sub or about 4h30 hopefully

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06/03/2013 at 16:29

Oh phew BigE.  The rest will do you no end of good and you'll come back refreshed and raring to go.

Hi Jess and welcome to the thread.  I believe Edinburgh is a good marathon although I haven't done it yet myself.  I too am a morning person and hate running in the evenings so I sympathise.  I just rejiggle my schedule to fit my lifestyle.  With a 1/2 pb of 1:46 you should easily go well below 4:30 in a marathon 

My intervals went well this morning, which was a relief.

Edited: 06/03/2013 at 16:30
06/03/2013 at 19:01

Hi Redhead, the 1.46 was a few years ago in a different bout of training so not sure if it applies to me now! What are you training for?

BigE - rest definitely is the best medicine- you'd kick yourself if you overdid it and ruined your chances.... 

07/03/2013 at 09:24

Hi Jessica, I've got Brighton marathon then VLM the week after which heralds the start of my running streak of 111 days  (explanation here  Well, even if that 1/2 time was a few years ago it shows that you've got the potential for speed.

I'm taking a rest day today as my ITB is a bit niggly.  I need a sports massage!

08/03/2013 at 10:57

Redhead, enjoyed reading your fundrasing page. Very inspiring stuff. for some reason assumed you were a bloke... :-0 

I had my sports massge on Thursday, where he focused on my was a very very painful experience. I am very brusied. :-0 No pain no gain though. I was also planning to get my running gait re-checked but was so sore didnt want to risk it so will now go tomorrow. Instead I went to the run shop and bought running supplies... which included an armband thing (to hold gels and things in) a new water bottle and some gels. So have all the gear..

Have not run now for 5 days.. (when I say that, its seems like no time at all, but it feels ages!) plan to get on it on Monday...


How often to people get sports massages? when needed or routinely

08/03/2013 at 12:23

Wow Redhead what an amazing challenge!! I have just finished working on a geriatric ward for 6 months, so I know what a horrible disease dementia can be.

Fenn- I never get sports massages... not sure why as I'm sure they help. Maybe I'm too stingy, but I do yoga and lots of stretching and rolling which I figure helps....

Planning 7 miles this afternoon as not working, and 14 on Saturday. I've been reading all these interesting threads on the HADD method, and the importance of running slowly to increase aerobic respiration in your slow muscle fibres to help endurance etc etc, so now can run slower without feeling guilty!

08/03/2013 at 12:24

PS, i think I am registered on here twice, that's why i cmoe up as jessica sometimes...thought that account had deactivated!

08/03/2013 at 13:12

Afternoon all,

It's all dreary and wet here but I went out for a plod earlier to test my legs, just 4.5 hilly miles.  Felt OK but didn't push much.  I gave my IT band a good pummelling with The Stick last night and I think it's been frightened into submission; hope so anyway.

Fenn, sports massage has kept me going when Physio has failed so I'm a great believer in it.  As  a general rule I like to have a couple of sessions in the latter part of my marathon schedule - I about 4 weeks before marathon day and then 1 the monday or tuesday before the marathon.  When I was training for my ultras I had 1 each month to keep me supple but that would be too expensive s a regular occurrence.  I shall forgive you for thinking that I'm a boy 'cos my reflection is of a male lion 

Jess, I agree about running slower for endurance.  A couple of runners on here have been part of the RW super 6 and their coaches had them running slower for their LSRs for that very reason.  Good luck with your upcoming runs.

I've switched my schedule so that I do a shorter run this weekend and another 20 next weekend which should give my ITB a chance to recover.  I'm hoping Mary Massage Lady can fit me in some time next week.

Have a great weekend everyone and take care of any niggles.  Remember that resting now will reap rewards and stop a niggle turning into something more serious 

08/03/2013 at 14:35
Well because I can't run I went out and did 10 miles on the bike just to keep the legs moving. Very windy here so hard pedalling into it so feel it was a decent workout. Foot is getting better, not so painful today but will rest it until aleast Tuesday.
08/03/2013 at 15:31

Everyone sounds likr they're making great progress with their training.  I on the other hand have completely fallen off the wagon.  

I had a bad run on saturday so that totalled 3 miles and I didnt run again unitl Wednesday and I managed 5.5.  Not completely the end of the world, but it's my head - I've lost 'The Zone'! I dont mind training one little bit when I'm in the zone, but can I get back in - can I heckers like. 

I'm also (embarrased to say) a former smoker and i bought cigarettes again this week... I dont know where my head is at.  One bad run and I feel like it's all gone down the pan.  

Planning on doing about 14 tomorrow, but if I could find an excuse not to then I wouldnt.  

Anyone else experienced this and how did you get back on board.... (V sad DM) 

08/03/2013 at 15:49

Denise..its just a blip!  first things first throw the fags away! keep telling yourself that "You are a marathon runner... marathon runners do not smoke"  ...I do know how you feel though... I had to get a bus home last weekend on my LSR that was a big mental blow for me. and I havent run since sunday (and skipping LSR this weekend)

Is your plan to do 14miles as your LSR?...I dont think I would try and do two long runs this weekend. But I think its important to run if you are injury free as you may have to skip a long run in the next couple of weeks.

Just go through the motions tonight.. eat well tonight and lay all your running stuff out the night before and plan your route. (I always do this when I lack motivation. weirdly this helps me in the morning to get up and go!) You just need a good run in the bag this weekend and 14 miler is a sensible distance to go for. The training is really hard and a struggle...but these down days will make the day so much more of an achievement!

A good run and your be back with it... bar the fags, you have done exactly the right thing this week.. Your body was telling you, it was tired and you have taken it easy...good work you are on track!




08/03/2013 at 15:51

Hello all,

I'm new to the forum and just wanted to join in on this sub 4hr30 chat.  I'm doing the London marathon and it my 3rd time.  my best time is 5hr08 back in 2011.

My training has gone very well this time around and I've found that speed work on the track has really helped geting my time on longer runs down since jan my 5k time has dropped from 27min to 23.30 i also do 2 x 7 mile runs home at about 9 min mile pace.  For my long weekend runs I've done 12,14,16,20,13,20 with 22 miles this weekend.  the 20 miles have taken me 3hr13min & 3hr12min. 

i've been running them at a pace that feels ok but my question is should I be going even slower to get my slow muscle fibres working?  If there is anyone out there that is looking at around the 4hr30 could let me know what pace they are running there 20 mile long runs that would be great.




08/03/2013 at 20:45

Ah Fenn, thank you for those words - they are just what I needed to hear.  

Yes it'll be  a LSR of 14 miles in one. I love the idea of laying out kit this evening! I'll definitely be doing that.  

THank you. 

Andrew I cant offer you any advice, but I'd love to be in your position! 

08/03/2013 at 21:46
Denise chin up, your doing THE marathon, that is going to be some achievement. Imagine the feeling crossing that line and shouting out " I DID IT" you will be so proud of yourself and your friends and family will be so proud of you. Fags in the bin NOW, good nights sleep and go on that 14 miles with new focus on what you are going to achieve. Good luck, you will do it. PMA!!

Andrew2 welcome. My 20 miles last Sunday was 3.21.43, bit slower than you( average 10.05 min pace) but if that's the pace you're comfortable with and can do it for a further 6.2 miles you will be well under sub 4.30. You're training sound as if it's going perfectly so all the very best and stick around and let us know how it's going.
08/03/2013 at 22:31

Welcome Andrew! that's a good time for 20 miles considering your previous marathon time - don't worry too much about time: you've got strength, and with a bit more experience you can try and race later! Saying that, you coud still have a good crack at about 4:30!

Denise, I won't nag you, as you'll run that 14 miler strongly and feel much better next week! I had a very low mileage week last week, and felt pants for days because of the lethargy! go girl, you'll do good soon enough!

As for me - left my garmin at home today so didn't run after work. Instead I did 60 mins on the bike at the gym and covered 20k. Ouch! 30 mins recovery then a hell of a pilates class. Gonna hurt like hell in the morning!

09/03/2013 at 14:07
Good work Iccle Jim.

Hi Andrew, Your training seems to be brilliant to date...and you have the long runs in the bag. from memory I did my 20miler run in 3hrs with a marathon time of 4hr 22mins. I have yet to do a 20miler in this period of training and will only do one ideally 3weeks before the big day. I think you are on track, but dont worry too much about speed on your long run.

I went and got my gait re-checked this morning and I am in the right trainers but the problems I have been having may be a result of not having my trainers tight enough! The guy in shop showed me a different way to tie my trainers up and it feels so much better already. A bit embarassing really. ( but the good thing is if it is the problem it's a very easy fix) so I am happy, optimistic and can't wait to get back running.

Denise am waiting to hear about your 14miler today
09/03/2013 at 21:27
I did my long run this morning moving it to saturday this weekend. I was hoping to do 22 miles but after the track yesterday 4x 1200 with 200 rest at 7.15 ave min mile pace i only did 3 hrs 18.38 miles. With the early start 6.45 and no rest day it was a good out and back run along the grand union cancal in west london but felt like hard work today. 2 days off now and the back running tuesday 5k trot at lunch with the works running club.

Good luck or well done to all that are doing or done there long runs this weekend.
10/03/2013 at 14:18

just 8.55 miles, but a speedy 72 mins... just missed 7.0mph by 16 seconds (bleedin' road bridges!)

happy for a short "lsr" as it means getting some speed without the leg ache!

10/03/2013 at 15:03

15 miles for me earlier with not much niggling and reasonable breathing.  I left home at 6:30 am and it was comparatively mild with no wind but after the first hour I felt the temperature dropping and the wind started to make its presence felt.  I was glad I'd worn my lightweight gloves and 2 base layers.

Andrew, that was an excellent run.  You must be well on track for 4:15 or thereabouts.

Jim, those little legs are doing well aren't they?!

10/03/2013 at 18:19
I went to twickerham to watch the rugby today... Made decision to wear one of my running trainers. (Which I have worn most weekend). I now have a sore heel. is it ok to wear running trainers for lesiure when not running? Or have I commited a cardinal sin?
10/03/2013 at 19:07

wearing them to wear them in is fair enough I suppose.. I'd usually just run in them to wear them in! also if you're going to be walking a lot in a day it's fair to wear them if you know it's not going to hurt!

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