sub 4 hour group,if anyone wants to get together

all welcome

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22/01/2004 at 09:17
Yes, welcome fellow sub4 hopefuls.

Looks like we're going to need our own sickie list here (in addition to the main training thread). Best of luck and a quick recovery to you all.

Poppy, good to hear you're back. Know what you mean about kerbs and steps...;-) My right leg is seriously stiff today. Last week it was the required.

MaS (Gareth) - now that's a training run! good luck.

JPVD - I'm still up for the Sunday run in Richmond Park (like last Sun) but seeing as I have the free time I'm going to add a long midweek run to my schedule where I can better control the pace to my own needs ;-)

Booner - I'm in Camberwell SE5, any good to you?
22/01/2004 at 10:09
Thanks for the welcome guys, you put me to shame too with all these long runs!
Anyway I think I will leave well alone till weekend, but good news is that I can see my ankle bone!
I am supposed to be doing Parliament Hill saturday but maybe I will just potter around and cheer peeps on, then try a longer run on sunday?
22/01/2004 at 12:44

Glad I am not the only one to suffer ;-) and I did not get my 3 hour nap yesterday;-( so decidedly very tired today.

Good Luck Wabo best to wait till you are healed properly

22/01/2004 at 12:56
I know, but the wicked men at my office made me get on scales and this not running lark has a bad effect, well anyway, I put it down to water retention!
I am trying not to be too worried about schedule though. As long as nothing else goes wrong!
My previous best marathon was 4.18 so I will be happy to get under that even!
22/01/2004 at 13:24
hey percy-cheez man, i work in peckham and live in brixton hill. we probably run in the same area, although i believe that was covered in the Sunday RP run thread.
Booner, glad to hear (in a non-sado way) that someone is having problems with the ITB and still having a go at the 3.59.59
I'm heading up the distance slowly and hope to break 10 miles again (yes, TEN) this sunday...
first the distance, then the speed
22/01/2004 at 13:28
Hello folks - Not often I get on here at this time of the day! So I am making the most of it!
Booner, I also had an ILTB injury (or so I thought...!) Not that I am an expert in running but after lots and lots of advice and reading material, I decided to try and change the way that I run! I know try and focus with my heels hitting the ground first! Well, it has certainly worked for me. Although maybe the professionals out there will say this is not a good thing to do - I don't know!
As I am running my first ever marathon in 10 days - I am after some advice!
Do I run with the 4hr group for 13 miles and see how I feel before maybe speeding up for the second part, or do I run with the 3.45 group and try and keep the same pace. I feel confident that I can run 8.20-30 min miles for the duration, but as it is my first ever go at this distance don't won't to 'over-do' it!
I am also running the FLM, so obviously don't want an injury that'll prevent me from running!
Any suggestions/advice would be much appreciated.
22/01/2004 at 13:41

From experience and reading stuff on here I'd say even paced running is better. If you've got the strength to run the second half faster than the first (negative split) then that's great too, but why not start with the 3:45 group?

Depends on your training - if you're confident as you say of running 8:30 min/miles then go for it! This confidence presumably stems from completing long runs at this pace?
22/01/2004 at 13:57
Percy, The longest run I have done was 21 miles in 2hr 56 mins! Although I have run other long distances (17-20 miles) averaging the same kinda pace.
The problem is the last 5-6 miles of the marathon. I read so much about 'hitting the wall'. I know that it's probably physcological but it worries me! Will try going with the 3.45 group I think, and see how it goes.
Cheers for the advice.
22/01/2004 at 13:58
Is this group ok for 'get you round' runners?
This is our first marathon, and I was going to aim for a time of 5-5.30, but I have just recovered from 9 week bronchial infection.

The 'get you round' plan published in the marathon successfull mag I need advice on- is it realistically enough to 'get me round? Is it too easy? We have followed it to date with no problems but I don't want to push my luck.

I want to do the best I can, but the health set back I had has dented my confidence a bit.

So far, the most I can achieve is running 5 miles non stop, 10 miles with walk breaks every 6 minutes.

Advice most appreciated.

22/01/2004 at 14:23
Gareth, 21 in 2:56 in training is plenty quick enough for a 3:45 mara. You'll almost certainly run faster just because it's a race (but don't overdo it).

Depends on conditions too on the day - hotter than training or whether the course is flatter etc. etc.

Good luck.

Err, Gill - this is the sub 4 hour hour thread....I'm sure the "get you round" plan will do the job for you.....all you have to do is stick to it. If it's too easy then add some mileage, preferably to the longer runs but don't add too much too quickly.
22/01/2004 at 15:52
Hello! I've been lurking on this thread for so long that I think I'd better declare my presence.

I got nowhere near sub-4 last year (4:41), and said at the start of the thread that I don't think my legs have got a sub-4 in them, and my long runs are 12-minute-mile pace at the moment, but, dammit, I want to give it my best shot!

Can I join you please?
22/01/2004 at 16:13
You're most welcome V-rap.

Any injuries/sickness you wish to declare at this stage? (hopefully not ;-))

It's looking like a condition of this thread that something goes wrong somewhere along the way....;-)
22/01/2004 at 16:20
Nothing to declare, Percy Cheeser, apart from a chronic tendency to accelerate, peak, crash and burn rather than train consistently. On past form, I should peak 4 weeks after FLM this year :o)
22/01/2004 at 16:21
Hi, I'd love to join too! I ran 4.13 mid-October in Amsterdam and knowing how I felt at the end, I am not sure I have it in me for anything faster but like VRAP want to have a go....

Any more spaces on this thread?

I've got some spare popcorn and coke for consumpton?
22/01/2004 at 16:26
RRR - welcome too! <in doorman mode today, so doffs titfer in a jaunty fashion>

All carbs and sugary high inducing drinks gratefully received...

V-rap - normal symptoms then....
22/01/2004 at 16:26
Oh, I forgot. I have a Wabbit to declare...
22/01/2004 at 16:28
Normal? And there I thought I might be a bit special...

Whatever, a dinosaur can't have too many virtual training partners :o)
22/01/2004 at 16:29
Well I'm off for a run now - I've been doing Yasso 800s buiding up 1 a week toward the magic 10. Well this week is the week I do 10. Also I've been doing them on the tready so far but I'm going to have a crack at them on the road. I'll let you know how I get on - should be a good indicator of how close to sub4 I am.

Actually not feeling that confident of sub4 at the mo' Struggled to do 1:58 for the 4 Villages Half on Sunday. It wasn't so much the time as the effort that worries me.
22/01/2004 at 16:31
Looks like the niggles are starting to creep in.

Have a couple to report - a pain that feels like a bruise when I press it just above my left ankle bone, and (until yesterday) a horrible pain in my left thigh (front left and centre) which felt almost like a trapped nerve.

Don't know what's caused either, but the ankle thing seems to be worse when I wear my old running shoes (in fact they may have caused it) - they have done 600+ miles - and the thigh thing is excruciating when I wear my newer shoes (250 miles).

And my long run is only up to 12 miles - God knows what will happen next week!!
22/01/2004 at 16:31

Is this the thread where you allocate someone to run as moi. They are given my t-shirt and number. They do all the training and run the race until the last .2 miles where we then quickly swap places and I run the final part waving my hands with much rejoicing and glee and then collect my winners medal and t-shirt + goody bag?

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