sub or about 4h30 hopefully

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05/03/2013 at 10:26

Morning all,

What a lovely day it is too.  All sunny and bright ahead of the rain tomorrow!  A hilly pootle for me later.

'Sham , chest's behaving quite well at the moment thanks.  Hope you managed your 15 miles last night.  That was an excellent 10K time.

Jim, silly boy 

05/03/2013 at 10:45

Red... have you looked into the anti-inflamatories and impact on asthma? I have a pack on ibuprofen on my desk and point 2 of the 'do not take' list relates to worsening symptoms of asthma!

Needless to say the ibuprofen on my desk are clearly related to my run last night! Managed 15 miles.....comfortably, just starting to have problems with my left knee... i know what it is... tight IT band/runners know.... ibuprofen, massage, ice...... we'll see... averaged 5.38 km splilts.... i think it was 2h 20m.. i know i hit 21k on 2hours dead.... to the second!

Going to rest a couple of days... may do a mile or so tomorrow..

05/03/2013 at 12:26

good run, 'sham, that's a nice steady pace!

sunshine RH? grrr, we still have 2 degrees and fog!

05/03/2013 at 20:43
Hi all, well done on all the long runs scary to see everyone starting to talk about tapering, makes it all seem very close!
Had a lovely run in mostly sun this eve, fast 8miles in 59.58 this following my 21 lsr on Sunday.
Fen, I've used a foam roller before, but they keep getting squashed (I'm not that heavy I promise!) I now use a devise called the stick that I saw advertised at the VLM expo a couple of yrs ago, it's fantastic, if you can bare the pain at first but no worse than a sports massage. Really works.
05/03/2013 at 21:04
I'm having a rest not injury related, but very bad run on Saturday related and then lack of time related. Boyfriends birthday on Sunday and mums today plus working late....not good.
I'll be putting the trainers back on tomorrow night for sure, bit anxious about it
05/03/2013 at 21:09

sometimes a rest is good Denise!

hill run tonight: 3x a figure of 8 with two good hills on each; pushed the pace, running with a girl who normally runs 1:45 or so for halves so suffice to say... it hurt!

05/03/2013 at 21:28
Guys some advice needed... Nothing injury related thankfully. My trainers are at deaths door, I think I have enough time to break in new ones before VLM so had a look for some online this eve. The last few pairs I have brought have been asics gel nimbus 12 I was hoping to find the same shoe, the problem is nowhere seems to sell them! I don't want to spend the ??100 or more required to get the latest nimbus, so not sure what to look at now. I love asics so would ideally stick with these, any thoughts?
05/03/2013 at 21:33

Andrew, visit your local specialist running shop! they'll advise you on the best trainers and if you smile sweetly enough, maybe do you a good price too!

06/03/2013 at 06:42
morning all, Denise dont stress about having two days off, im planning to take whole week off...more worried what it will do to my waist line than VLM! Its so better to be undertrained than overtrained (injured). We are coming into a really crucial period of training, its really important to just listern to body rather than follow programme religously.As i am writing this realise I am probably saying it for my own benefit more than for anyone elses :-0.

Luckily I have had other distractions to stop me worrying over training... Had a job interview in bath yesterday so taken a couple of days of work, so today I am going for another massage and going to get my running gait and shoes checked out. had them checked at xmas, and on basis of that bought asics gel 1170s (2 pairs!) . Kind of in two minds hope I am wearing the right shoes as spent alot of money on two sets of trainers but equally it would be an easy fix to running problem.
06/03/2013 at 06:48
On another note am interested to note people are using Ibrupoen after running! Don't get me wrong I jump for pills at the first sign of headache, cold or stomach cramp however I usually avoid taking them for muscle (running aches and pains) my reasons being that I think with training its really important to listern to body during training.

Am i wrong? I was of the opinion that ibruphen just relieved pain rather than spead up recovery. Reduced swelling etc..If Im wrong let me know and ill start pill popping... Anything to speed up recoveries
06/03/2013 at 06:50
Andrew healy: 100% do not buy anything without getting your running gait checked first.
06/03/2013 at 08:41

Morning all,

'Sham, I did look into it after you mentioned ibuprofen.  Bit of a nuisance as I do take them to sometimes to reduce swellings.  I'm wheezy today and I notice that the Blackthorn and Goat's Willow trees are coming into flower so the pollen season is starting.  Ugh!

I too suffer from ITB problems and try to keep it at bay with sports massage and use of The Stick (both of which hurt like heck but are very effective!).

Andrew, I love Gel Nimbus too and always manage to find older versions on-line and much cheaper than the new models.

Fenn, anti-inflams are often recommended by Physios to use when recovering from an injury.  I agree about listening to your body and not pushing through pain but if you are injured and resting then they help to reduce swelling.

Denise, don't worry, it was just a bad day at the office! My pootle yesterday was nondescript as my head wasn't in the zone at all.  Today I shall be doing my intervals with determination 

06/03/2013 at 08:47
Off to the doctors today, really uncomfortable pain behind my 2nd and 3rd toe on my right foot. First felt it yesterday during what was meant to be 7 mile run but stopped after 5 miles. If it's what I think it is I will be gutted. Fingers crossed for me please!
06/03/2013 at 10:13

Hi everyone,

Just came across this thread and thought I'd join. I'm actually doing Edinburgh Marathon so a month after VLM  (I'll still be going with the training after hopefully all of you have acheived your goals!)

I've done VLM before and about 7-8 half marathons, best PB being 1.46. I thought I'd have a go at another marathon this year. I was initally aiming for under 4 hours but had to take a month out of training due to a skiing injury. I think that may have ben a bit ambitious anyway to be honest, so I'm just going to do my best and see what happens!

My main problem at the mo is lack of motivation with the evening runs; I am most definitely a morning person, but can't fit in more than 3-4 miles before work. I think it all comes down to mental stamina which I'll have to work on!

Anyway, hope all your training is going well and I look forward to following this thread!

06/03/2013 at 10:55
Big eater, will have fingers crossed, what are you hoping its not? Or do you not want to temp fate by mentioning it!

Hi Jess, I too am a morning runner, have no morivation after a days work..I focus on stresses in front of the tv in evening!

Personally I would alter your programme to suit you.. Rather than do any long mid week runs if you havent got time. Do more planned sessions like tempo, or hill runs. They will be more quality runs. if you are desperate to get a long runin, why not join a running club to motivate you to run in evening. I did this for my first marathon as I wanted to follow my programme like a religion. :-0

I want a stick! Been online there seems to be too much choice any tips?
06/03/2013 at 11:13

HI Fenn,

I used to be in a running club in Sheffield which I loved, and should think about again, as it is the best way to get you out running. I always think of excuses like I won't be able to get there in time, but think you might be right! I am going to start doing some speed sessions, have been holding off due to a knee injury, but think I'll give it a go before work tomorrow.....Which marathon are you doing? VLM? What time are you aiming for?


06/03/2013 at 11:21
VLM.... Secretly aiming for sub 4.. Which i believe i am capable of but will be happy with anything sub 4:30 and actually currently just to be able to make race day itself will make me happy! Having a few niggles this week so no running this week for me.

My last/first marathon I got 4h22. My half marathon Pb is 1hr49
06/03/2013 at 11:38
Hi, back from the doc's and thankfully it's not what I thought. I thought it maybe a metatarsal stress fracture, had that on the other foot a few years back when I used to play football a lot and I know the recovery time for that.
Doctor says it's a soft tissue issue with a bit of bruising around the toes and he says I've been overdoing it. With running and work( postman) I've been doing too much so I need to rest it for a couple of weeks. He said I could run again in about a week but to cut it back a lot and maybe even cycle more.
Doc was great, when I said I was doing VLM for first time he checked my heart, blood pressure and I've to go in tomorrow to see nurse for cholesterol check. Fortunately the heart is beating strong!!
Got a wee warning and I'm going to take the advise as it's too close to blow it now!!
06/03/2013 at 12:36
Bigeater.. Oh so glad its good news....just take it easy and try not worry about training.
Still plenty of time to get the miles in....but havent you got a 20miler in already so your in a good position,

At the moment im re-scheduling my programme with the view of no LSR this weekend. that gives me 4 more long runs before tapering. My schedule says 18,15,13 and 20 but i think 18 may be a bit too much of a jump now not having run much in the last two weeks. so thinking 16, 18, 13, 20
06/03/2013 at 14:05
Thanks fenn, yes I've got a 19 and 20 mile LSR under my belt which I'm now glad of. Thinking the longest I'll do now will be 16 miles. I will definitely be taking one full week off, not worth it at this stage.
Your last 4 long runs sound good, stick with that. Just seems close now and I was seriously freaked this morning that I had blown it.
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