sub or about 4h30 hopefully

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24/03/2013 at 14:08
Good work all, ESP those of you having to battle with the snow, in Oxfordshire we have had a fair bit coming down but never settles properly so most I've had to run in is just under an inches worth and it was thawing by the time I was heading back after about three hrs running.
Denise, I'm doing VLM, ran half marathon distance today after 21 last week, planning 22 next week then tapering for two weeks!
The water of life half I had entered today was cancelled so ran a half from home st race pace, does a PB count if its not in a race? I ran just under 1hr 40 mins for the 13.1, really pleased but on the downside have had to be very careful of late as my plantar faciitis (can't spell it) is making a reappearance after two an half years. I have orthotics but stupidly didn't wear them for running for first few months of training (am a PE teacher so they just stayed in my work shoes) fingers crossed it doesn't get too bad, it's pretty manageable at the mo.
Big, really hoe all goes well today and ur legs feel ok
Mark, very impressed by 20 on a treadmill, think I've gone as far as 15 before but even with a tv screen to watch top gear and sky sports I was bored out of my mind!
24/03/2013 at 14:44

Afternoon all,

We didn't get any significant snow, just a biting wind.  I did 12 miles earlier and didn't warm up at all.  I am now officially tapering for Brighton 

Who said treddy running is bad for the hips?  Not sure about that!  I seem to remember one of the elite ladies (can't remember who) did all her training on a treddy. The furthest I've done on one is 15 miles and it's boredom that gets you rather than injury 

Mark, well done for sticking with it.

Hope everyone has stayed safe in these poor weather conditions.

24/03/2013 at 16:01

Yes Well done Mark - You'll have had to have dug deep to carry on. 

THe wheels totally fell off on me today  I did an out and back along the canal and the conditions were rubbish - icy, slushy, muddy, wet, puddly and generally yuk. Anyway, I got to the turnaround point in just over and hour and a half and felt good, but I turned into a headwind, there'd been some thaw and the puddles were even bigger and I HATED it.  Got to about 15 and came back a long the road, still running into a headwind, but it wasnt pleasant.  

Finished in 3.12 which is 7 minutes faster than my last 20 but I was so sore when I finsihed,  Walking was difficult! Got home, sat in some cold water and feel a bit better now but boy that wasnt fun. 

Andrew your miles are brilliant - well done. I'll try get one more long one in next weekend and hope that the conditions make for a few more pleasant miles!

24/03/2013 at 16:45

10 today and I felt shyte. Enough to annoy good running buddies who ran and deserve all the credit! Also two dates with pub food which is gonna hurt!

I say PBs only count during registered proper races. I even got shouted at for counting a 30k PB as a mid-race split, despite a chip time, though I shouted louder as Paula's world record for 30k was a London split! now I'll even just count the race time, so tend to avoid races without chip timing, or will start my own watch at the gun rather than the start line!

24/03/2013 at 18:01
Congrats to everyone, loved reading everyones run logs...

Denise, missed your logs so great to see you online today... That 20 sounds epic welldone, 26 in London will be a breeze...

Mark did i read right 20 miles on a done. Thats reassuring to hear from Red that pros train on treadmill.. My physio scarred me off them saying it makes your hips not rotate or something...details are vague.,.but to be honest I find it way easier to run midweek on a treadmil so may jump back on them.

Did another 18 today with a plan to do 20miles next week. (Last long run) I felt sooo good when i finished today, a different runner to last week. I have a sore knee which currently icing...but Im working with it. i think it was my new running gear that made me a betterrunner today.
24/03/2013 at 18:59
I'm buzzing today, I did 20.08 miles @ average 10.12 miles and ran all the way!! Ok it was a bit slower than my 10 min mile target but in that ice biting wind in my face and legs( shorts on) I think it was a great effort as it was so cold and tough.
Jelly baby every mile from 10 miles onwards with a gel at 15 miles and an isotonic drink on my belt to sip as and when needed and it worked well. Ice cold bath for 20 mins afterwards and been eating ever since but hey I've earned it.
New pain today in the inside of my right knee, no had that before so see how it feels tomorrow and see how the recovery is.

Anyway today has been a good day and I'm pleased.

Well done to all, great running this weekend, I think those final instruction magazines dropping through the door has given us all a big lift.
24/03/2013 at 20:28
Hello I'm new and doing my first marathon in Brighton this year! Did my first half marathon in Tunbridge wells last month in 2hr7mins and completed Hastings today in 2hr5minutes. Have been following a training plan but have suffered from a chest infection and injured knee(s!). Did 20miles last Monday which really boosted my confidence, I know the last 6 will be bad but at least I know I can get to 20!! Have no idea of what time to expect but in my longer runs I'm averaging 10 min miles but knows what could happen the last 6!!! Have raised ??1000 so far for my charities so as well as feeling fit and achey I feel I have already achieved a fantastic result.

Have loved reading all your stories xxx
24/03/2013 at 20:42

Well done on all the training guys, sounds like it's going well for everyone!

I opted against a long run today due to the icy pavements and just coming off the night shift. I went for a 12 mile hilly trail run instead, to be honest i found it harder than my 20 miler last week due to the ankle deep mud and snow, the ice and the steep hills! It was so cold that when I got home an inch ice pack had formed on the tongues of both my trails shoes, brrrrrr.

I feel like i should of gone for that long run now,  I have got next weekend still where i will do 21-22 miles, my last 3 long runs have been 20, 19 and 17 so hopefuly this will be enough! This bl00dy weather is doing my head in now, wish it would go away.

25/03/2013 at 09:17
Welcome dudey and well done on your 20 miler. Nice one on your charity fundraising, I've raised a similar amount for breast cancer care and it feels great. The fact so many people give so generously motivates you to get out and do these long runs.
Stick around and update us on how your getting on, nice people on here and I know you will be made to feel very welcome.

Well I feel great this morning, only pain is inside of my right knee which is an area I've never been bothered with before. Got it strapped up and hopefully couple days rest will help.
25/03/2013 at 10:03

Morning all,

Taper, taper, taper 

Well done to everyone for their long runs.  Some good stuff going on!

(((Denise))) well done for struggling on with your run.

Hi Dudey and welcome to the thread!  I'm doing Brighton too and it's a great choice for your first marathon as there's fantastic crowd support.  I didn't do Hastings or TWells this year but I know the courses well so you did good times as they are quite challenging.  Make sure you take a really good taper and try not to get panicked into training too hard in the next 3 weeks - less is more and you need to feel as if you can't wait to run when you're at the start line 

Fenn, take care of that knee.  Do you take ibuprofen to help reduce the swelling?  Or rub in Ibuleve gel?

Pepe, sorry but I had a chuckle about your ankle deep mud as that's exactly what it's like here!  I haven't run off-road at all this winter as everywhere is just too water-logged.

25/03/2013 at 10:20

Hi Dudley... well done on your 20miler and excellent fund raising achievement. Last time I had to raise £1000 k for charity... I think thats sometimes harder than the running

Red.... Oh Ibuleve gel... havent heard of that one..may have to invest. I have been using Ibruprofen, have a knee support and have started to use Glucosamine gel (holland and barrats) which is natural cartilage components and has a knee on the side of the packet so must be good right?

Big eater, my knee hurts on the inside too. can you feel a click when you extend your leg?

Brighton runners... enjoy the start of taper....

Last long run for me will be bank holiday Monday...20miler... 


25/03/2013 at 11:38

Well done everyone, great effort on your long runs through this lovely spring weather we're having...

Fenn- I'm glad your run was much better, I'm sure the running clothes had something to do with it Did you do it slower than usual, as planned? 

I did Hastings Half Marathon. I wasn't planning on racing it as was still worried about my knee and didn't want to push it, but my Dad, Sister and BF were doing it so thought I would go for the day out and get a training run in. Set off with my BF (his 1st ever half), at a nice comfortable 9.30- 10 min/mile pace. The first 5-7 miles are up hill, so we took it easy at that pace and when we got half way my knee felt fine, so pushed the second half and finished in 1.57. Quite pleased I was able to pick up my pace on tired legs; last 3 miles were 8min/miles! I have to say half marathons are much more enjoyable when you go slower and enjoy the atmosphere; although I'll never beat my PB if I carry on like that!!!

Enjoy your tapers everyone, you deserve it after all the hard work you've put in!!! 

25/03/2013 at 11:59

Good time Jess, in fact great if you consider the conditions! must be nice to have a 'crew' to run with makes the day more fun.

Ok... so I started really really slow... and kept telling myself to go slow...through the first half of run... and for most part felt like I was taking it easy.. But actually was faster than last week... so in that sense I failed... but I prefer to focus on the positives and sweep the bad things under the carpet...but yes Jess I must try harder.

Do feel way better today though tried gels for the first time, which Im sure had something to do with it! Last week did Jelly babies...

For a 3 hour run, how many gels I took 1 this time (HI Five Iso gel)  (I had 2 but really didnt like one of the flavours). On the packet they say 3 an hour! I think this is excessive...


25/03/2013 at 13:39

Hi all, just found this thread! I'm running VLM this year, it'll be my first marathon. Done a few halves, PB 1:56:51 so I'm hoping to manage around 4h30. Did my longest run at Finchley 20 last weekend. I've been following Hal Higdon Novice 2 reasonably closely. Been getting the long runs in religiously and the week runs when I can fit them in, and parkrun. 10 miles in the snow on Saturday was without a doubt the hardest run I've ever done! Couldn't feel my face... Looking forward to joining in the thread.

25/03/2013 at 13:54

Fenn - couldnt agree more with the amount of Gel these guys reccomend you take - it's incredible! 

When I ran London in 2010 more through naivety than anything else, I didnt take a single supplement and managed okay! Therefore I believe that a lot of the advice is a little OTT. 

Well done on the HM time Jess - 8mm?? Phew!!!

Jim - i had a really bad run about 3 weeks ago and literally managed 3 miles, I gave up, at least you kept going and got a double digit run under your belt. 

Dudey you sound like you're right on track despite the chest infection, well done. I listened to a marathon running podcast yesterday where they interviewed a lady called Lisa Smith Batchen who is an ultra runner and she had GREAT advice re injuries and training programs.  the series is the Marathon Training Academy.  The two presnters are very American, but if you can get past that they are super to listen to on a long run - It made an interesting change to music too. 

BigE - Good run - I was jsut the same on Sunday, jumping into an ice (well, cold water bath) when I got home although I cant do 20 mins, my feet hurt in the cold water. 

Enjoy your tapering BM'ers! woo hoo!!!!!! x

25/03/2013 at 14:06
Hi fenn, no I don't click on extending the leg but it's bloody painful especially going upstairs. I say my knee but it's more on side leg a touch below knee height where the leg bends if that makes sense. I couldn't run on it today that's for sure!
Just annoying, never had an issues in that area, always hamstring with me and today everywhere is fine apart from knee.... Typical!
Welcome georginagem, great time for your half and a sub 4.30 is well within you!
25/03/2013 at 14:54

Welcome Georg...just been looking at your programme...can't believe how little programme we have left... soo exciting and scary at the same time very hardcore for going out in the snow...

I am living in London and it was clear or snow, but still managed to slip and fall on my run. Luckily no damage caused. I was taking a bend too sharp!

Denise...what a great idea to download podcasts when running... I think I may have to do that..I listen to the radio mostly!

Bigeater your knee thing sounds very different to mine... have you done any internet self diagnoises? (i know we shouldnt but I do that a lot)


25/03/2013 at 22:36
Welcome George. Thanks Big eater, redhead, Fenn and Denise.

Big eater your knee issues sound similar to mine - I've had to strap both up as when it was just one injured knee the other one over compensated. I've iced it, rested it and strapped both up which seems to work. A friend recommended a sports physio so will let you know how that goes.

Am now tapering, used rest day today and went to the gym in the first time in ages. Now I'm eating mini eggs hmmmmmmm.

Good luck everyone and keep motivated xx
26/03/2013 at 08:39
dudey, ahhh mini eggs they have formed a key part in my training programme too :-0.

Dudey , big eater when you say u have strapped knees up... Have you just done it the traditional way? Or used Kenso tape its meant to be brilliant but looks way too complicated for me to do.needs a proffessional to tape it up i think.

Was meant to run today but was tired/lazy .is that lame? Have no pains or aches but just love my bed....oh just as I was about to submit reply re read end of your message Dudey...'stay motivated'...will gym it this evening (promise to self)

big eater hows knee this morning.
26/03/2013 at 11:13
Fenn- my knee is exactly the same as yesterday... Painful. Just a stretch bandage I have round it to compress it a little and regular ice. I'm just going to rest it for a week, I'm off work this week and other than dropping off or picking up kids I have a good chance of proper rest so will do that. I can walk fine on it, just painful when bending knee or going upstairs.
Don't worry about having a day off, at this stage it will probably do you more good.
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