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Slow, steady but determined.

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26/01/2014 at 06:47

Hello all

Tracey - well done on you 14 miles

TopSec - great to see you back out there, well done

I did 16 miles yesterday 3hour 7 mins, walked a few times really struggled.  few niggles appearing with increased mileage, hopefully will not develop into anything too bad! 

26/01/2014 at 09:35

Just 12 miles planned for me today. Going to start increasing my Sunday run now. 5th week of 5 runs a week just being completed!

27/01/2014 at 00:00
Wow. I came on to see if the thread was still going! I've not posted for three years
27/01/2014 at 21:21

Well done all. I'm up to 8 miles now and ticking along nicely. Thankfully my hip was OK after falling off my bike so looking forward to next week's 10 miles.

28/01/2014 at 06:39

TS - well done on your half. Keep up with your running and you will knock a chunk of that half time.


MWW - please be careful. My legs are tight after Sunday's 8 miles in 1:22. So I'm rolling and stretching for England.


How did you 12 miles go Paul?


leeee - well done on your 8 miles. 


Katypie - how are you and bump?

28/01/2014 at 07:16

Took two hours thanks. Carried a litre of water in a small backpack to start getting used to some weight. 

Did a two lap route round footpaths and small lanes. Second was with my head torch on.

28/01/2014 at 07:51


Nice to see you KP and TS

Some good running going on

28/01/2014 at 18:13

Interesting that you do laps, Paul. I have a phobia of laps, they mess with my mind and make me upset! I'm much better running in a straight line, turning round at half way, and running back again!

28/01/2014 at 20:21

I very rarely do laps. Try to find one circuit or more often do there and back like you. However, just fancied it, and as a slowish run was fine. Might do it again.

28/01/2014 at 23:54

Been back out a few times since my half, I can do faster speed, just need to get my act together and do it.  Need to organise myself a few races so I keep at it, otherwise it tails off again and I end up doing more cycling.  May do another half in a couple of weeks, see if I can knock some time off.

Good to see you again KP, been faaaaaar too long since we've seen you.

How's your running going Cinders?

Hello Paul and Leee  



29/01/2014 at 00:06

Not been on for a bit

Hello people I've not seen before

And hello everyone else Nice to see you again KP

Training for Brighton and London under way. I am still very slow though. I'm still carrying extra weight that doesn't seem to want to come off. That's quite hard on my knees. I did 10m on Sunday and will be out doing 12m this weekend. It's going to be a case of plugging in my music and slogging it out lol!

30/01/2014 at 13:15

Hi Roobarb.

I'm very slow too - did 8m in 1:30 at the weekend. 10m this weekend is on the cards. I too am carryign extra timber. At least 4 stone of it.  I've lost 9lbs in last 3 weeks though so it's something I'm definitely working at.

Does anyone else look forward to/enjoy the long weekend runs a lot more than the shorter midweek runs? I really struggle with the midweek runs - think it's because I'm tired after work etc and it's cold and dark, wheras the weekends are generally light and have more time around the runs.

31/01/2014 at 07:36

Urgh. Running in the morning before breakfast is HARD! I did eat a banana before hand. Struggling a little to get my 5 runs in this week so had to go out this morning.

Yes, I prefer the long weekend run!

01/02/2014 at 18:36

10m run this morning. Woudn't say I enjoyed it, but I enjoyed finishing it and it was a perfect day for it.

06/02/2014 at 06:12

Hello all

Some great running going on!

I am up to 17 miles for LSR, but going to struggle to get the long runs in for a few weeks as my husband is going to be away quite a lot from next weekend! Decided to drop Brighton and just do London, not because of the running but because of family. Taking two weekends away in a row will be too difficult!

06/02/2014 at 20:11

MWW - maybe I will see you at London Marathon. Bernard is running it after getting injured training for it last year.

Ran 16 miles in wind and rain today in 3:03:42

06/02/2014 at 22:01

Well done with these long runs. I have a 16 miler lined up for Saturday.

Interval work in the rain this evening. 1 mile jog with striders, 10 times 400 with 200 recovery and 1 mile jog to finish. Was hard, but glad I did it. My interval pace is getting faster. Yay.

15/02/2014 at 13:34

Only 8 weeks to go til VLM. 13.1 miles done ths morning in 2:28. Training not going to plan but hoping I can do just about enough to get round in sub 5 hours. PLEASE!

15/02/2014 at 20:35
Was it a race this morning Lee?
15/02/2014 at 21:34

No Paul, just a run round York unfortunately.

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