sub 4 hour group,if anyone wants to get together

all welcome

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16/04/2013 at 21:45

Yep, FRC I had a choc chip one, nowhere near enough. I'm going to pick up some of those clif blocks for my next event - they looked tasty, like jelly. 

These were my splits: 

10km: 00:56:59 09:10/mile half way: 01:01:43 08:57/mile 30km: 00:54:35 09:52/mile finish: 01:21:59 10:49/mile   Most my training was on road, hard to avoid in London unfortunately. I wouldn't mind trying out a trail marathon to feel the difference.. 

I'll be recovered enough to get back in to training for my next event tomorrow - hooray! 
16/04/2013 at 22:49

ACoops that time, for a first time, on an undulating course, with "a clif bar" (and did you carbo-load properly beforehand?) - sub-4 is deffo within your reach with more experience, less hill-age, and more carbs

The clif shot blocks (orange waxy cubes!) my other half likes and I've taken to having them on training runs ... but think they would be a bit of a faff (getting the buggers out, and you have to have so many) in races. Torq gels (cafffffeeeeeene) for races, one every 5k or so, rip, slurp, wash down, job done. It's a very individual thing, people take to all sorts of different stuff. Tried a Hammer gel once and actually gagged!!

Howard how sad. Happened a few years ago to someone I'd known at Uni - he was a few years older than us but not that much. His cousin said how much it meant to see photos of him enjoying himself with his friends.

30 beginners signed up today - erk - no doubt the numbers will fall off over the weeks as LIFE takes its toll, but hopefully some will last the course and enjoy it all. 

Susan that's so sad. 

Massage yesterday after Sunday's 19 miler - oooh my left ITB !!

16/04/2013 at 23:47

Susan Sorry to hear that.

ACoops, sub 4 is definitely well within your reach, you were bang on pace at 10k & half way, then faded.. might be not enough carbs, possibly an extra long run, trail would be good for time on feet - my weekend run with club is 11 miles trail.

Fido, not sure what you mean about having take so many bloks.. 1-2 packs does me? 3 cubes equivalent to one gel, 6 cubes in each pack for ~£2.

I just took 1 pack to do my last 20 mile race, 2 packs last marathon and that felt a lot - 1-2 cubes every 4-5 miles. They even sell them in Tesco now. I like the "Orange waxy cubes... orange waxy cubes" song though.

(OWC - caffeine ones? I can't do caffeine..)

Mrs FRC is still a bit down, (maybe similar to Ikle with work and stress? Where are you IB?) but has a club posse thing going on now.. 4-5 ladies have joined Feb, all run together, take Deb's advice, or mine if needed, and did March half marathon together. They all did their first league race last week, instead of usual 8-10 women we had 16 running.. great turnout. Holiday being booked finally too.. Phew.

17/04/2013 at 07:46
Hey I'm reading but not writing! Have had almighty headache since Sunday so actually not going into work today... Hey ho.
17/04/2013 at 09:19
Get well soon Ickle . Sounds like you need a good rest.

Susan, sorry to hear that.
17/04/2013 at 10:54

hi guys

susan so sorry to hearabout your nephews friend, its awful when that happens

ikle hope you get rid of that headache soon

my girls are back, my house is upside down and I am very tired but totally happy!

So now I am feeling ever so unprepapred for SUnday, not runnign wise just not got my head around getting to start, getting number etc etc.  Yet somehow I am starngely calm and cool about the whole thing. First ever marathon 1997, guess thats why, don't know really!

hope everybody is ok.

17/04/2013 at 11:18
Stay calm Wabo and it will all fall into place!
17/04/2013 at 11:56

I so so hope so smeags and with them both there I cannot think of anything better.

17/04/2013 at 12:07
lot of sad news at the moment.

did 6 miles last night with 5 miles fast (42:15 for 5m). definitely got to do some faster speed work after the marathon. turned out to be a good run, not for the run but for the ??20 note i found on the road .

Acoops - seems you got the pace spot on for the first half. Was it windy and did you find it hot. it's the only trouble with this time of year, you train in the cold and then when you get to the race it's always warmer.Was very windy here on Sunday so Im glad i did my long run Friday
17/04/2013 at 12:18
That was a nice find Quinn. Mrs Smeags to be found a ??10. note whilst on a run recently so this looks like a lucky thread to be on!
17/04/2013 at 13:20

Sorry Susan completely missed your post - I'm sorry to hear that about your nephew.

My final moment photos are shockers..

I was happy with the weather - cool with a nice sea breeze. My legs just stopped listening to me is all. They're still being a bit unreasonable. I tried to go for a gentle lunch-run today, they refused to go any further than 1.3km.

Ikle - hope you're feeling better soon!

Wabo - it will all be fine, at least you know that you need to organise yourself - plenty of people won't realise until Sunday morning..

17/04/2013 at 13:58

Thanks ACoops.

This is my Brighton Marathon, 2013 race report. It's in three parts. I would like to dedicate it to everyone who ran the Brighton marathon, everyone who ran the Boston marathon and everyone who will run London on Sunday too.

I started the race with about a billion beans in my back pocket and wondering how many I’d actually be able to eat. I had my mask ready to put on at the start and I was determined NOT to go too fast. Watch charged, 10 minute warm up done (2 lots of 5 minutes) in my pen, sitting down on my black bin liner looking through all the legs of the rest of the people in blue pen, thinking just how darn right everything had gone, all through training right up to this moment. We started. Slowly, but not annoyingly so, watch started, everything was groovy.

Realised quite quickly that mask was going to be a bit annoying and fally-offy, but thought it would probably be a good distractor later on. How right I was.

Got into a good pace of 9 minutes something for the first few miles and checked form. Got used to glasses and realised that sweat, though building up nicely on my face, was dripping out equally nicely through the nose holes of the mask. So that was good. Weather was nice. Mild but not too hot for me.  Crowds thinnish.

Towards the end of the first 10k had to do a fair amount of ‘slowing down’ but this I did, through constant refocusing and reminding myself that there would be plenty of time for zoominess later on, if need be.

Edited: 17/04/2013 at 13:58
17/04/2013 at 14:00




Was pleased in the second 10K that I still needed to slow down at points. I passed Susan after staring at her tutu for a bit, reading the ‘tu tu far’ sign on the back of her tee shirt, and thinking, Yes, that has to be Susan. So that was very exciting to see someone I know and chat. I really enjoyed this bit of the race, coming back down the long roady bit (!) and still feeling fab and all in control. Was very conscious that I knew my brother was tracking me, and that I’d have some questions to answer if I went too fast early on, so I was very pleased with my average of around 9:15 minute miles for the first half. It was around 12 miles that I felt what I thought was the ghost of knee pain, and dismissed it owing to a) knowing it couldn’t be because I don’t get that any more. I’m better now b) knowing I knew how to deal with it – by lifting the knee higher and concentrating on form and c) this was the Brighton Marathon, my SUB FOUR!

The  niggle really wasn’t going, and I got to mile 13 starting to feel worried, and trying hard to put TRS technique into action. Which I had already been doing to be fair; I kind of do it quite naturally nowadays, I like to think. It seemed to die down a bit around mile 14 but by mile 16 I knew that it really was ITB knee pain and also that it was getting worse and that the knee lifting wasn’t working, if anything was making it worse.

When I got to mile 17 I knew I was going to have to start walking for a bit, which I put off as long as possible, knowing well that once you start walking, it’s very hard to start running again, even without a specific pain at this stage of the race.  I knew that while I was running the end was getting nearer faster. I also kept thinking about the bit in the marathon guide in RW that says if you have an injury in a race that gets worse, you aren’t meant to keep going, but pull out. I also remember thinking that 9 miles was a long time to walk for. But I then thought that as it could well be my last marathon, I should just keep going. I remember pulling out of Edinburgh, and how depressing it was. I also knew that even though my knee would hurt more the more I ran on it, that I wouldn’t do any lasting damage; ITB doesn’t maim you, it just hurts (a Lot) I started to walk/run. By the end, from around mile 24, I could only run for about .07 of a mile at a time and I was starting to have to drag my left leg a bit, keeping the knee up movement to a minimum. This was where my comedy mask really came in to its own. People thought it

Edited: 17/04/2013 at 14:01
17/04/2013 at 14:04


People thought it was so very very funny. They laughed so much and said ‘Come on Cathy Bunt’ and I thought, that’s me, that is. I’m Cathy Bunt’ (though not for much longer) and this helped. I tagged so many children's hands throughout.

I cried so so much into my mask throughout the second half of the race because I was so so disappointed; I was so sure I would make the sub 4 or be very close, as everything was set up for it, including the whole first half of the race – I wasn’t just running like a lunatic. It was so measured.

So any time anybody cheered I just started running for a bit, 50 metres or so, and then walked again, etc. etc. So, eventually: 400 metres sign, 200 metres sign, sweet. I didn’t see anybody I knew apart from Susan on the way, and Basey at the very end, who was standing on a pole.  At least I did sub 5 and took over 20 minutes off of VLM. I knew I’d have to walk/run not just walk to make it as I remember noting that I only had about 18 minutes left for the last mile, but I did sub 5. With 5 minutes to spare. I’m glad I didn’t pull out.I remember the moment I decided I was going to finish. I felt happy then.

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17/04/2013 at 14:12

PS, I managed to eat just over half of the beans. I never want to see one ever again.

17/04/2013 at 15:35
Great race report Ickle. Got the full picture and emotion from it. I'ts a shame you still suffer from ITB problem as you would certainly do a sub-4. Youdeserve one for all the effort you put into training and the race day.
17/04/2013 at 18:41

great report Ikle - I think the camber is really awful at Brighton particularly the up the cliff and down a bit bit - I felt my knee tweaking on that bit and kept moving into the middle to try and keep off the sides and the real left hand down camber... I was so stupid - I thought to myself I would ease it out when I turned round at the top to come back down but annoyingly my left leg was still on the left and the left hand side of the road was still on the left hand side ... doh!!!

17/04/2013 at 18:45

That's interesting, Susan. Could it have been something as simple as that? I didn't even think of trying to adjust to where on the road I ran, even though I read something to that effect in an article not so long ago...

17/04/2013 at 19:10
Interesting! I still think your ITB is too tight where it attaches to your Glute. You need to do lots of strenghning and especially stretching of your Glutes. When you stretch you should feel it pulling at the side of the knee.
17/04/2013 at 19:23
Ikle - I'm smiling away at your report which is perhaps wrong as I realise you are disappointed at the outcome. But I love the way you've written it... Honestly and without all the usual garb... So thank you! Maybe your sub4 hour day will come... Who knows? But in the meantime relish in the fact that you only ate half the jelly beans and that your betrothed is talented enough to position himself on the top of a pole...

On a completely different note...

I am in London for a few days soon (Chelsea Flower Show time again) and would love to meet up for cocktails etc with anyone who feels the urge. I am thinking 15th, 16th or 17th May - any takers?
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