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30/11/2004 at 15:26
Potting Shed

You might be the only one on the sub 5 thread actually in FLM :-)
Please keep posting :-)

Congrats !!!!!!
30/11/2004 at 15:53
the training's not really going at the moment - hard to get back on it after returning from ny marathon and moving house (or at least vacating to a flat whilst builders wreck house). i will enter a fair few races - i use them as training runs, as it's a lot less lonely and I find it is easier to get out of the house if there's a start time to make! Not yet sure which to do, but will try and enter a couple of 20s (thanet + another?)and a couple of halves (t wells? watford?)
30/11/2004 at 15:58
PottingShed how did you get on in NY?

Builders and moving sound stressful, good luck with all that as well.

30/11/2004 at 16:07
NY was not great for time a pw of 5.28 - had a couple of setbacks in training with injury, as well as the usual indolence, and a hot day and a deceptively hard course (certainly not super-flat) - but was a wonderful day and crowd was incredible - very well worth it (full report on NY thread in events - p 75 i think). been in the flat a week now so stress is lessening (typing in the house whilst pickng up mail) - and we have a gym there, so i have no excuse!!
30/11/2004 at 16:24
Wow the same time as I managed for Loch Ness Marathon, I too had injury woes but was really pleased to finished in that time. My PW is over 6 hours, a long time ago before I found these forums and began learning how to training better.
30/11/2004 at 16:34
Hi guys - anyone about

I am going to a track tonight, whilst daughter does a kids athletics training inside, but I don't know what to do - should I just plod round or try speed work - but what speed work - any advice, going soon

ta, tiny
30/11/2004 at 16:41
I'm into FLM, but haven't heard from any of the girls in my group, sadly I think they've been rejected. Unfair as I'm the one that doesn't care about FLM. They may get a club or charity place.
30/11/2004 at 16:44
tiny toes - make the most of the track. Warm up, jog a couple of laps, then up the pace (not flat out, say 5k-10k pace) for one lap(400m) then take 200m jog recovery and repeat.

30/11/2004 at 20:18
Tiny Toes, hope you have a good run on the track this evening.

I managed 5.65 miles in 59.42 with the last mile in under 10 min miling. Good run.
debbo    pirate
30/11/2004 at 20:23
Jane - are you running every day at the moment? It seems like it. I haven't run since sunday - too hung over this morning!

JJ - yes I do sleep - I'm usually in bed by 10.30 but was out for a few glasses of wine last night! I set my alarm for 6.30 today but rolled over and went back to sleep.
30/11/2004 at 21:24
debbo I had a rest day from running on Monday, I am feeling well at the moment so will keep going and doing what I can. I am planning a 5 miler tomorrow.

Enjoying a glass or two of red wine tonight.
30/11/2004 at 21:25
Didn't think I would enjoy running on the track but it was okay once I got going, there was only one other chap running so I didn't feel like anyone was watching me. I now definately know that I have only one pace of running, I can go a little slower but not faster. I did a couple of 800m, but stayed in the 4th lane, and my times were about 5mins and two 4 laps again in the 4th lane,times were 11.20 and 10.50. I think I am going to struggle with sub 5 hours for the marathon. To be honest I didn't really know how to run faster, I can sprint but that only lasts for a few seconds - how do you run faster for longer?
Anyway tired now, think I am going to have an early night. Hopefully doing a hilly 6 miles tomorrow night.

night, tiny
30/11/2004 at 21:44
tiny toes, well done on your session on the track. Over 3 miles is alot of effort for speedwork, so its not surprising you are tired. how much recovery did you do between the efforts?

remember in the fourth lane you will have run further than you think.

and you have plenty of time to start feeling a bit more confident about running faster, why not try a shorter distance of say 400 meters with a walking recovery before going again.
30/11/2004 at 23:00
Well done tiny toes.

to run faster for longer, you first need to run slow for longer so the distance is dealt with - so to speak. Then you introduce little bits of speedwork, like hill reps, intervals up to a mile long. Some races from 10k up to 20 miles. what's your marathon PB now?
30/11/2004 at 23:00
Tiny toes

I think speed work comes with practice. When you do it again just push a little harder. Might not be able to keep it up the whole interval but it will get easier. May be try 100m with 100m recoveries. Also try walking the first part of your recoveries then build up again.
debbo    pirate
01/12/2004 at 06:37
Tiny toes - I am sure you will be able to run faster, but like Shades says, you have to run slower for longer first and then you can start on the speed work. It's a slow process though. I'm still at the running slower for longer stage, but am going to start some 'speed' stuff next week.
01/12/2004 at 08:31
morning all

I got my acceptance on Monday so over the moon, did FLM last year and it was great.

Tonight is my first speed session at the track (yuk) 8x 400m with jog recovery and 800m m before and after as warm ups and down.

Last time i did speed work was on a tarck in the algarve 70 degrees and vest and shorts.

Oh the joy of winter training.

24 more days to Santa.

woof woof
01/12/2004 at 09:33
Hiya Bentley

Another graduate from last years run/walk thread :-)

Rest day for me, if you can call it that!!!
I have a rubbish tip for a house, 2 costumes to make for the weekend and I have to work this morning!!!

We opened our choccie advent calenders this morning tho :-)
01/12/2004 at 15:37
Hi Bentley, well done on getting into FLM I am still waiting to hear :((

Only did 3.5 miles this morning and it was rather slow, very, very cold and I find when running on frozen grass I slow down even more!!

01/12/2004 at 18:36
What do you think of my new piccie ? :-)
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