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24/01/2012 at 09:53

Whats this about photo shoot pics SB?

Bo tight hammies are my problem and calves too I do alot of stretching and even more now I have a 5 in my age! Try pulling your toes up towards you while lying on your back in bed in the mornings and at night. My oh gets abit annoyed with me sometimes but it works for me. I stand on the bottom step alot and go up and down on my toes to try and strengthen my calves as I have stick like legs sadly.  My girls all want my legs how sad is that!! When I get the bike out in the better weather my legs get a little stronger which also helps. Have a good rest and hope it improves. I tend to drop the speedier runs when my hammies and calves tighten up. All the best.

On the subject of races Birmingham Half is a good flat course great PB potential, just a little bit of a rise in mile 11 if I remember correctly........SB will check out longer races later in the year, there is a great one in March but too early really for marathon training though the route is on the site so I may do that with friends and family later in the year if anyone is up for that. Its a 22 mile route round the Edges and Chatsworth House, goes past my office here in Bakewell. Worth watching the video its only about 10 mins. Grindleford Gallop.

24/01/2012 at 10:25

Hey mcs - the pics are the ones that should appear of 'the 5' in London in next months mag ...

Not sure we're all talking about the same email from Asics - I've just had the initial one from Alice? Maybe you're special so you get extra freebies

Right - butt into gear - here I go ...

24/01/2012 at 10:48

mcs/SB - i'd be up for doing the grindleford route in the summer sometime as training run for an October marathon - 3 hr drive for me so could do it in a day if we started mid morning - do let me know nearer the time if you plan to do it.

Think the Asics free races only apply to the 19 shortlisted so i haven't had any emails from RW/Asics

24/01/2012 at 10:54
BoD - RICE (rest/ice/compression/elevation) really does work for soft tissue injuries in large muscle areas like the calf where there is good blood flow for healing.  I've used a 3 day process in the past which has worked - Day 1 Rest, ice, compr and lie on settee with leg elevated - Day 2 stretching to work the new muscle growth at the inijury site into the existing muscles - Day 3 light, very easy running.  Having said all this, listen and do what Sam says!
24/01/2012 at 12:03

mcs/oscarr I'd be up for that! Ben traditionally goes away for the last 3 weeks of July (supposedly working!!! LOL) so I'm always looking for adventures to keep myself busy then - not sure if that'd fit with your plans? It's only an hour and a half away for me so perfect for a day out!

24/01/2012 at 12:29
Sleepy Bear wrote (see)

mcs/oscarr I'd be up for that! Ben traditionally goes away for the last 3 weeks of July (supposedly working!!! LOL) so I'm always looking for adventures to keep myself busy then - not sure if that'd fit with your plans? It's only an hour and a half away for me so perfect for a day out!

end of July would fit with me - i've entered the Coniston marathon on 1st July so 3 or 4 weeks later would fit me - i'm not going for time at Coniston so recovery will be shorter.  day trip for me as well.
24/01/2012 at 12:51

Hi Craig, How's the calf feeling today? It was sounding promising but defo play it safe today and skip the run. And tomorrow is a rest day. You could always hit your home gym if you're climibing the walls... do some upper body and core stuff?!

24/01/2012 at 12:59

Hi Craig,

 just seen about your tight calf. If you've done the local stuff ice rest and gentle stretching then it could also be coming from your lower back. There is a tendency for this to tighten with all the extra miles even if your core is good.

Try some gentle lower back rotation stetches ie lye on back and take one knee across over the other this just opens up the joints in the lower back that could be a bit stiff and frees the nerve down to the calf. Then lye on back with leg in air and pull foot down x10( not holding stretch position). This will help mobilise the sciatic nerve that can cause the calf to tighten. And def revisit core and hip flexor stretch.

This is the most likley cause esp and not felt a sudden pain which would indicate a tear.

Let me know how it's going i won't be there Sat but my colleague Lucy will take alook for you.



24/01/2012 at 13:33

Will pencil some dates in July and get back to you guys.......... I do that exercise for my back as had a sciatica twinge last year and physio recommended it, worked a treat.

Just had a lunchtime interval session 8.23  -  7.42  -  7.53  -  8.29 for four miles on the trail outside the office and down to Bakewell and back up the hill that was good fun. Shower and lunch...........lovely.

Hope the back eases up Bo.

24/01/2012 at 14:16
The one stretch I always do after every run is to lie on my back and pull my knees up into a foetal position, rock gently and repeat. It really helps me to avoid back pain. It's a minute well spent.

I'm now adding groin stretching to my not-very-extensive repertoire of stretching Better late than never.
24/01/2012 at 16:57

SB: The pics in this months RW are great, such a big group and wee all look awarsome. Regarding Fleet, sounds like your friend and I will be looking at a similar time, so that would be good.I'm hoping the calf thing is adaption, not had any issues today, so hopeful. Still in compression, being rested as much as poss and getting iced whenever I can.

mcs: I've still got the legs of someone who has carried too much weight, my calfs and upper legs are huge compared to the rest of me. Not that I'm complaining... 

Sam: just what I was thinking. Might get the weights out and work on my upper body. Do some pull ups etc. Also gonna do bridges and all that.  Still no pain and loosened up a massive amount. Will do the stretches recommended by Sarah too (thanks Sarah). 

Tenjiso: I regularly pull myself into a fetal position and rock gently, but I've never considered it as a stretch before ... More a way of coping after meeting with titles like: 'Prevention through Partnership: Building a strategic team around the family' *gently curling into a ball and covering self with blanket*

I'm off to stretch before Rachel gets home and we have a conversation about Paris, childcare and if she is going or not...

24/01/2012 at 19:24
I was five miles into a 10k run tonight and realised that I had forgotten all about the groin strain. It's the first run I've had with no aching or any sign of the injury whatsoever. I'm going to retain the groin stretching to my regular repertoire - currently standing at two stretches

Craig - Weight training for me tomorrow too - upper body only for the time being. I can't even do one single unassisted pull-up (unless hanging motionless and going beetroot coloured counts)! Combination of not enough strength (obviously) and too much blubber. I've bought some "woody" bands so that I can do assisted pull-ups at home on a powerbar.
24/01/2012 at 19:45
Tenjiso: yea back in action! So pleased for you fella. I've been quite good with stretching, but going to be extra mindful now. Pull ups have to be my fave upper body thing, got a bar in the door frame of the downstairs loo and attempt a couple every time I need to go.... Too much detail, taken me 6 months to get to 10...

By the way, watching Winter Wipeout on BBC3. Feel a bit wrong, but does that count as cross training......................... Ok, not really...........
25/01/2012 at 14:54

Tenjiso: so pleased you're through the injury problem. Being such a new and commited fan, you should write a book about stretching

Craig: Really glad that the calf twinge is also on the way out. Are you planning to try the 4M steady tomorrow? If you're still in two minds, don't be at all afraid to cut distance right back to half of that or even less, just to see how the calf feels on running. This is part of the challenge of marathon training, not just sticking doggedly to whatever a schedule says but adapting, reacting, re-assessing all the way through to ensure you don't undersell yourself, nor overcook it!

25/01/2012 at 15:37
I was thinking about a similar distance and keeping the speed down to a slow jog instead, but happy either way. Got myself some compression socks that just go on my calfs I can wear under my work stuff with normal socks, handy. Also got some deep ice stuff, as I can't sit around with an ice pack on my leg at the desk... Shame earning a crust gets in the way of running.

Have to admit to having withdrawal symptoms now... Getting to the point where I want to be out everyday and having to resist... Third day now and I'm getting twitchy... Saw the outline for Saturday. Seems like its going to be challenging, hope I can maintain and not show myself up...

A motivation barrier has been overcome too: Rachel is coming with me and Thom is going to stay with his Grandmother and aunt... *sigh of relief* Not sure a 20 month old will appriciate it really. Deffo going to get emotional at the finish.
25/01/2012 at 17:25

BoD - it's great when a loved one comes with you to the event so you have someone to look forward meeting at the end.  Also, when I finished my first 2 marathons, which I did for Cancer Research after my dad died, I burst into tears on the shoulder of the lady putting the medal around my neck - it 's such an achievement to do the race after 16 weeks hard training that at the end the emotion simply poured out.  Something to look forward to ?

p.s.  love your celebrity photo in this month's RW mag !!!

25/01/2012 at 18:12
oscarr: inspiring thought there. I think it is something to look forward to one of the reasons to do it. Part of knowing ones self and nature. Might just go *flump*, who knows???

Your mag arrived then? Can't wait to see it... Was a mad shoot, poeple taking pictures of us having our pictures taken... Through the looking glass...
25/01/2012 at 18:30

Yeyyy - am glad too that Rachel is going - it will be an amazing trip!

Yip I got my mag too - can't believe they made you stand in the middle of the road!! LOL You all look frozen but nonetheless it's a lovely pic

Don't stress about Saturday - how can you possibly 'show yourself up'? It's just a training run ... Enjoy

25/01/2012 at 19:10
I'm still at work!!! What is this??? I want to see the pictures!!!

Sb: hoping its gonna be good, sunny but not warm... The route looks lush! Worried about struggling and showing myself to be a faker... Feels like that sometimes, like I'm not really a runner... Odd... I'll enjoy, got a train ticket ages ago cos I was so excited...
26/01/2012 at 07:12
Morning all!!! Lush outside, rain, cold and dark. Off back to work again, PC stopped me finishing a report due in this morning so hoping the problem fixed or I'm gonna get it in the neck...

Been out for me morning run, took it easy: 3.5 miles at an ave of 9:55. Was aware of calf when checking self over ( does anyone else 'scan' themselves while running?) but no pain/thighness going on just knew it was there... That make sense? Might be psychosomatic, but think I'm back in the game... Don't know how people cope with longer term injuries.... Would send me mad!

SB/oscarr: how cool are those pictures? Rachel grabbed them before I had chance properly read it (was tryin to stuff a ham and cheese sandwich down my throat though).

Oscarr: really mate, had chance to think about that. REALLY inspiring. Game on!

BTW, I can t find my HRM strap... Felt a bit lost without it... Must find... Am I getting into pre-run rituals now? Anyone else have them?

Right, best go make the world a slightly better place to live in... Will post food intake today too, now had proper computer to do it with.
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