sub 4 hour group,if anyone wants to get together

all welcome

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14/12/2012 at 13:33

You too mcs - got any races planned?

14/12/2012 at 13:45

Follow this link Steve for our thread races.

If you have some and you are staying around send me your races and I will add them in. Not received the bacon yet You off to London this weekend for the Asics thing?


14/12/2012 at 13:58

I'd love to stay around

I haven't got any booked at the mo - was kind of in limbo whilst the comp was running so I'm going to get down to booking a few in January... once I've seen what Sam has in store for me! There is one race in April I'm doing...

Yes, can't wait - am hopefully going to be updating on Twitter all day (@Steve_Waites), hopefully with a few pics, and I'll post on here about it once I'm back - are we expected to set up new threads or do we stick with the voting ones??

14/12/2012 at 14:03

Sorry I've not been around much but I saw Jovi's news on Facebook and just wanted to say well done Jovi, brilliant the queen of the thread - fantastic or in the word(s) of Craig Revell-Horwood "A-MAZ-ING" Congratulations!!!

14/12/2012 at 14:30

Wednesday's race report - not super exciting so feel free to skip past!


My main aim at the outset was to use as this race a training run for my February ultra and my sub 3:30 attempt in the Spring - ie run to 20 miles at 8 min/miling and then slow down and take the final 6.2m steady to get in just under 3:45.

The weather was sunny but absolutely baltic at the outset - plenty of layers required - even Milton Keynes looked picturesque on the morning of the race with the trees around the lake all white with hoar frost and the lake frozen - very Christmas card scenic.  I set off at 8 min/miling on the first of the 8 laps and felt a little sluggish but as the race went on I started to feel much better and the pace felt nice and steady.  The course is pretty flat but quite twisty which does mean you have to concentrate in parts - otherwise you could find yourself running straight into the lake!  Despite the course being mainly good footpath or hard packed grass and the ground being frozen solid, on the first lap I somehow managed to find the one section of non frozen mud and my foot disappeared into it up to mid calf - thankfully I then knew to skirt around that section on the subsequent laps.  As there were only 40 runners I ran pretty much on my own with only my trusty ipod (and Jon Bon Jovi) to keep me company.  If only he'd been there in person I might have run even faster

I got to the halfway point in a shade under 1:44 and felt really good. Little to report for the next 7 miles  - I speeded up a little and got to 20 miles at just under 2:39 so had a little in hand in the 8 minute miling.  For once I also felt surprisingly good at this point so decided I may as well stick with the pace for as long as I could. I remember suddenly feeling super energetic and looking at my splits post race spotted I did mile 21 in 7:39!  I slowed a little after that.  In the last mile I suddenly worked out that unless I slowed a lot more I might just sneak in under 3:30.  As I came round the last bend I could see my watch said 3:29 but without my glasses not how many seconds over 3:29 - there was nothing for it - although it's a slight uphill finish I gritted my teeth, and as they say on Marathon Talk - I zipped up the mansuit - and sprinted as if my life depended on it.  I wasn't sure where the finish line actually was and I kept going until I heard the race director shout out my time - 3:29:52 - collapsing in an immediate heap of exhaustion!   I finished 1st lady and 6th overall. Only about 40 runners but as they say - you got to be in it to win it!   Just about time for a quick shower, change of clothes and a dash to catch the bus back up North - with just the 4 hours to sit on the coach and seize up - I grinned all the way home - my fellow passengers probably thought I was mad!  I had at last achieved a goal I have had for at least the last two years.  I think the endurance I've gained by doing several marathons close together is what worked on the day - that and perhaps I'd set off without putting any pressure on myself for a PB.  As I said in a previous post - I feel like a huge wieght has lifted from my shoulders and I can now relax and enjoy any future marahtons.  If I go quicker, great but if not I won't be too bothered as I now feel I've achieved one of my long held ambitions. then again, one of my OH first comments on telling him my time was - when will you be trying for sub 3:15.....I really musn't even think about that.  A couple of easier months of no marathons now before my assault on another ultra in February.

Edited: 14/12/2012 at 14:39
14/12/2012 at 19:40
Thanks Howard. Still in a sort of shock & can't quite believe I did it
14/12/2012 at 19:59
Jovi why so shocked ? We all knew you could do it. I'm sure you were above that split half way at London even slightly crocked at mile 12, approx 1:40-42 half way point?

Only getting time you deserved. You have come back amazingly well. Great endurance base, marathons & ultras acting as long runs?

Mcs, Didn't realise we were sticking races in a spreadsheet...hmmm. When did that happen?

Bargain for the ladies on here, Boston 3 Adidas speedy shoes are on sale for ??30 & 50 quid, bargain, click here.
Nb you will need 1/2-1 size bigger than normal.

And no Jovi no clicking you are fast enough!
15/12/2012 at 15:04

I can almost see you flying up the hill. Well done again

FRC- I think there is a point you cross. Although Im not in Wendys class, I do think the body does start to accept 26.2 as a "normal run" 3 marathons in 3 months was fine but have decided not to go 20 miles plus this month as I also think the body needs a rest from time to time, Speed work this month see below

Fist back to back runs started today. 10k yesterday and today. Happy with a couple of sub 50s (49.40 & 47.45) Its a start I have to be honest the biggest worry I have at the moment is finding the time to get the long bruns in

15/12/2012 at 20:53

I find it hard getting the long BRUNS in Martin..  as for fist back to backs.. I just dont want to go there.  ahem ..

Wendy - you are awesome and you can be in shock - way to go indeed... !!

15/12/2012 at 21:09
Been out and done a 5 miler, in 40 minutes, so quite happy with my self as have got a cracked rib and have not run since last sunday......
Tales fro the river bank, I had a race with a greyhound, and lost, he was friendly though, as I ran past 4 youths, smoking some rather fragrant, hand rolled tobacco, I shoted "drug squad" and think I nearly gave them a heart attack.
All good fun.
My kneeseems ok now, looking forward to abit longer run tomorrow...
15/12/2012 at 22:20

SDII, you are a terror!

15/12/2012 at 23:20
How so ikle?????
15/12/2012 at 23:49
Errr... Probably shouting "drug squad" at the youngsters?

After being zero degrees running Thursday night, its now 8-10 degrees, weird. Race tomorrow ~6m, short break then steady run back hopefully.

Malt loaf & a few Jaffa cakes in pocket for emergencies. Well that's my excuse
16/12/2012 at 09:18
Fair comment frc, it was funny though......
Yesterday was the first time I have been out running in shorts! It felt weird......
Off out soon, in my santa hat I think......
16/12/2012 at 09:42

SD2, anything else, or just the hat?

Bang on, FRC.

Why is it you can go for a run and run for ages and not cough at all, and then as soon as you stop running, you start coughing again? Must mean running is good for you!

16/12/2012 at 09:56
Ikle, maybe a little bit of tinsel as well to maintain my modesty. .......
16/12/2012 at 10:32

Hi all - thought I'd pop in and say Merry Christmas and I hope you are all well.

Jovi - just seen your sub 3.30, 1st lady and 6th overall - WOW!!!! That's fantastic, I'm so so pleased for you, congratulations. Sorry for not reading back for anyone else's news. Hoping I can catch back up with you all once I'm on maternity leave!

We've had a stressful few weeks as our housing chain fell through so we've had to accept that we will be having the baby where we are now which wasn't the plan, BUT it's fine, it's just been frustrating as we'd been waiting since July (when we bought / sold) to move. Baby is well, I only have around 8 weeks to go now! Obviously no running-related news from me but pleased to report I have kept up the swimming 3 times a week and I still feel really strong in the pool despite feeling like I have no fitness left whatsoever when outside the pool!

Lots of Christmas love to you all. x x x

16/12/2012 at 12:38

 Hello Tutu how lovely to have you pop in!! so exciting about the baby coming soon!! will it be a pisces I wonder .. very nice people .. Gordon is a pisces.. me capricorn, James aquarius .. all delightful as you know..   

just had about a six mile run  with the mums - lovely  loops of local park - bit hilly but managed to drag even the reluctant mums up there and we all did different loops depending on speed - so we all ended up around the same place.. very pleasant indeed .. especially after 36 hours at my parents doing tree decs and present buying and wrapping etc.. came back a shattered shell.. that and driving up and back in the most horrendous rain I think i have ever driven in...

how are the legs Wendy - having a lie in? do hope so

16/12/2012 at 15:03
7 1/2 miles earlier. Its lovely out. Decided to wear shorts and top as wellas santa hat. Does any one know where I can get a technical santa hat? As the one from the Santa run isn't up to much! I fancy a Gortex one!
16/12/2012 at 23:02
Mo was robbed and David Weir.. Oh I don't know they are all so awesome. Well done Bradley and Jess ...
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