sub 4 hour group,if anyone wants to get together

all welcome

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27/01/2004 at 14:24
JTS: Thanks about the pace info - will give it a go in the coming weeks as I try out a 20 miler sometime in mid-March.

I am a 'new' runner. My one and only race was the Nike10k round Richmond Park last Sep. done in about 52 mins and very nearly collapsed at the end.

As for favourites, I just clicked on whatever took my fancy on that profile page. However, it would be interesting to compete at HM and M levels.

I'm following the Stage2 schedule for aerobic base-building (see the Base Training thread on Training). It won't give me a best time for FLM but hopefully a PB later on in the year.
27/01/2004 at 14:58
Thanks for get well wishes....|I have my traditional day of tomorrow and hope to do a long run but will play it by ear!!

Welcome NRB-G and anyother new comers I have missed on previous page;-)

Hope VR you are fighting fit and yes the thread seems to be jinxed at the moment with injurys.


Best of luck for tomorrow wishing you a speedy recovery

And all the rest injured get well soon

Hope you are fighting fit and well done on run yesterday-I have always trained with Lucazade and actually like it although did take a while to get use to sweetness.
27/01/2004 at 20:30
Gosh, a few days away and everyone is injured.

Used to train with L.Sport. Hate the orange flavour, best is the Grapefruit - in my view that is.

Used one of these high carb drinks from GNC on races, seems to work ok. Red Rooster, about double the strength of red bull (and half the price), good for me 1/2 hr before a run.

Must report that I am now 'fit on the inside'& 'more regular than big ben' after W.P.'s Kiwi Fruit cold cure recomendation !

By the way, I love the skin - nice and crunchy. No one I have talked to believes I can eat and enjoy the skin. All started because I lost the motivation to cut it off.

1/2 M last night, fairly hilly, in 1:52 with some vary lazy plodding toward the end (apart from the last mile when some amateur in a bobble hat fancied a dabble). Feeling pleased.

Thinks; where do I find a fast,flatish, non-boring, non treadmill, 1/2m in Swansea ?

Hills, I love 'em (really), but occasionally could do without them. Then that's Wales for you.

27/01/2004 at 20:57

Glad to have you back wondered where you had been!!

Also glad you are fully fit and regular...LOL

That is a good time and on a Hilly course well done sounds like you are back on track:-)

All I could think of Alex is on the sea front from Rugby ground to the Mumbles pier and back is 9 miles just add on another 4 miles it is flat and fast but I find it very boring as done most training for 6 months on that route..

But as training partner Is away this week I have to do my long run on my own...sob sob so will be cycle track to pier to leisure centre and back and see where I go from there about 17 miles just need to add on 4 miles to be on target with last week but after running fanatstic route over in Port Talbot it is going to seem very boring indeed!!!
but will play it by ear after my calf problem!!
27/01/2004 at 20:59
Hi everyone

Not sure if I want to post on here!

Am I likely to get injured? Eeeeekkkkk

Ran 12 miles today. Feeling better as I didn't manage to do a long run at weekend only a 7 miler.

Running Watford on Sunday but not as a race as a training run! :)

Anyone else running at Watford? Would be good to meet beforehand even if it is just to say hello.

27/01/2004 at 21:24
Evening all.
I hope that everybody's niggles are mending nicely and immense respect to anybody who actually braved the arctic gales outside this evening.
It's my rest day today but I've got a long run tomorrow (10 - 12 miles) with the added bonus of trying Lucozade again.
I'm a fan of the Maxim gels (citrus flavour) but I'll persevere with the Lucozade for the moment.
Anbody know whether the FLM only supplies orange flavour?

Poppy - 17 miles? Blimey, respect is most certainly due. That's Mudchute already and there's still 2 1/2 months to go...
27/01/2004 at 21:32

Yes, unfortunately, Lucozade Sport provided at the FLM is Orange, Orange or Orange flavour :) You won't get any other type which is unfortunate as other flavours are easier to drink. I find the orange one very strong. However, you will find that stations alternate between water and LS sport and I can assure you, there are many stations. Infact I couldn't believe how many there were. Towards the end I didn't bother because I was full to the brim. It was invaluable last year though as it was a hot one!
28/01/2004 at 00:03
Didn't they provide the red one in 2002 ?

Anyway, Poppys suggestion of the seafront (10k +) as the basis for a long run is great for times.

The problems I have with this bit is

1. If it is going to be windy anwhere it is windy there.
2. Track slopes sideways so ideally I need one leg shorter than the other.
3. Most of my running is at night and it is poorly & you have to pass literally bushfulls of 'undesireables' at that time of day.

The cycletrack is great and I use it alot in the summer, however light is the problem now. Typically I am setting out between 8:30 and 10pm.

Penclawdd way is flatish but boring. Hmmm.

Must try to get some long runs done in the day. Generally only manage hills and similar shorter sessions daytime, and mornings ... don't talk to me about mornings.

How on earth people feel good or work effectivley in the morning I will never understand.

Did I mention I was using my slow shoes yesterday ;-)

Have splashed out on a pepperoni pizza and 2 yoghuts this evening. Even had a caramel slice for lunch.

Got a garmin forerunner thingy. Very good but beeps a-lot. Shame it does not understand when I am going up a hill - if you use the speed warnings it goes mental because I slow down. Concequence is that I have truned this bleepathon feature off and I have a nast habbit of degenerating in to an infinatley maintainable but slow plod after a while.

Tried a cold bath after running yesterday. Bottled it after putting one foot in. Mnagaed to cold sponge my legs (which killed) as a cop-out. Maybe it helped as they are great today, but maybe they would have been fine anyway.

Have bought piles of gels but not seriously used them. Must have a go.

Must admit my I play it by ear on times. Sundays run was a long run come 3 miles; diverted home overladen with Kiwi fruit.

Goodnight all & Good Luck.

28/01/2004 at 01:57
Afraid not doing Watford to far away for me:-)well done on your run


I did 21 miles last week and the same on Wednesday if calf holds up;-(


So thats why I have one leg shorter than other:-)

That is jolly late you are out for runs,some of us are morning people and enjoy running at 5.30-6AM before work;-)

Now cold baths are not that bad once you get used to them:-) okay I have not had one since summer but I do shower cold water on legs especially knees after runs...yes it does make me scream as it is icy cold;-)then hot water then cold again.

I have a box of gels not used as yet must start using them.

Good luck with training everyone:-)
28/01/2004 at 08:12
Phew! Welsh Poppy. You make my attempts at training look VERY INSIGNIFCANT....

My 12milers vs your numerous 21'ers!

Well done...
28/01/2004 at 10:05
Poppy, 21?

"We are not worthy. We are not worthy....." ;-)

As for the alternating hot/cold approach onthe legs, my masseur recommended a similar approach using hot/cold packs.

The routine is 3 min hot followed by 1 min cold and then repeat a couple of times.
He said that the important thing was to finish with a cold one as this clears out some of the accumulated junk from the muscles.
It's a lot easier doing it in the shower than trying to maintain the hot & cold packs for 10 minutes and it seems to do some good.

Not sure whether I'll get out and about tonight as we've got a couple of inches of snow and ice at the moment. I'll see how it looks when I get home tonight.
28/01/2004 at 10:19
I'm with Alex on the cold bath issue! Marathon training has quite enough essential masochistic rituals as part of the package without adding any optional bolt-ons.

One day I might try Lucozade Sport again, but my fear of running out of glycogen is overridden by my dislike of throwing up (and especially of queueing for a portaloo to throw up in because there are sights that those kind spectators should not be obliged to witness). Managed OK with water and sweeties and bits of banana this year.

28/01/2004 at 10:42
Morning everone, please make some room on the injury bench, only mamaged 3 miles out of 7 last night before my left shin became to sore.

Have a PT session later today so i will try a short 4-5 miles before, if that's no good I will rest for the remainder of the week as i don't want to miss Watford on Sunday.

28/01/2004 at 11:19
OK, CA seeing as it's you I'll donate my place on the long as you keep it warm in case I need it back....

Take it easy and good luck for Watford.

I'm due to start jogging again today, but it's going to be gentle and cautious.

Be careful out there everyone.
28/01/2004 at 11:29
Sorry to hear that CA. Rest strong.

Percy - Careful you too. It may well be like an ice rink. It looks wonderful outside, inside! but it's very icy where I am!

VRAP - I must say a cold bath does work wonders. The thought of it in this weather doesn't appeal I must admit. It does appeal when I have run 18-20+ though because my body is in pieces. I am sure it aids a speedier recovery than a hot one!

I may run ahead of you if there are any signs of throwing up! Not sure one can plan for that in training! :0
28/01/2004 at 11:43
Percy, I think I have to call you sanity into question or maybe just your timing going out on a day like this for your return from injury jog. Oh well never mind, best of luck with it and let us know how you get on.

With out trying to teach grandmother to suck eggs and all that don’t forget to warm up properly especially the calf.

RRR- I hope to be fit for Sunday so it would be nice to say hello.

28/01/2004 at 11:45
Thanks Wabbit.....I will be cautious. Looks ok here in London SE5.

I actually like lucozade sport..though I do prefer the "original" flavour - probably something to do with being given it when sick as a kid. As for ice baths, hmmmm, not sure I'm that brave, but have been known to employ the hot/cold shower on the legs treatment.
28/01/2004 at 11:49
Morning all. Sorry to hear your on the bench CA. I have also got a nice warm spot on that bench. I am coming off bench friday, ankle bit delicate but I am going for it and will take it easy. Moving tomorrow so I will have a 4 mile reccie run on Friday of my new area!

Best wishes to you all, injured and the ones putting in all the miles!
28/01/2004 at 11:49
Sanity? where?......oh you mean my schizophrenic other half?....he's tied up in the wardrobe and won't be coming out before April 19th. I feed him soup occasionally to keep him it's just possible he may be of use in the future...;-)
28/01/2004 at 12:05
So you won't mind me getting to the shower first and using up all the hot water after that long run we're going to do together in a few weeks, Wabbit? That's good! :o)

After 18-20+ miles, my dreams are of chocolate biscuits rather than baths of any temperature.
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