sub 4 hour group,if anyone wants to get together

all welcome

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23/01/2004 at 08:49
Well done, Jones the Steam. Impressive time!

Are we related? Only, my son's forum name is Ivor the Engine.
23/01/2004 at 09:42
Plenty quick JtS. Nice work.

Grrr, my midweek escapades have earned me a calf niggle so I might have to take another rest day or two....hey ho.

If I can do a 50 min 10k (not on track and after sick leave) then surely I can do Yasso's of 10 x 3:45 or maybe even better?
I notice the recovery time used WP was 2 mins....a sensible alteration.

Question for you speed trainers:
What other interval training do you suggest?

I'm partial to the long hill run and the higher HR tempo run but so far no intervals.

I noticed on my 20 miler that it was leg strength I was lacking. HR was well down. Presumably intervals will help this and/or hills?

If you're going to the London social tonight I'll see you there :-)
23/01/2004 at 10:00
Mornig all,

I think I will give these Yasso's a go on the treadmill next week to see how they work for me.

Percy, sorry to hear about you niggle, don't push it though, have that rest day as I found out earlier this week if you think you need to rest then do so, you will come back quicker and stronger.

Percy- do you do any leg work i.e. lunges & squats, I found they have helped strengthen my legs, just do them once a week. You can do them with weights as you get used to doing them.

Going to see Mamma Mia tonight so will have a few beers for the first time since Xmas, long run tomorrow should be interesting.

23/01/2004 at 10:27
Morning all, still not had a run this week, but last night I went to the gym and swim, did 15 mins on step (found it a doddle and watched my beautiful young daughter struggle which made me feel good!) 15 mins on rotex (called the b*****d by daughter +friends) and after weights I swam 20 lengths!
By this time the young 21 year olds were lagging!
Sorry but I haven't run all week and it made me feel good!
Restart sched monday (fingers crossed). Off to sports massage later and see what she says re ankle....
Wonder if the girls will let me gym n swim again?????
23/01/2004 at 10:34
Eeek - what a busy lot you've all been - or rather what a lot of time you've spent on this group as well as being out there running!

I like a challenge so I'm off to do my first ever Yasso's this lunchtime.

Thanks for the training tip!
23/01/2004 at 10:35
Ha Wabo, I sure we all know how you feel, injury can be a real pain (excuse the pun).

The swim & Gym is a good start.
23/01/2004 at 10:46
Cheers CA, and I know its a bit sad getting off on being fitter than those youngsters but I did meet up with running club buddies after and had to endure them talking about what a good run they'd all had that night so hey ho!
23/01/2004 at 10:48
Raptor & Percy,

Thanks for the good vibes. The legs are a bit rough today but the foot injury hasn't flared up so I'm on cloud 9 at the moment.
It was *so* good to get out again.

Sorry to hear about the calf niggle Percy. Hope that it clears up quickly and that you're out and about soon. (Even with your injury you're still way ahead of me. 20 miles? I can only dream of such distances at the moment!)


P.S. Raptor - Nice to see another connoisseur of the classics!

P.P.S Yes I did have to use a dictionary to spell that ;-)
23/01/2004 at 11:22
Thanks for the support guys - the calf niggle feels a bit better today, but I'm gonna give it at least one more day's rest.

CA - I'll give those lunges a go next week perhaps, thanks.

Wabo - Good luck with the ankle.

It interests me to see that some of us have plenty of pace and some the endurance and we're all looking for the complete package.

"Pace and Endurance" everybody - said in the style of Maximus in Gladiator (strength and honour) :-) <places right fist over heart>
23/01/2004 at 11:28
Some of us have neither.


Endurance will come. Pace...well, it can only get better.
23/01/2004 at 11:41
That's my theory V-rap. Work on the endurance so you'll know you can handle the distance. Any pace improvements after that are a bonus and icing on the cake.
23/01/2004 at 11:51
V-rap, don't be so hard on yourself.

My personal trainer (who has done 3 flm) swears by the philosophy that if you buind on the long runs first and formost you can't go wrong.

Mind you he also supports Spurs.
23/01/2004 at 11:57
Just an honest reflection on where I am now, CA.

There are three months to go, I know I'm capable of eight-minute-miling (though maybe not of stringing 26 eight-minute-miles together), I haven't trained consistently since last May, and this year there's a fair prospect that I'll be able to fit in four training runs of 20 miles or more before the big day, whereas I did one last year and...well, all I'll say about FLM2002 is that I got a medal and wasn't quite last.

Gotta keep up with the whippetty Wabbit!
23/01/2004 at 12:07
V-rep, at least you have been there and done it. This is going to be my first, never considered running before, so I have no idea what will happen but i will give it my best shot.

I have to say the support from this thread does help, one thing I have learnt is what friendly people runners seem to be.

23/01/2004 at 12:21
Oi CA I am a spurs supporter too!!!
ps I have endurance
pps I have my right fist over my heart

I heard that CA, something about you have to have endurance to support spurs......

I heard that too!
23/01/2004 at 12:28
Wabo, I can't talk I spent the last 39 years (well a bit less, when I was old enough to understand) supporting Charlton now that's endurance.

I would have my right fist over my heart when I watch them but I normally have my head in my hands.
23/01/2004 at 12:37
Well that's my lot for another week, off to do my 7 miles on the treadmill (may try two or three of the Yassos), I will let you all know how the Saturday long run goes on Monday.

Have a good weekend all of you, those who are running good luck, those who are injured
rest well.

23/01/2004 at 13:47
CA, Couldn't agree more about the support from this thread. This will also be my first marathon as I only started running in May last year and the forums have been of immense help.

As V-rap says, there's still just under 3 months to go so there's time enough to work on the little things (like endurance, pace, etc.)

One of my concerns is that I'm fine running on cool/cold winter's evenings but I don't handle the heat very well so I'm not sure how I'll fare come April.

Still, how bad can it be? ;-)
23/01/2004 at 16:35
Hello all, welcome to the newcomers...i've been lurking around cuz i really don't have much to contribute compared to these sub-4 machines!

Crazy Addick, i'm doing the watfird first race since the Wyvern Christmas Cracker.
stretched out the legs on the treadmill last night, first time in a long time. nice to get off the "low-impact" running contraptions and actually run. can't wait till saturday so i can actually run in the park..then try a lap around RP to see whats what.
funny thing...the ITB seems to be holding up, BUT there is a weird pain/strain on my inside left knee. It doesnt really *hurt* and seems to appear and dissapear no matter what distance...
Is it possible it is just a muscle strain and not some horrible ligament/tendon (the brutal injuries to revocer from) injury?
I sure hope so, cuz i feel fine!
23/01/2004 at 16:39
7 miles on the treadmill? Respect!
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