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04/11/2012 at 13:50

No Tracey, that was at S's, but was his summer party.  Oddly enought it was the year Mr Hoppalong had an arthroscopy to the knee that's just had the replacement in 2008.

06/11/2012 at 15:43

Mr Hoppalong's had his clips out.  Thirty in all, that's twelve less than last time

06/11/2012 at 17:14
Mr Hoppalong/Clipless
07/11/2012 at 08:57

My Grandson, chosen as Peterborough United (Posh) mascot for the game at Brighton last night

Edited: 07/11/2012 at 08:58
07/11/2012 at 15:00

How cool for him Lyndy

Mr L looks to be getting on fine which is great!

Not much news here.  Haven't a TV service here, we literally have a TV but only use it to watch british TV and Apple TV stuff over it, so therefore thankfully missed all the election stuff.  Thought it would be a close result, guess it's the devil you know.  Texas, unsurprisingly is republican so there will be some unhappy people around today!

Been running, cycling, walking.  All going OK.  I'm consistently hitting 10mm now with running but only for 3 - 3.5 miles, need to up the distance now.  We plan on extending it a little next week, will hopefully get over 4!!  I also need to head out on my own a bit more to put in the extra distance, may slow it down a little just to make sure I do it OK.

Going to a WW2 Hangar dance this weekend, lots of people do it in fancy dress (of the era), vintage I guess.  Will have to pop out and see if I can find something, otherwise it's a black dress I guess!

07/11/2012 at 20:08

Helloooooooo!!!! First chance I've had to get on here since I've been back from Turkey.

Diana - I was just outside Marmaris and there was a lovely promenade to run along. I managed one run on the Sunday, the day after we got there, but I had a sore throat. This got worserer and worserer Ended up feeling quite crappy and having to go and get anti biotics. I still have a bit of a cough but I had a run on Monday and will be out there again tomorrow

Well done on Beachy Tracey - maybe next year

Enjoy the dance this weekend TS

Hope everyone else is doing well too

I'm going up to Manchester on Saturday for the Fetch Big Mile. Seems a long way to go for a mile run lol! But its a good get together. Think there will be about 50 of us there although I only know about 3 It will also be the first time I have run a mile without walking any; if I can do under 11 mins I will be very happy although I'm not sure..........



07/11/2012 at 20:22

Good luck Roobs!!

09/11/2012 at 10:03

Well, there's been even more excitement for Luke.  After he was picked out from the crown to be Posh's mascot on Tuesday night, he and Simon were on BBC Radio Sussex last night talking about his night and to top that, next time they are up in Peterborough for a Home game they have been invited to arrive at the ground at 1pm to be shown around the stadium and meet the players, just like he would have been if he'd been an 'official' mascot

10/11/2012 at 05:41

Hello all

Tracey - hope you have recovred from Beachy?

Diana - I hope the weather has improved for you now?

Lyndy - good news about Mr L. Lovely expereince for your Grandson

TS - enjoy the dance, sounds like fun!

Roobs - good luck with the Fetch Mile

The week started well for me, a noce 5 mile run and some rowing on Monday but since then have had a cold and coughing like crazy now Determined to get some exercise this weekend!

Hope you all have a good weekend




10/11/2012 at 07:59

Hi Sub 5ers

I'm aiming for 4:40 in my next marathon. I did 5:17 at the London Marathon this year - my first one and have to admit I was disappointed in exceeding 5 hours, Mind you it was hot that day and I got terrible leg cramps in the second half which I hadn't experienced during any of my training even though it had been even hotter. I put this down to not drinking any electrolytes during the race. I don't think the Lucozade drink supplied had any, only carbs. So in my next race I'll definitely take something with me.I'd be very interested in hearing  any suggestions or similar experiences from anyone. 

10/11/2012 at 09:08
Becky - welcome to our thread I would recommend eating food with more salt in the week before Beachy. I kept get really bad cramp and this year after getting it bad at Brighton marathon upped my salt before Hakstead marathon and no cramp. Did the same for Beachy Head marathon and only got a tiny bit in the last mile. This is the race that normally a cramp killer for me.
11/11/2012 at 15:34

Hi Tracey, thanks for the advice.  It never occurred to me to up my salt intake prior to a long race. Usually the dietary advice is to watch salt intake although I don't eat much processed food if I can help it. Will definitely give it a go!

11/11/2012 at 16:12
Becky - that my problem I have a low salt diet. I spoke about it to a walker in my club and she just eats crisps 3 days before a long walk.
11/11/2012 at 22:38

Hi Becky and welcome I also tend to take a bit more salt in the run up to a marathon although not too much more

Lovely for your grandson Lyndy

Well, I went to the Fetch mile. I wanted under 11 mins but I thought I might have scuppered that as I was out on the lash and didn't get in til 3am on Friday night lol! Not the best prep eh? But I managed 10 mins 11 secs Its really hard to believe that I used to run at that speed regularly I'll get back there one day

Brighton 10k next weekend Now that will be messy! It will be a run/walk campaign from the start with the aim of just finishing 


12/11/2012 at 06:42
Roobs - run/walk from the start is a good idea as you don't want to get cold in the last couple of miles by walking more then. Is the 10k route flat?
13/11/2012 at 03:22

Never though of upping salt intake, but then again i eat loads anyway, I think I am one of the few that always cooks with salt  tastes yuk without it!!  I do only get it from added it during cooking as I don't est much processed food either.

Great running there Roobs, really well done!!  10k eh?  Brave, not sure as I am up to that yet, at least not without some walking like you say.

Did my regular once a week run (how bad is that??), we upped it to 4 miles today (wowee ) but I did average 9:43 min miling so was pleased.  Maybe I will make that 10k in Jan when we are back home and may even get under the hour too!!  Mind you there is a flipping hill when it goes through my village and I am used to the flat of Houston at the moment - be a shock to have to run up a hill!!

Becky, last time I did London I pretty much grabbed a drink every other mile.  I can't drink too much whilst running or else it sloshes in my tum and makes me feel sick.  I alternated with water and lucozade, just a couple of good slurps each time and it pretty much kept me going, along with a few jelly babies!  I clocked 4.40 so you'll be able to do it

We just said when we were running this morning, how the hell did I ever used to run marathons?? 

Mr TS back in the UK this week so I am on my own for a few days, loads to do, mostly to do with either keeping fit or eating/drinking!

Just spent the last couple of hours surfing youtube and listening to the songs from Les Mis and Miss Saigon, I really miss those musicals  Will be going to see Les Mis at the movies though

13/11/2012 at 06:47
TS - your speed is coming along nicely

Got to hand in my VLM rejection slip. The only reason I'm doing it is to run with Roobs Either way I'll be there if not running i will be at the reclaim baggage truck. Just hope it's a dry race.
13/11/2012 at 15:11

Hey, look Ladies - page 3,000 of this thread!!  Wow - we can waffle ....

Haven't gone cycling this morning, felt snuffly and sneezy when I woke up so bottled out.  Feel fine now I'm up and showered though 

13/11/2012 at 18:13

I just looked and we are at post 60,000 too - so I bagged it 

13/11/2012 at 18:30

Top bagging TS lol


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