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11/09/2007 at 15:42

Hello Hoggle - one for you Shades I think

Click on Shades email link Hoggle and she'll send you a training schedule she has.

11/09/2007 at 17:34

Witty Cinders says sorry Lyndy !

Welcome Hoggle.

11/09/2007 at 17:49

Welcome to our thread Hoggle.

Make sure you put a title in your email to Shade, i.e. Training Schedule.  She does not open them if they don't have a title. Tell your pb time for any races you have done and she will work out the paces for you.

11/09/2007 at 17:53
Welcome Hoggle - drop me an email (as Tracey says with a title, I've just deleted 3 emails without titles) and I'll send you a plan.    I don't write plans with specific finishing times, training paces are based on the runners ability, the Level 1 plan has had finishers from 3.45 to 5.30 race times.
11/09/2007 at 18:14

Welcome Hoggle!

Loads of support on this thread.

Getting psyched up for my massage..................... how was yours Tracey?

11/09/2007 at 18:37

welcome hoggle!

 advice needed (shades and everyone else) - I have done 2 out of 3 20 miler. The third one is planned when I'm doing a half marathon and I don''t want to miss neither of them

 this is my LRS schedule starting from last sunday: 20-14-20-15-22 (half mara instead of the second 20 miler). I was thinking of changing it like this:


 what do you all think? Can I do 2 20 miler in a row?? (I think I have it in me, but not sure what to do)

11/09/2007 at 18:48


Massage was very painful.

11/09/2007 at 18:59

Welcome Hoggle!

Evenin' all

Sorry I've been neglecting you all lately, this bliddy working has a lot to answer for! I've almost got my cold back after getting dragged out a 6 miler yesterday and my friend decided that one of our miles should be sub 8m/m!! OMG!! I thought I was going to keel over. So I've had a tickly throat all day and seemingly Mr Debstir had to decant to the other room last night as my snoring was keeping him awake!!!

On a brighter note, I've just returned from a Brooks 'Roadshow' with a spanking new pair of Adrenaline GTS7s with 15% off!

Hope everyone's well, sorry I haven't really read back through all the posts. I really should make more of an effort!

11/09/2007 at 19:59
Hi all and welcome Hoggie.

Mokina, your idea looks fine to me, but maybe for your second 20 you could drop 2 or 3 miles and do 16 or 17 instead? Just make sure you don't do too much, that could be as bad as not doing enough.

Lyndy, that kitchen of yours would have driven me mad too!

Delia, Diana, sorry I missed all your emails, not sure when I can get my next LSR in, will drop you an email.

Well, Day Skipper Practical passed, gosh it was hard work, not so much in that I couldn't do things but just that it was such a lot of concentration for a long period of time, Friday was a 15 hour day as I had too do a certain amount of hours in the dark. Fab weather though so look like I have come back from a week in the Med!

Hi to little Buttons

Been mega busy at work too this last couple of days and haven't been able to get away in time to go running so a little bit behind this week on my miles but I'll be OK
11/09/2007 at 20:52


Congrulations on passing your Day Skipper Practical. Don't worry Beachy will be a breeze, just hope the wind is behind us.

11/09/2007 at 21:18
Well done and congrats TS, sounded hard work!
11/09/2007 at 21:37

Well done TS & congratulations!

Tracey - my massage was painful too. And its not my adductor that has given me the pain, its something else which has some long latin name but if I remember is part of the quads. Anyway, loads of work done on it and all muscles loosened now I think. Legs feeling a bit sore but should get the benefit tomorrow.

As I type this, Sox is driving herself nuts trying to keep hold of her tail.............. I think she's getting a bit dizzy now.

12/09/2007 at 06:34

Morning all,

Well done TS

Running late this morning (ie I am late, not that I am r*ning later!), will try and pop in from w*rk.

Have a good one.

12/09/2007 at 06:54

Morning all.


Don't work too hard.

I am going to plodding sometime this morning. Thinking for doing my LSR tomorrow.

12/09/2007 at 08:17

Well done TS.

Mokina - it depends on how you recover from a 20 miler, TS's suggestion is a good idea.  Have you got used to your new shoes now?

Debstir - my local running shop has the Brooks Roadshow on Friday night, I had just talked myself out of going but now I see that 15% discount on your GT7's......I think I might go along

12/09/2007 at 09:16

Morning everyone

 Watch it Shades - not MORE trainers?????

Cinders, don't apologise for your sense of humour - it's really funny.  You seem to be so perky at the moment.  Carrying little Buttons around is obviously suiting you.

Off to hairdresser's this morning   Followed by Asda  then Physio this afternoon aaarrrgh!  

Still no news on the bliddy cabinet.  I tried phoning again last night so I could speak to someone else but it appears they are doing all they can

Right, off for a shower now.

Back later

12/09/2007 at 09:24

Congratulations, TS.

Shades, do you know if there is a RW meeting point @ NF?

Welcome to Hoggie. 

12/09/2007 at 10:14

Stupid question I am sure but how do you book mark a forum? I have done it with events but can't seem to work this out!!

Thanks for all your welcomes!

12/09/2007 at 10:24

hoggle - at the end of this forum page, just before the space where you type your message, there's link: bookmark this

Shades - I seemed to recover pretty fast from the 2 I did. I think I'll go out to do a 20 mielr on sunday but if I feel tired I'll cut it short to 17 or something like that. I've got used to the shoes finally, but not too sure I'll buy the same again. Anyway...your new training plan is just great! I have replaced the tempo run with some speed work but I kept the rest of it and it's working very well!

went out for a 8 miler this mornig 

 TS - well done! 15 hours? that sounds quite tough 

12/09/2007 at 10:29

Ah ha!! Didn't look there!!


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