sub or about 4h30 hopefully

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23/04/2013 at 22:03
Wow mark, you went through the wars, well done for sticking in and completing. Great effort and at least you can say you finished it, mo farah chucked it at half way.... Lol

Well done Georginagem, a great time and a fantastic amount for your charity.

I'm feeling fine, not too sore and will defo be in the ballot come Monday. I loved it and so far raised around ??1600 for breast cancer care. Happy days!
24/04/2013 at 10:05

Andrew, my marathon PB at the moment is 4:13 (Casteldeffels, 2011) but my aim for this year is likely to be around 3:45 and ultimately, 3:30.

It'll partly depend on what I do in the half on Sunday: having run 600 miles in training (inside 4 months!) for a half I reckon this could be as good as it gets!

24/04/2013 at 10:25

So the question is what do I do now. I don't want to wait until next year to have another stab at a decent time. So thinking maybe the York one in October maybe. I think if I have a week off, start next Monday at the gym, do my usually 3 runs a week outside including  a long one at the weekend around 10-13 miles then  I wont have as much to build upto when I start for York in around a month or so.

I respond to goals and targets and if I have an aim. Im doing the great north run in September too which will be good training. I think doing a smaller more local Marathon where I don't have to get sponsors will take some pressure off me and York is flat and will be less crowded.

Or there is Bournemouth marathon and Jersey marathon too. I think I need that buzz again from the training, motivation, science and pressure to keep going with my weight loss and to get fitter and faster.

cougie    pirate
24/04/2013 at 11:17
Nice picture of you Mark in The Times following Katherine Jenkins into the finish !
24/04/2013 at 12:31

Really? How you know it's me lol.

 I look awful in all the official photos taken during the race. Only 2 decent ones out of 15.

24/04/2013 at 13:59

sounds fairly similar aims to myself Jim, although I wont be able to match your weekly milage with the family. But although I missed out on sub 4 at london, I had only decided to go for that a few weeks ago.  My training had initially been geared towards 4:10-4:15 so im hopeful that over the next couple of marathons I can get first under 4 hours, then 3.45. Not sure if ill quite make the sub 3.30 though, although ive ran a half in 1hr 41 so the race calculators seem to think I should be going for that

24/04/2013 at 14:08

Cougie is that todays Times? Had a look at supermarket and couldn't find it.

24/04/2013 at 16:47
Been sent home from work, I feel crap, and Im still walking like an idiot!

No real energy to reply but am here enjoying posts!
24/04/2013 at 16:57

(((Fenn))) take it easy love xxx

Day 4 of 111 for me and 5.60 miles of a mixture of grass, ploughed fields and tarmac with some hills. My legs felt fine.  That's 43.5 miles so far. I wouldn't have known I've just run 2 marathons 

Finally finished updating my blog. The first post is about VLM but those of you interested in the Guinness World Records press conference and photo shoot or the Alzheimer's Show will need to scroll down the page to Frantic Friday parts 1, 2, & 3.

It's been and awesome week!!!

24/04/2013 at 17:48

Im still shattered, when I say Ive had 3-4 hours sleep each night since Friday im not exaggerating, if I know I have to be up early or get a good nights sleep I never do, its like reverse physcology.

Still debating my cours eof action but think im going to do the leeds half in 3 weeks ive a spot for then build up to great north run in September then use that as part of training for the York marathon October 21st, then that gives me a month off then start for London and my aim of under 4 hours. I should be fat free by the start of training for London and the race itself for York and be flying in training.

cougie    pirate
24/04/2013 at 17:54
Mark - it was on the website version of the Times.
24/04/2013 at 18:14

Today? Do you have full subscription to it Cougie? I looked could not find it can you help cheers?


25/04/2013 at 07:04
So the big question now people is what next for us all? I know a great number will be in the ballot on Monday, but anything else first? I'm torn... I have a few 10k races and a half over the next few months ( the half is next week actually postponed from march due to weather) but what to do in the autumn? Being based in Oxford there is the Oxford half, fairly flat and a real chance to go sub 1.40 which I've never done in a race before. But I'm also reluctant to wait a whole year to return to 26.2 ESP when I was so agonisingly close to sub 4hr in London. Looks like the best , flattish, highly populated marathons at that time will be Bournemouth and Chester, Chester looks the better (and cheaper) of the two but is the week before Oxford half so I can't push for a PB in both... Decisions decisions!
25/04/2013 at 09:02

Andrew, if you're in Oxford, how about the Abingdon mara?  It's fast, flat and defo a pb course.  Only drag is that it's 2 laps but if that doesn't bother you then I'd enter soon as it's very popular.

During my streak I'll be aiming to get my 10k and 1/2 times down ready for autumn and there's bound to be at least one trail marathon for me later in the year 

Edited: 25/04/2013 at 09:06
25/04/2013 at 09:12

I'm still hoping to organise a club trip (perhaps 15 of us) to Palma in October, and probably will run Bournemouth or Mablethorpe a few weeks before (Bourney is close to my sister's house and Mable is only 30 miles from here)

Hope to just increase mileage through the summer probably 15 miles each Sunday and 20-25 miles midweek with some hard speedwork on Tuesdays and maybe Fridays.


25/04/2013 at 09:40
Red, Thought about Abingdon, think it may have sold out now, initially promised my wife I wouldn't train for another mara till next year but so close to that sub 4 I'm tempted to get another in this yr! The eventual aim is to enter a couple of trail maras, beachyhead and snowdon over next few yrs
25/04/2013 at 09:47

Morning, folks...

I feel like a different person this morning and I am back walking normally again yay!!

Yes thats the question been on my lips this week... what next.. for me deciding between Oxford and Windsor Half. (windsor is where I grew up but it is not flat!) so thinking leaning towards Oxford half... I am really looking for 10Ks between then and now..

Red haven't finished reading your blog.... but very much enjoying it!Sounds like a very special weekend.. wish I had seen you as have no idea how one knits and runs at the same time..Interested to read your OH did not watch you on Sunday...any reason behind this?

Im desperately trying to get in the 5mile olympic stadium run this morning... but proving impossible to get on the web site!



25/04/2013 at 11:19

great news Fenn, some friends ran Oxford last year and gave it mixed reviews but it was in its first year so should improve. 

I think the sensible thing for me this year would be to run Oxford and aim for a PB and then look to run a spring and autumn marathon next year. (will be in less trouble with the other half that way!) just annoying that Oxford isnt a week or two later or id train for one of the early Oct marathons and then run Oxford as well.

does anyone know if you can defer Brighton if you enter? was thinking of entering that now but if im lucky enough to get into london again I dont want to do the two back to back (maybe in the future)

25/04/2013 at 15:04

Not sure about deferring Brighton Andrew.  They definitely offered the option the first year to entice people so perhaps they've continued it.  It's a great marathon and very well supported.

Fenn, excellent news!  Don't worry about hubby not watching me - the first year I ran London he did the trying-to-spot-me-at-various-points thing and it was a complete logistic nightmare so the next time he just supported in Narrow street with people form the charity.  But, 'cos I've done so many marathons now, and I always know lots of people who'll cheer me on, I'd rather he nipped off for a look around the art galleries and music shops and didn't have to hang around waiting to see me run past for all of 5 seconds.  I phone him as soon as I cross the finish line (unless I get nabbed for an interview!) and I always know exactly where he'll be waiting for me as we have a good little routine in place.  

It's tough being someone's support crew and we once did a radio interview together on Radio 1 (and I've forgotten the guy's name but it's Danny something) which was hilarious as the presenter was saying it's harder to the supporters as they have to wait around for hours just to wave to their runner for a few seconds 

There might still be a clip of me running and knitting on this link to Meridian - that was actually staged and it was very different on the day with thousands of runners around me!

Running streak day 5 of 111 - 

7.25 miles (I couldn't help myself, it was such a glorious morning, all misty with the sun peeping through!) mostly run on grass or compacted dirt through woodland and 1 mile of tarmac. Only a couple of hills. The dawn chorus was phenomenal today. Felt blessed to live in such a beautiful place

Total miles so far 50.75

25/04/2013 at 15:34

andrew heley - I deferred Brighton this year to 2014, I think you might have to pay entry again (might depend when you defer) but you're guaranteed a spot

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