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23/04/2012 at 15:15
I did actually manage to spot the RW cheering point this year, though couldn't pick out group 3 specifically. It is actually quite difficult to see as you're kind of tucked in a corner. I don't suppose you get a great view of us coming up the road either.

SalF and I were running together about 20 seconds ahead of schedule.

I finished precisely 1 minute and 1 second ahead of schedule in 3.08.58, so a pretty good day out
23/04/2012 at 15:16

Finally back home after a hectic but really exciting weekend.  It was good to see some of you but there were a lot of people that we missed.

As predicted Ratzer came through first so we were fully prepared for him, but things got a bit less organised later on as people turned up out of order and we were trying to keep an eye open for too many people at the same time.

I think I spotted themp but he had already gone past us.  TommyGun was a pleasure to finally meet so were Felixa and Teckien.

Iron Pugsley was early and we weren't ready for him.  I hope that means that he finished in a good time and is happy.  Sorry for letting you down.

And DL also managed to find us.

I hope that those who we missed did well and enjoyed the race too.

Jordie, we didn't manage to see you, but as we always stay until the sweeper vehicles come through you didn't hold us up.

It was a fantastic day and I am looking forward to being there next year again.  I'm exhausted today after having nothing to eat or drink except alcohol and a couple of pieces of cake yesterday and not getting much sleep over the whole weekend, but I can't complain as all you wonderful runners put more effort in and must be suffering for it now.

Well done everybody!

23/04/2012 at 15:30
We saw you CC2, you were looking good, gave us a big smile well done on your time
23/04/2012 at 15:39
Truly gutted to have to pull out at 13 miles. It just was not to be this year. Hopefully another year I will get in and finish it. Well done to everyone.
23/04/2012 at 15:59
Gutted for you Speedy G, I hope you are feeling ok today
23/04/2012 at 16:13


       Hi everyone at support group 3 sorry i missed you I was struggling after about 14 miles ( lack of long runs in training ) my head was in another place . Thanks for being there anyway sure you did a great job for everyone . Managed to finish in 3.09   Suffering badly today  .Well done to everyone who finished , may see you next year?

23/04/2012 at 16:19

Some very good times being reported.

It was a shame not to meet you Speedy G, but there is always next time.  I hope you aren't hurting too much today.

23/04/2012 at 18:42
I had a great race until mile 20 or so.  Ran with the 11 minute mile pacers and all was fine.  Decided to drop back from them at mile 20, legs felt strong but head was fuzzy and knew I had 12 minute leeway for getting in sub 5 hours ( my aim ).  Then started to feel very sick around 22 - just as the route is getting interesting - typical.  Tried to run through the nausea but threw up several times   made it in 5 hours and 46 seconds.  Not a PB but not a PW either.  Over all had a great day.  Not aching much today and no blisters or sore spots.  Husband says I obviously didn't try hard enough!
Tommygun2    pirate
23/04/2012 at 21:15

Ok here goes

My Race report.

Having had a very good winters training from December through to March I thought I was in good shape (well less fat than I had been at Christmas) Lost 1.5st ran 458 miles in the three months leading up to VLM. Unfortunatly the rumors of redundancy started at work and then became real when I was TUPE transferd to another company. My head was in a spin and all thoughts about the marathon were forgotten. Spent too much time thinking about work and the train went out of the window.

Anyhoo I thought I have put in the hard miles so should be ok to do a reasonable job of running the Marathon.

Race day

Didn't start to well and nerves and apperhension crept in, firstly as I stood on the platform of my home station I was the only runner, strange I thought as I have seen loads of poeple training of late. Then i though have I left it to late. Well there were a few runner on the train so felt alittle better. Got to London bridge and subsequensly got on the wrong train. I was to start at the blue start and need to get to Blackheath in stead I ended up at Greenwich. So I followed the crowd and found I was over amile to the blue start. But once I got there I found my baggage truck then badly need the loo. OMG how long were the ques, just as well the lines were moving quickly. First and last sighting of PSC.

All of a sudden we were off, well when I say off more of a suffle jog stop shuffle jog stop. After about a mile I started to find my pace and said hello to Seren as I passed her. Felt okish but hot I was pouring with sweat by mile two not a good sign and my HR was very high for what I thought was an easy 9min/m

I couldn't believe how congested the first 10 miles were. bumped into a lady from my village who I had seen training (small world) Caught up with Flat.footed then lost him when I had to take a pee break.

From there it all went a bit wrong my HR was way to high and I felt a bit sick so walked a bit found a portaloo and that helped. Felt quite a bit better after that but my stomach was not right.

Got to mile 17 for the uplifting sight of RW support crew.

Struggled on walking through the water stations then made a final burst along the enbankment to the finish. 4.25.26 not a PB but way not a PW.

Then found loads more energy to almost jog to Chandos to share well earned beers with you guys.

Not sure I will bother trying to enter this again.....but maybe

Iron Pugsley    pirate
23/04/2012 at 21:31
Thanks Caz. No worries, I was sick of gels by M17 and survived on jelly babies thereafter! Having spent most of the last 3 months with toddler bugs including 3 days of projectile vom I was just glad to get to the start line and set off just to have fun.

I must have high 5'd thousands of kids, stopped to chat to various friends and boozers on the way and just kept a pace that got me to the end and kept me safe. I think I will need cosmetic surgery to get the smile removed from my face - London rocks!

And cheers to Barley for the Stella - I needed some performance enhancement at that stage!
24/04/2012 at 12:56

My Virgin London Marathon 2012 Race Day Report

Sorry if it rambles on a bit – it’s for my own keepsake!

Well, the day started with great excitement and anticipation for my first ever marathon. Got out of bed 5.30am after a sleepless night and followed my detailed day of race plan of porridge breakfast, crumpets & plenty of hydration and anti blister plaster on my troublesome right foot. Greased whole body and feet with vaseline, all important plaster on nipples to avoid the dreaded chafing and did last minute checks and long toilet stop! Then it was time to leave.

 It was amusing seeing all the red kit bags in the train carriage growing larger with each stop until London Bridge. On the train to Blackheath we were all packed in like sardines before finally being let out in relief! I was trying to absorb in all the experience – sights, sounds, smells - and the crisp, sunny morning just made it all the better.

Then you enter the runners’ only Blue Start zone and that’s when it hits that you are actually part of the biggest fundraising event in the world! It was hard concentrating on what you had to do with the time ticking by – drinking fluids, queuing for the toilets, kit bag on the lorry, back to the toilet queue!

All the while, the big screen was showing the start of the women’s race, wheelchair race, and then it was time to line up in your pen. Mine was meant to be pen 9, the slowest one, but I merged into the back of the next one since the barriers were removed and I wanted to get nearer the Runners World 10 minute per mile pacer which I never succeeded as he was too far ahead at the start!

Then the race started… Everyone cheered and we all shuffled forwards about one metre then nothing happened! Now was the wait for the thousands and thousands of runners to cross the start line. There was even time to follow the other guys and run off to the urinals for the last minute emptying – I managed to run the whole course without a single toilet break! -  and rejoin the starting line up again. We were all nervously chatting away and wishing good luck and before long it was time to start my Garmin stopwatch as I crossed the starting line, and waving to the TV cameras along the whole route of course!

My dream goal plan for the race was to keep to around 10 minutes a mile pace if possible which would see me in under 4:30 mins if all went well, but I didn’t know whether the later miles would hit me hard as the dreaded WALL! The longest I had ever run before was a 20 miler in training on the “3 days a week, 16 week get you round training plan” provided in the Official Marathon magazine. As they say, the race only starts from the last 6 miles! I would still be happy with a 5 hour finish time, but the temptation to go for a quicker time was overwhelming.

The supporters were fantastic and noisy all along the route and it was definitely a great idea to have your name on the vest. Hearing people cheering your name really gives a boost, especially for the last few painful miles. My first Lucozade energy gel was taken at mile 5 and my stomach felt a bit tender for a while despite drinking water with it.

24/04/2012 at 12:57

First 7 miles - this flew along, the two separate red and blue starts converged after 2 miles – this is when you realise how huge this event really is as the road started getting quite congested and you have to avoid those who suddenly stop to walk. One or two who had tripped were being treated on the road in some distress. One thing you soon notice is all the bottles strewn across the road at the water stations which you have to keep an eye on to avoid twisting an ankle! The first of six Macmillan cheer points was met with loud enthusiastic supporters, then the recently restored Cutty Sark came into view, the first of many famous landmarks on the route where an even larger crowd had gathered, some perched precariously from window ledges!

Next 6 miles took us through the Surrey docks and Rotherhithe, the streets still lined with cheering supporters offering all sorts of snacks, music pumping out from pubs and bands along the way making it such a carnival atmosphere. The sight of the tip of the Shard was welcome as we knew Tower Bridge – and the halfway point - was not far. Mile 12 passed and my watch said 124 mins which was a few minutes behind schedule. Then you turn the corner and catch sight of Tower Bridge. What a glorious sight to behold on a sunny day! The crowds here were even thicker and willing everyone on. This was the best part of the course so far and only London could provide such a magnificent, historic setting! The half-way point came and was a mixed blessing – yes you had less than half to finish, but you also saw the faster runners coming back the other way at their mile 22 point, 9 miles ahead of you! Here, there was more support from the team at the second Macmillan point. Another welcome boost for the legs which were tiring, and I could feel a blister hot spot on the right foot arch, and painful toe nails on the left foot! I dreaded to see my feet at the end of the race.

Miles 14 to 20 took us onwards to Canary Wharf where I had told my family to join the mile 15/18 Macmillan cheer points. This thought drove me on until I saw them there at the front waving and I had to stop for a minute to honour their patient support for me. Apparently I was still looking quite fresh at both stops and was still only a few minutes behind 4:30 schedule. The roads were getting very cramped in this section and I had to dodge many walkers here, surprisingly still feeling quite good myself – I think the early conservative pace had helped. My second gel was taken after mile 14. Now I was looking forward to mile 17 and the Runners’ World support group 3 where I was to pick up my last gel. As the yellow and blue balloons came up I looked hard but couldn’t see my group, and almost ran past until I heard a cry of Louie from a familiar face! It was another boost to see a recognisable face in the crowd, albeit from a forum picture! At mile 18 I saw the family again waving madly but did not stop this time and headed towards the Skyscrapers of Canary Wharf. At this stage you had to concentrate a lot more to maintain your pace as the tiredness and pain was slowly kicking in. I didn’t realise I was next to 1 Canada Square until I looked up!

24/04/2012 at 12:59

Miles 21 to 25

Now I was into unknown territory beyond my longest training run. Still I was feeling quite confident, but the pain was definitely increasing and it felt like I was slowing down. Now I was almost 8 minutes behind the ten minute per miles pace but I knew I could possibly sneak under 4hrs 30mins if I could increase the pace. Macmillan cheers were gratefully received at mile 22 and I passed Tower of London at 23 without noticing it at all! Somewhere was a tunnel and this was where I decided to try a bit of walking to conserve some energy. This was actually very difficult as my legs seemed to want to go faster by themselves! So I ended up walking very fast for half a minute and decided to just run again!

 With mile 24 passed I was clocking 4hrs 10 minutes, so I had to do the last 2.2 miles in under 20 minutes! The sight of Big Ben as well as knowing the wife was at the Macmillan 25 mile point gave me the added boost I needed to up the pace despite the numbing pains. Even my arms were aching now! I caught sight of the OH just in time and this was all I needed – 2kms left, time 4:18 – under 6 mins per km would normally be no problem, but after 25 miles? I somehow found the extra strength and energy and started overtaking the many stragglers and casualties stretching on the pavements. It felt like I was sailing past (I think runners slowing down gave that illusion!) and felt like dodgems. Now I was fully concentrated on that time goal and Parliament, Birdcage walk, even Buckingham Palace went by in a blur as I “sprinted” past the countdown markers – 800m, 600m, - then the finishing straight –what a glorious sight and one I would never have guessed I would ever see in my wildest dreams a few years ago. I made sure there were no rhino costumes or panto horses nearby and raised my hands up high crossing the finishing line in…4:29.31 !!!  Medal proudly worn!  Dream goal achieved first time. I wouldn’t have to re-run it again! I’ve done it, the biggest challenge of my life, 4 months of gruelling training in pelting rain, wind, snow, sore nipples and blisters, all in the past!

4:15… I wonder?

24/04/2012 at 13:07
Great read, Teckien!  Well done, and respect on how you achieved your goal!  I have a similar dilemma, and I think we'll both be back! 
24/04/2012 at 14:18
Oh wow!  That is so much like my race report of London in 2009 and brings back a lot of memories.  It almost makes me want to enter another marathon...  But no.  Not until 2014.
24/04/2012 at 16:06
Just checking in to say thanks very much to you guys for your support at mile 17 on Sunday. Having followed the 10 min mile pacers until mile 15/16 I was starting to fall off the pace and kept myself going thinking about you waiting for me with a gel and wet towel! It was great to see your friendly faces and to take a breather for a minute.. I manged to keep it together for another couple of miles and then things went a little pear shaped over the last 6 or 7 miles, with my pace falling each mile that went by. I eventually finished in 4.39 which was 9 minutes outside my hoped for time, but it was my first marathon experience and I didn't really know what to expect. I then spent the next few hours throwing up and missed the post race party my charity put on for us! Now back in the office and trying to persuade my legs that they can do stairs!!
Thanks again, you do a brilliant job which is very much appreciated.
24/04/2012 at 19:15
Fantastic report Teckien, it makes great reading!
25/04/2012 at 18:40

All those balloons and large Runners World banners, I don't know how I missed you. The only thing was that you were closer to the water station than I expected, so I may have been more worried about getting a drink and not falling over dropped bottles or running into another runner that to look out for your signs.

By the time I passed the ASDA store I thought that's it I must of missed you, oh well maybe next time I will spot you all

25/04/2012 at 18:49
There's always next time Jordie

Great reoort Teckien, and well done on achieving your sub 4.30
25/04/2012 at 23:48

Great report Teckien.

Balloons?  Asda?  Water station?  I must have been running in a blue mist.   I remember the crowds, the music, the blue skies and feeling great

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