sub or about 4h30 hopefully

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22/11/2004 at 13:53
Hi Guys.

Bananna hope everything goes ok tomorrow and you get your self sorted out.

LH - Hope the injury clears up quickly.

My long run didn't go to plan yesterday. I added a new bit to my existing route and found I had to spend a fair amount of time working out the best path to run on. Then it started drizzling and I had to keep wiping my specs.I found it tough going and have decided that I going to have an easy week this week and recharge the batteries. Also have the Nike 10K on Sunday.
22/11/2004 at 19:42
LH, fellow miserable peeps here. IT Band started hurting again during 4 mile run on Sat so back to the drawing board. At the fizz on Thurs, think I'll be wallking FLM at this rate!
23/11/2004 at 07:33
Wish you quick recovery tiredgirl. I "bottled" out of my 10K last Sunday cos of inclement weather. No real excuse. Next one Turkey Trot in three weeks ! Get some distance in.
23/11/2004 at 08:21
Dear All,

I phoned my bank yesterday to check whether my cheque's been cashed and apparently it has, as I didn't bequeath it this year, looks like good news.

I ran the FLM once before (in 1997 I think) staggering round in 4.30 'ish and have been applying on and off - unsuccessfully - since. Looks like I need to dust off my running kit and get back on and get out there.

I'm hoping being a part of this forum will help keep me motivated. I'm hoping to run sub 4.30, so maybe see we can all help each other around.


23/11/2004 at 09:00
Hi Chris, welcome to the forum and congrats on FLM. We're all here to support and encourage each other so keep posting. Good luck with the training.

Hey Tiredgirl, sorry about your IT Band, hope the fizz can give you some exercises to help. Fingers crossed for Thursday.

I'm gonna try a 10 min jog this evening and if my calf plays up again i'll get my backside to the fizz AGAIN!! This is getting embarrassing.

Paul, Turkey Trot - is that a Xmas run or is it actually in Turkey? :-)
23/11/2004 at 09:15
Dear Lo Hump,

OK, will this forum must be working because I was finiding it hard to get motivated!

Seeing that you're out for a ten minute run this evening is spurring me into action. I'll do likewise tonight, perhaps a circuit of my park, and I'll report back. Knowing at least someone else is out training helps...


23/11/2004 at 10:34
The Turkey Trot takes place in Keyworth in South Nottinghamshire, North Leicestershire
the weekend before Xmas. Chance would be a fine thing to go running in Turkey !!
23/11/2004 at 10:41
Maybe not a nice thing to say as I don't wish injuries on anyone but I am slightly relieved to find I am not the only one battling injuries and very frustrated and demoralised at not being able to run at the mo. Hope we all recover soon!!! I deferred last year with a pulled hammy and CAN'T defer again - please no, I cried watching it on tv last year - silly thing to watch it in the first place but hey.
23/11/2004 at 10:51
What a frustrating life we runners lead eh? injury follows injury for me at the moment and I haven't been able to get into a training routine at all since mid Sept. Hoping to at least get up to a 30 minute jog before December 1st so that I can start the Hal Higdon novice training program for FLM.

Together, we will achieve eh peeps. Onwards and upwards, let's hope the injuries all fade into the past pretty quickly.

Chris: I'll HAVE to go out now won't I? can't have you running alone - thanks for the encouragement, I needed it too.
23/11/2004 at 17:31
Hey guys,

Had my assessent and apparently I'm a pronator. I can't believe it took two running shops, a GP and an orthotist to tell me!
So relieved, am looking into stability shoes now and will buy some next week so I can start running again finally. Aiming for Ely New Year's Eve 10K.
Will still get one more opinion-people from Saucony are visiting my local Up & Running with a treadmill and a videocamera so I'm going to go along and see which shoe straightens me up best and then I'm never looking back!

So sorry to hear about you ITB playing up, tiredgirl. Fingers crossed it's sorted soon.
Good luck with the 10K Stylish.
23/11/2004 at 20:02
Dear Lo Hump,

Just to say I kept my end of the bargain, here's hoping you did, but even if you didn't at least I got out there.

This was my first run in well over a year and, boy, I have become so unfit! I used to breeze the six miles around my park, but today 1.5 miles was a struggle. Still, on the positive side, it can only get better!


23/11/2004 at 20:26
Hi everyone, seem to be back on track after a month or so of an annoying virus that made me feel generally lethargic- resulting some very pathetic attempts at running. Managed to fit in 3 shorter runs during last week and a steady 10 miler on sunday in just under 1.30- and no stiff legs afterwards! Looking at various marathon training schedules and cant quite make up my mind which one to follow. Nursing shifts are a real pain and I need to find one that I can adapt a bit. I have done FLM twice and ended up not really following one properly. I'd like to crack 4.30 and feel that following a schedule will help me achieve this. I may go for hal higdons plan.
23/11/2004 at 20:48
Dear All,

Does anyone have a URL for Hal Hidgon's plan?


23/11/2004 at 21:33
Evening Chris,

I too kept my end of the bargain - you're obviously good for me. Did just under 1.5 miles (not easy to check mileage as I use an alley which doesn't show up on road maps) and it took me 13mins 37 secs (those secs are really important aren't they?) I'm a bit of a snail as you can see but then again I haven't run since mid Sept and had only been training then for one month after a 2 year break. It can only improve though eh?

the Hal Higdon schedules can be found on the url below - I Hope to be following the novice one soon but have to try to build up a bit first.

Calf a bit tender but not too bad - we'll see what tomorrow brings. RICE's it anyway so time will tell. At least my achilles held up and is pain free.

Will attempt run again tomorrow if calf ok as the schedule calls for runs on Tues, Wed and Thurs so I'd better start as I mean to go on.

Great news Banana, happy shoe hunting, and Billie - sorry to hear about your virus - hope you're well and truly on the mend now and back out there running.

Have a good evening all (what's left of it).
23/11/2004 at 22:17
Dear Lo Hump,

Yes, every second counts. If it makes you feel any better I struggled round my mile and a half in 14.38, so obviously a long way to go fitness-wise! I'm next out on Thursday...

I'll check that link.


24/11/2004 at 08:58
Dear All,

Does anyone have a URL for Hal Hidgon's plan?


24/11/2004 at 09:09
I tried the Hal Higdon plan for a bit, but the thing that made me a bit nervous was that he never mentions a goal time (on the novice plan,anyway). It would be sad to get to London and struggle. At least the schedules on this web-site and others give a rough idea of what to expect. I for one certainly need something to aim at. Good luck y'all
24/11/2004 at 09:10
We're probably about the same speed then Chris - what part of the country are you in? I'm in Wiltshire.

I'll be out again on Thursday too, gonna try for 15 minutes but it depends on my calf and its recovery rate. It's so hard to be patient to let it heal properly - i'm itching to get on with it now (perhaps panicking is a better explanation - I can see time flying past!)

The novice Hal Higdon is an 18 week schedule so that would start on 13th December which gives time to build up the mileage a bit before it starts.

24/11/2004 at 09:18
That's a good point Normski - I thought about that last night when I looked at the schedule again but I like the fact that he has a 'recovery' week every 3rd week by reducing the amount you do. I think that will agree with me.

If I aim to get up to just under 10 min/mile hopefully that'll get me round in the time I would like ..... maybe.

Hmmmm - got me thinking now, perhaps i'll just check out the other schedules again.

(I used to be indecicive but now i'm not so sure!!) :-)
25/11/2004 at 14:56
Dear Lo,

I live just outside Belfast, small village called Hillsborough.

I have to say my legs are killing me today, and I won't finish work till 8.00 tonight so you may be on your own tonight, however, if you run tonight I'll commit to running the same tomorrow.


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