sub or about 4h30 hopefully

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28/05/2012 at 19:26

Welcome JamesB. 2:00 at SHeffield's pretty good! I missed it yesterday as I couldn't be bothered to enter atraight after London and by the time I wnted to run it the entries had gone up to £29. Euch! I did 1:56 last year and would have expected 1:50 or so, but in that heat would have missed my target and been miserable instead!

As Redhead says, half marathon times predict diddly squit really. When I ran 1:46 for a half (years ago) I could onyl managed 5 hours / 5:12 for a marathon; in recent years I've run 1:55 to 2:10 and marathons down to 4:13. This year I ran 1:48 and still bottled at London, 2:00:22 for halfway and 4:28 to finish.

The key is to keep running. If you want to push a pace all the way round the marathon you need to be clocking up miles so it's second nature - 30 to 50 miles per week for 2 months at least! Start very steadily now and build mileages very slowly, and you'll be fine! Good luck!

PS. Stay here and get nagged by our resident agony* aunties and nannying coaches!

* put you through

28/05/2012 at 21:02
Home after a crazy very expensive hot!!
3.58 was on at three hour mark but the heat did for me and ran out of gas six miles took over an hour and smashed the pb to get 4.08.31 so fairly chuffed. Sil did stay with me to mile 17 then got cramp but still did 4.19.
Oh did 2.14 for the half and eldest daughter did 2.21, so two nil to the parents! The no2 daughter and friend got a bug and were ill all weekend sadly. Glad to be home bankrupt. The heat robbed me of sub four but hey I am now a sub four thirty runner!
29/05/2012 at 10:16

Yippeeeeeee Mark, that's brilliant!  Well clear of 4:30 and definitely on for sub 4 on a cooler day.  All your hard work has really paid off.  Well done to the sproglets and sil too 

29/05/2012 at 11:00

Thanks Redhead.

Feeling the Tuesday legs this morning!!

Fantastic race. The weekend was marrred by daughter and her friend getting very ill, a temperature and sicky thing, knocked them sideways a long way to drive to be ill. They are both alot better now.
Sunday woke very early and had breakie with the girls as they left the house at 6.50 to walk to the start about a mile away now having had to find new housing, alovely place opposite Holyrood Park and near the swimming pool. We went up Arthurs Seat on Friday a fantasic view 360 degrees all round.  It was cool at 7am on Sunday and yet by the time Greg and I had left the house it was hot, hot, hot and being fair I knew I was going to get sunburnt. Sat by the baggage lorries had a energy bar and drink, gave the bags in. Then borrowed more suncream from a lovely Welsh couple and headed up on to Calton Hill to admire the view for 15 minutes, used the trees then down to Gregs pen which was further back than mine but no problem. Slow start intended.  We set off, though a bit low key I thought the start with a poor sound system, but away we went nice and steady just under 9mm which is where we stayed for the first 10 miles and then on to the coast and out of the inhabited areas where there was no support and very exposed to the heat, no shade. Think we went through the half marathon point at 1.58. Need to check the garmin. A mile or two further then we then saw the elites coming back to us, four Africans running across the road together and saw one or two folk from the fast threads including the first lady who we all cheered. After the turn and a piece through a farm land area which was dusty and desert like with heat back on the road to home. Greg got cramp and said,"see you at the end at G meeting point". My heart went a little as I was having a wobble around mile 19-20. Got to water point as was overheating seriously and staggered on. Saw a guy down with the first aiders and then an ambulance and decided either conciously or sub conciously to have a walk. Mad with myself as I was only just over three hours and mile 21, my determination to get a pb then kicked in. I set off quickly but I knew the sub four was slipping when it took me to 3.30 to do 23miles I was going backwards. I stood in someones sprinkler system, rang out my shorts and set off again. Ran past the Sikh guy who is reputed to be 100 who was in the relay. He is never 101 dont believe it. Anyway headed for the home stretch and kept it going but rather slowly. Into the last mile the crowds were there again which was a relief. Sprinted down the straight round the bend on to the rubber mats, commentator gave me a shout as I ran past half a dozen folk, some walking and fell on my face!!! Got up with help and staggerd into the artificial footie pitch area reserved for runners to get water and huge medal that I can barely lift. Walked to the baggage area and the lass there saw me coming and gave me my rucksack. I had an emotional moment of relief, joy, pain, sadness, happiness etc. Think it was the amount of training, time and effort put in to see it gone in just 4.08.31 seconds. How do Olympians cope not getting a medal after years of training. They are amazing! The meeting point poles were two foot high so difficult to find and no shade so put my Ron Hills on and t shirt to cover up and waited for son in law G to arrive which he did. He fell on the floor and said "Never again!!". 4.18.51. My daughter rang to offer to come and get us as they had taken ages to get the train home in the morning from the half, we accepted the offer and staggered up the hill after buying an ice cold coke from a stall set up nearby. So thats done........promised my wife I wont do another one while she is alive.......

29/05/2012 at 22:43

mcs - amazing running!

30/05/2012 at 06:45

Excellent account Mark!  You must be so proud, never mind being disappointed with your time because it's a massive pb anyway and to achieve that in the searing heat is brilliant.  LOL at your wife though 

Any photos yet?

30/05/2012 at 22:23

Congratulations Mark, great result! we'll have to meet up and do a joint attack on that 4 hour mark!

5k race this evening. Too warm, too stiff, too heavy, too tight, too slow. First mile on target for the average pace I wanted (7:43) then a "slow" 8:00 and just 7:53 for the third mile. Missed my PB by 15 seconds which just shows how much fitness and flexibility etc I've lost since London!

10k in 11 days which should actually be faster! hee hee!

06/06/2012 at 19:39

Don't think there'll be a PB this weekend - still heavy, tight, sore, lethargic, apathetic, just straight pathetic! and slower than usual due to ever decreasing fitness! Oh well. Time to build it all back up again!

On the good news side... local running shop re-opened further up the High Street today and I bought a lovely new pair of Saucony Pro Grids. 7.3 miles in them this evening and they're lovely! Also slightly muddy and damp!

07/06/2012 at 11:50


07/06/2012 at 11:53

Well done Jim.   I blew up big style with the heat as my times show. Very disappointed.

Race Number: 7536
Category: Over 50 Male
Full Time: 04:08:31
10k split: 00:55:35
Half marathon: 01:57:59
30k split: 02:49:51
Overall finish position: 3260
Category finish position: 253

07/06/2012 at 15:00

Lovely photo Mark.  Please don't be too disappointed - it was a cracking time even though you wanted to be faster.

11/06/2012 at 16:30

Still trying to get our money back from the owner of the filthy property. He owes us £360 not to mention the 234 we had to spend on three hotel rooms.....anyone know a good solicitor? Agghhhh.

Bring on the GNR my next race. Might do some fell races in the summer.

11/06/2012 at 20:06

How annoying Mark!

Marathon 27 completed on Saturday.  I was suffering with a sore right leg (calf, knee and hamstring issues, very painful) and had to adopt a very strange running style on the downhill sections.  The uphills were OK 'cos most people walk them anyway.  I was very pleased to finish only 2 minutes slower than my time 5 years ago.  Now I need to sort out my leg and my asthma medication and I'll be raring to go for the Kent Coastal marathon in September 

11/06/2012 at 21:48

well done for the completion Redhead! seems like we all need a good rest - or maybe just a kick up the "ahems"!

50 mins 12 seconds for the Woodhall Spa 10k - 3rd best time though nearly a minute slower than Lincoln in March. I can't really complain but again I really felt I'd lost fitness since London, just at a time when I should have been wallowing in the strength and endurance gained from that long training.

My monthly plan started with a jolt - run 25 per week in June, then +5 per week, per month from then on (30 in July, 35 in Aug etc). Missed the long run on Sunday and had to really push to hit 25 midweek, so ended up with 5 on Tuesday, 7.3 Wed, 8.2 Thursday, and 5 on Friday! Felt like a marathon training week! All fun, and with the 10k on Sunday I won't suffer so much missing this Wednesday with a physio appointment! All fun!

20/06/2012 at 20:49

Blimey, it's gone quiet!

Pootling along with my 25 miles per week... rested tonight though to dig the vege patch instead!

21/06/2012 at 13:53

Bout the same for me 20 to 30 miles resting and watching footie an issue here hence distracted!!! Any one want any work doing?? I will do anything.

Congrats Redhead you are a legend.

21/06/2012 at 16:11

Hi peeps,

Jim, happy pootling and digging.

Thanks Mark   Hope you sort out your work issues.

Had a tough week as my asthma is not yet under control and the pollen count has been sky high meaning I haven't been able to breathe properly hence no running.  Also, my right leg problems have been holding me back but Mary Massage Lady had a good old poke around yesterday and I feel so much looser today and will try another plod tomorrow.  Fingers crossed she's got to the root of the problem.

23/06/2012 at 16:25

few days rest again as I cramped my calf in the pilates class. DOH!

27/06/2012 at 21:53

just a few pictures of the Olympic Torch ceremony in Lincoln this evening...

[twist and pulse]


28/06/2012 at 08:31

Ooooh, loving the air display! 

This week I am easing myself back into training by running alternate days.  I'm getting used to my breathing problems now and not panicking as much.  Next week I'll be re-introducing some speedwork to remind my leggies what they've got to do in 8 weeks (Kent coastal marathon)!

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