 are to drink white wine and eat sea-bass. Everything else has failed.

When I come back from a run she says

"If I wanted to live with a wet alsation I would have bought one"


Anyway, 6 miles tonight still with clogged sinuses and a bad stomach. 54 mins 40 sec on a slightly hilly route. PB 44 min. Must do better.
20/01/2004 at 05:24

What a shame Mrs Alex can't see that she is slim and fit enough without doing all those miles on the treadmill(I could never do that mileage it would bore me to tears)So respect for her dedication or addiction:-)

52 minutes for a 10k is fantastic really is a big shame she will not train outdoors for a marathon with you, sounds like she would have no problems at all!!!!

You are fast Alex my PB for a 10K is 51 minutes and that was a darn hilly course(Richard Burton 10K)

Sounds like I need to do better !!!!!


I know I could not do 2@18 milers in a week my body would shut down so respect to you:-)I thought I will do a 12 miler as my second long run but that is all.Confession time after my 19 mile long run after I get home have something to eat and soak in tub.....I fall asleep and I mean I am out for 3 hours seems it is my bodys way of coping with the demands I make on it!!! it is very embarrassing and make me feel so lazy!!

Good luck with training today!!!

20/01/2004 at 10:43
Morning everyone,

It was good to read all your updates from yesterday seems to me that there is a lot of good training going on.

My own week finished with a 14.7 mile run on Sunday in 2:8:10 so I was happy with that, it took my weekly mileage to 51.9 which is the most I have done in one week, so again I gave myself a small pat on the back.

Yesterday I managed 10.8 miles in 1:42, then 1 hour PT session on chest, triceps and stomach so all in all over 2.5 hours training.

Today will be back to old 6.6 miles, not to quick as my calves are a bit sore, going to see a Chiropractor later to assess a slight hamstring problem, may have to see a physio.

WP – don’t feel bad about having a sleep after your long run’s, I do the same and I find it makes me feel much better, I also believe that Paula Radcliffe sleeps after long runs, so if it’s good enough for Paula then it’s good enough for us.

Alex – I use to do all my running on a treadmill, but I watched Sky sports while running, if you wife does start running outside she will get the bug, I did.

Good training everyone

20/01/2004 at 11:29
Alex - steady as it goes re. the running and sickness. Not too much too soon. Have you tried putting vapo-rub type stuff on your shirt like footballers do to ease congestion? Good luck with Mrs. A too - I still think it's not good for her. Some muscles will be missing out by only running on a treadie and this may lead to injury long term - get some expert advice.

CA - looking good, speed and distance on well on schedule.

WP - I may not have mentioned before that I'm not working at the moment so have time for running (and a nap afterwards) during the day. My schedule is not fixed and I'm still discovering what works for me. It may be that two long runs a week are too much....we'll see.
20/01/2004 at 11:38
Thanks All,

I have tried and tried to pursuade her but no joy. Will keep trying.

She does more miles than me.

As for me being fast .... I have my moments but my speed fluctuates greatly. 3 Years ago I was cruising a 42.5 min 10k on the Swansea Bay Route. Best 5k I have managed this year however is a slower 22 min. However time off, too many choc's etc and ....

Like to take Mrs Alex with me, she cycles and paces me but under sufference. She will only venture out in the summer though so this is not a goer until after the FLM.

I think endurance is what I need. I am great up to HM dist but keeping it up after that is the thing.

Last year longest run I had b4 FLM was 9 miles, so I intend to do things properly this year.

I guess if I look at some of the times I can produce over 5 or 10k I might do a faster marathon than 4Hrs, theoretically. But like I say, keeping it up for the second bit is the challenge and that is what I think firmly puts me in the sub4 group.

51 Minutes on a hilly route is good. Got to be able to knock at least 2 off on a flat one I would have thought.

I did the Lighthouse 10k in Nov and that was a bit hilly. 50 Minutes although being a Sunday that was after 4 hrs sleep. I guess had I run the route b4 I could have pushed a bit harder.

Could go out today and struggle to do it in 58 the way I feel.

Sinuses still blocked today but feel much better. Hills today if I can get some time off in the afternoon.
20/01/2004 at 11:49
Alex - there's no substitute for long runs unfortunately. I think I read somewhere that the 5 longest training runs should be around 100 miles in total. Of course a 20 mile race could be one of these.
20/01/2004 at 11:52
Percy, I notice you run on parts of the FLM route, is this the area you normally run in? do you run with a group?.

I ran with a partner on Sunday and found it a lot better, so I would be intrested in joining a group for longer run's if there's one local and happy for me to join.
20/01/2004 at 11:56
Percy, I don't understand when you say 5 longest trainig runs should be around 100 miles, over what time period do you mean?
20/01/2004 at 12:02
CA - I run solo midweek daytime, and this is when I'll be running on the FLM route. I live in SE5 so it's about 5 miles to Jamaica Road just south of Tower Bridge from home. I plan to run a loop from here over Tower Bridge and down past Canary Wharf to Greenwich via the foot tunnel before heading back to the start point and home.

I've also run with other forumites in Richmond Park on a Sunday.

There's forumites that meet up in Greenwich Park that run on a Sunday - I think their thread is on General if that's close for you?
20/01/2004 at 12:07
CA - 5 longest runs from now to 18/4/04 should add up to 100 miles. This is probably more a benchmark for quicker runners than us sub 4'ers but there's no harm in checking out their training tips.

With tapering I reckon this means from now until the end of March effectively.
20/01/2004 at 12:07
Percy, thanks for that I'll have a look as I live in Orpington GP would be good
20/01/2004 at 12:11
Percy, Thank goodness for that for minute there I thought you were recommending 100 miles a week.

Please forgive my ignorance I am still new to this.
20/01/2004 at 12:27
100 mpw ? - not for us mere mortals ;-)
20/01/2004 at 12:49

Bailing out....
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