sub 4 hour group,if anyone wants to get together

all welcome

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22/10/2012 at 12:41

will catch up later at home, but well done fido, jovi and hen, thats some swimming!

well done frc

ikle looks like you had a great birthday, nice!

22/10/2012 at 16:03

Susan, I'm doing Brighton too! I'm getting round even if I have to walk half of it due to knee annoyances. Are you running it too? Hurrah!

22/10/2012 at 20:26

of course Ickle forgot you were running Brighton too... marvellous..

had an interesting afternoon learning all about secure shredding - let me know if your office needs some - we are very good at it. ..  mention my name


23/10/2012 at 11:41

Quiet here, innit.


23/10/2012 at 12:20

ssshhh - I'm asleep......

23/10/2012 at 13:16

I was going to post a race report but zzzz.. (tumbleweed drifts by).

23/10/2012 at 14:38

Nice cross country this morning to work, mud and cow muck, lovely run then went in the coop to buy milk and dirtied up the floor, think the till lady thought I was mad, sweat, mud and cow muck all over me.  Good job we have a shower at work.......great running all and swimming........ what races you got planned next guys???

23/10/2012 at 15:28

For me, 10K at Battersea Park on 11th November. Then the big M in April...

23/10/2012 at 16:38

Lancaster half marathon in 2 weeks, Nov 4th. same one I did last year and PB-ed... I may have a similar plan this year

23/10/2012 at 16:54

Hello all - just popping in. I ran Cabbage Patch 10m on Sunday (at snail pace) and really enjoyed it great when you take it easy and just enjoy the views (obviously not of rolling country side but urban Twickenham).

Aim to run with club tonight some sort of pyramid session...!!

Oh, and not that I am dropping any hints here but only just this moment realised that tomorrow is my Birthday!!! Must have been having so much fun with work and things that completely forgot.


23/10/2012 at 17:08

Happy Birthday Umb!

Race report Caernarfon 10k - Current PB is only June 41:57. Hoylake 10k in Sept in 39:23, with terrain a little awkward but short by 0.1-0.2m? I guessed proper 10k then high 40s to mid 41 mins so under 40 unlikely.

Caernarfon is ~2hrs drive so met up at club 8am for 11am start. Lovely drive & area. Course is also run in June but reverse direction, proper UKAA measured, markers every km.  Weather perfect. Nice, cool-ish but sun coming out. Spoke to a few in team, including the one who sat on my shoulder at previous race , see what they were aiming for. Quite a few after sub 40-42 and with 200 plus running a good field to pace against.

Fast start, the 5-6 rows ahead of me went off 6ish mm pace, even mid 5s. Way too fast for me, stuck to steady pace, run my own race. Picked through the initial crowds and then into good open road, manual lap on 1km marker, 3:57. Bang on sub 4min per kilometre for sub 40 min 10k - felt tough but just warming up. I didn't check my garmin pace at any time, just relied on the split each marker and feel. 2 Km - 3:59 went past a young club runner I know was after sub 42, struggling, started too fast. Could see 2 other club runners but way ahead, 200-250 metres, long way.

You might remember, during the marathon I had lots of positive thoughts like Focus, steel eyed and the very random "I am Steel". okay. See later. Picked a few shirts ahead and memorised them. Ahead, 2 men purple shirt, blue shirt, and green top/ blonde pony tail woman. Actually I remembered her from multi terrain races, ran 1 lap behind her so similar pace. Very nice loose stride, she looked good. Other two not so good. I was staying with them, steady, a little tough, an odd hill there. Km 3 - 4:05.

Upped pace a little to make sure under 4min km and stay with them. Next km had a hill in, not big, but long section. Purple and blue tops passed. Just green/ ponytail now, hill easy for me. I felt good. On her shoulder, she was puffing, awful breathing - this boosted me. I can remembering thinking, "I feel great" - And head popped in and said "Ha, in THAT case going to push you even harder, WE are going for it". Funny, but I wasn't maxed at all, tons more in tank. Green top was history. Through 5km including the hill in 19:56, only time I glanced at watch. That's a PB for 5k!

Km 6 another hill, 4:20, wondered what this would do to time but kept similar effort, passed loads of runners. Km 7 reads as 3:39, think a fast downhill section helping, I could see a red top from club up ahead - not the runner i expected but good ultra guy - I'd given him a shock doing same at Hoylake but couldn't stay with him. Km8 marker 4:13 I was still feeling great, passing more, on his shoulder, this time I said hello, just went past him and carried on. Km 9 4:12 too, another red top ahead. Other club pal going for sub 40. Reeled him in. Did consider sneaky tactics then thought better of it.

Pulled up on his side and told him to form up, 3-4 vests ahead all for the taking. we both upped the pace went past them, aimed for the next 2. Through the line,  he sprinted, me about a second behind him. He thanked me for the push - Much better. Got my tactics spot on, steady ending fast.

Finish time, 40:12, felt great - buzzing! Average pace was 6:29min mile so tons of confidence now for the half marathon in 2 weeks. I have honestly done no specific HM training for it but then again, nothing for the 10k just good miles for the ultra, fast tempo runs & lots of speed work. Okay, so sort of training. Pace for half then should be ...

23/10/2012 at 18:09

FRC - Love it! Can't wait for my 10k in December, I've got real hope for something good too, although not quite your pace  My PB is 45:19 from yonks ago and only done about 3/4 10k in the last 3 years or so and usually completely out of training for them (just low key local races that are there to do!) I'll be looking for 44 at least!

Club tonight - my session to lead out an intermediate continous tempo run at around 7:30-45 pace... had a day off today so I feel fresh!!

23/10/2012 at 18:57

Like the race report FRC. I don't know how you and others do it - remember enough to give a meaningful report that is. The most I can remember of all my races is "Felt wired at start, went off too fast, but referred to watch to keep me in check. Tried my best to stick to planned pace throughout always focussing on runners in front and pulling them in. Push over the last few km. Don't remember much. Push really hard with finish in sight. Finish! Check watch for time."

No real recollection of course, other specific runners, surroundings.

I really enjoy myself though! Just wish I could remember enough to write a race report

23/10/2012 at 20:38

mmmm... nice 4.9m @ 7:24 pace inc. first mile in 7:11 playing catch up. Didn't need to lead the group out so nice to do my own thing 

23/10/2012 at 23:07
Ooh I forgot I'm doing Silverstone Half on 3rd March too...
23/10/2012 at 23:49
Cicero, sure you will remember things. little details are important. any tips I read here, not going off too fast, manual lap on watch, memorising a few tops around you. All help. And no garmin glancing every minute, just look at split at marker, run on feel.

Nice session DtF.
And Ikle, silverstone half then Brighton?

Officially pooped. Stayed with the club fasties group for whole 10 laps of speed session. Never managed more than 5 of this one before going to my normal group. 10 x 0.25mile, first chunk of that is a steep hill so tough session, all done between 1m30s - 1m45s. Big achievement to me.
24/10/2012 at 07:22

Blimey FRC race reports are exhausting, had to have a lie down after reading that.

Dave you have only done three quarters of a 10 km in the last few years ? That's not too good, you should try finishing one ....
I went to track and did a pyramid session but I ran with Sian and we mised out one bit as we were running out of time.. Getting my pace right for Nice ..
24/10/2012 at 08:29

Morning - goodness, it's all a bit technical here for me - speed sessions, splits - am I on the wrong thread? 

Happy Birthday Mr Monkey Man and belated birthday wishes to Ickle - glad your week ended on a nicer note

If this is still the sub 4 forum (and yes I must change my name) I have just been teetering along really, doing my own thing and just remembering that running is about fun as I seemed to have left that bit behind. Realised that I have been training for something consistently since January and was no longer feeling the love so I have been going out without the Garmin, trotting around the hills with  friends and my loopy dog and generally enjoying myself and I am feeling suitably refreshed now I have pulled out of 50 mile race on Saturday for the simple reason that I don't want to do it. Will be doing nothing longer than 14 miles for the rest of the year and I'm looking forward to it! I have kept going to the track sessions which I like but I am a bit pathetic, it was 3 x 2km this week, so I did 3 x 1 miles instead - slowly, slowly and all that. Next week it is 2 x 3km so I might just sit on the trackside and eat chocolate 

I did actually go on a bike ride yesterday as I thought it would be fun and quite easy - how wrong I was! Perhaps the fact that the tyres weren't pumped up properly and the seat wasn't high enough so I looked like a bit of a boy racer when they are nearly sat on the floor didn't help - but it wasn't fun. I may try again with the kids at the weekend but I'm not convinced I'll like it - I just had the crazy idea it would be good for my running. It is certainly not good for my bottom 

Susan - when is your marathon you super crazy woman? Would you like to meet me soon, I am in London every week for two days for the next year - I might come and live with you


24/10/2012 at 09:26

Thank you for Birthday wishes. I am celebration my forty something birthday in style by sitting in a gloomy office in London. Can life get any better than this?? I too did a pyramid session last night with club but not at track but around my house!! Well not exactly my house but around the streets near my house.

WT - what work takes you to London so often? Is it secret? I got offered a well paid job in Sheffield (3 days in Sheffield and 2 days working from home)...I didn't take it!!

The Royal British Legion have marked my Birthday by using it as the start of the great Poppy Appeal - big launch in Trafalgar Square with Pixie Lott and Alesha Dixon.

24/10/2012 at 09:46

Nice race report........great to read of others efforts and trials and joys!!!
Doing a 21 mile hilly race Grindleford Gallop here in Peak District March 9th and Coniston 14 in the Lakes at the end of March thats all I have booked for next year though I have a place at GNR if I want it, though having done the last three not sure I can be bothered again! Good atmosphere but boring scenery until the last mile. IM is that the London big M? Charity place or lottery?

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