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11/09/2007 at 07:55


Tracey - make her get it ready the night before!

Right, off we go then - early start today as I have tons to do.............

Have a good day everyone! x

11/09/2007 at 08:13


I did make her get it ready the night before. She could not find her time table. How are your legs today?

Having my sports massage today. Roobs you will probably hear me in Stratford.

11/09/2007 at 08:34
Tracey - we taped a copy of SB's timetable to a door. That meant that we could all refer to this at home. Didn't stop him losing his own copy though!!
11/09/2007 at 08:58

I used to have a copy at home too - stuck on the inside of a kitchen cupboard door. Mum insisted...........

Tracey - I will listen out for you. You will probably hear me in Dagenham from Woodford tonight.........

11/09/2007 at 09:05


She was meant to copy it all into her homework diary, but she did copy it all. We got a spare key cut for her school locker thou.

11/09/2007 at 09:06


Listen out between 1pm and 2pm.

11/09/2007 at 10:49

Hi everyone, back from Stansted.  Not too bad a journey although had planned on stopping at the services on the M11 for a much needed wee only to find that you can't get to them from the motorway, you have to turn off the airport road

Had to hang on 'til I got to Thurrock then there was a bliddy broken down lorry in the middle lane just before the junction.  Thought I'd end up wetting myself it took so long to do just one mile. Made it though.  There'd have been flood warnings if I hadn't

Rest of the journey okay and some very excited people deposited at Stansted.  Timed it just right 'cos they were meeting my ex there (they're going with him) and he'd pulled up at the drop off just ahead of us!

Going to get my head down now

Good luck with the massages - got mine tomorrow.

11/09/2007 at 11:27


You could have popped in and used my loo.

11/09/2007 at 12:29
Did cross my mind but I'd probably have got lost in my desperation
11/09/2007 at 12:31
Lyndy - best time of the day to run....   Are you able to run now?
11/09/2007 at 12:32
What kind of car is a 'desperation' Lyndy??
11/09/2007 at 12:41

Still not running Shades - have this glutes and hamstring thing going on now.  I think someone out there is trying to tell me something, one injury after another since early April. Every time I manage to get out something else rears it's ugly head and it's not as if I don't do all the right things - stretching, taking it easy, not pushing too hard. Just hope it all comes together for next April.

A desperation is a car that can't go as fast as you need to prevent the Thames Barrier having to be raised

11/09/2007 at 12:42
New small car...Daihatsu Desperation ???
11/09/2007 at 13:20
11/09/2007 at 13:31

Lyndy - sorry to hear that you're still having treatment.

I once drove through a red light in Liverpool as I was so desperate for a wee I could hardly concentrate.

11/09/2007 at 14:00
Anyone notice how witty Cinders is getting as she "blooms"
11/09/2007 at 14:08

Glad you got back dry & in one piece Lyndy!

Tracey, hopefully Kierrah will get more organised as she gets used to it (could go the other way though!!)

Still no running for me, but thankfully the hip feels a LOT better now, so plan a short one tomorrow. I have my first pilates class tonight, which I am looking forward to.

Shades, I've realised that it'll be diffocult to get to New Milton by train in time to see you on Sunday - may have to drive instead this year. I know from the thread that some people are having real problems getting there in time for the earlier start.

11/09/2007 at 15:09

Diana - I have to leave home very early in the morning, not too far to drive ( 2 hours +, I guess) but not a fast journey.

Personally I prefer an early start, when it was 11.30 start then I'm not home until quite late on Sunday evening

11/09/2007 at 15:19
Sorry that I will not be able to see you guys at NF. I just have to go away on holiday instead
11/09/2007 at 15:33

Obviously have come into this thread really late but have scanned through a bit of it and was hoping I could join?!

I really want to do next years FLM in sub-5 hrs however I can't seem to find any training plans that fit between 'get you round' and intermediate (sub-4.30). I could adapt the get you round one but would like one that someone who know what they are doing has written!

Any suggestions?

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