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13/10/2004 at 18:14
Hi singing angel
It stands for base training

runing aerobically at low heart rates
there s a huge thread on it i Training

Jane, Debbo, Shades and i are fans
13/10/2004 at 18:20
Oh right I don't train with a HRM I guess you would need one for this? I will take a look at the thread thanks
13/10/2004 at 18:22
well yes you would need a HRM
But i dont wear mine all the time

er, its a VERY big thread
13/10/2004 at 19:57
Could you count me into this sub 5hrs marathon attempt? I have only done one marathon - Edinburgh last summer 5h 17mins but didn't do any speed trainig at all(regretted it) and think I could go a little faster(only relatively!)
13/10/2004 at 20:14
thats a great time for a first mara waffle
specially e burgh!
13/10/2004 at 22:22
Welcome Waffle and Singing Angel.

Waffle 5.17 for a first marathon for a hilly course like Edinburgh is pretty good.
14/10/2004 at 10:05
COunt me in as well for the 'sub-5' quest. Only dont one before, in 5hrs 55, but it was 93 degrees which meant the wheels came off completely at about 19 miles.

In fact i have 3 aims next year - a sub 1hr 10k, a 2.15 half, and a sub 5 full (prob Washington DC Mara, Oct 31st 05).

Have been chipping minutes off here and there (current half 2.27, 10k 1.06), but know i can push that bit harder to try and get there...
14/10/2004 at 10:47
Hippo - I can't wait to see you next week in Dublin, I want a mile by mile account of your stunning PB.

Your thigh - quad or hamstring problem? I know you hate not running, but you could try a full 3 day course of ibuprofen and NO running just gentle stretches, then back running starting with 2 miles, rest day, then 3 miles, rest day etc.

Welcome Tinks - 93 degrees, I'm not suprised the wheels came off, well done for finishing in those conditions.
14/10/2004 at 11:00
Thanks Shades.

I was disapointed with my time, until i heard the final race reports...900 didnt finish, 300 went to hospital with dehydration/heat related problems and i came in the top half of finishers, even with that time! lol
14/10/2004 at 11:14
Hi Tinks, which marathon did you run in, 93 degrees is even to hot for me to walk in never mind run.

Another hour of BT this morning, with a 15 mins of effort keeping HR at the higher range of 120-125. Thats is until my half in Amsterdam, no doubt plenty of walking tomorrow and Saturday seeing the sights. Wonder if its raining there as well.
14/10/2004 at 11:19
Good luck in Amsterdam Jane.
14/10/2004 at 11:26
Jane, I ran LA this March. I used to live there, but that heat for March 7th is a bit unusual to say the least! Shame is it was fairly cool the week of the marathon, then bang - the weekend it just rocketed.

I hope its not raining in Amsterdam too - have dont very little trainign this week as have rested (ie been lazy) after the GSR on Sunday...
14/10/2004 at 11:32
Tinks, been to LA a long time ago to visit Disneyland when the kids where young, we lived in Canada at the time so it was a long weekend type of holiday.

See you in Amsterdam. Thanks MM.
debbo    pirate
14/10/2004 at 14:13
Jane - is that you doing faster BT runs already? I'm impressed. I'm still on the slow plod trying to keep my HR down!
14/10/2004 at 15:40
Have a good time in Amsterdam, no whaccy baccy Jane, won't help the running.
14/10/2004 at 16:09
I dunno Shade, a well placed space cake and you could take off like a rocket. Mind you, knowing my luck i'd run off the wrong way or something.

My other half was laughing at what the drug tests for runners must be like in Amsterdam.
14/10/2004 at 16:30
Don't think we're ever likely to be drug tested!
14/10/2004 at 17:56
debbo my BT training range is between 115 and 125, I usually do under 120 most of my runs but I thought once a week I would do about 15 mins at the higher end. My problems re-HR is getting it higher not keeping it down!!

I will be careful and not eat any cakes of any kind in Amsterdam.
14/10/2004 at 18:28
hi never done a marathon bofre.i put 5 hrs on my predicted time on my flm entry form but i think i'll b sumwhere tween 4hrs30mins and 5hrs
M...eldy    pirate
14/10/2004 at 18:37
Hi guys and gals room for a small one??

in a similar boat I think applied for a ballot position and (hopefully) at the end of injury time.

EP do you mind if I email you for that 4.45 plan?

My cunning plan at the moment is to build up a base in the next 2 months or so similar to Janes description on first page as I hope this will help with a non occurence of injury??

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