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19/02/2012 at 14:30

Woohoo BoD & Oscarr

Boo for Ten - get well soon!

BoD - this the one that Ruth posted somewhere before (can't remember where but I'd copied it for future use).  You can chop the extras out of this to get it down to 650g: 

Breakfast: 60g of porridge (36g of carbs) plus large spoonful of honey (15g carbs) and 28g of dried fruit (large handful = 20g carbs) plus 200ml of semi skimmed milk in porridge (10g), plus 200ml of fruit juice (22g) and 2 slices of toast with  generous spread of jam (50g): Total carbs at breakfast= 153g 

Mid- morning or grazing all morning: 500ml low fat milkshake (40-50g)  with banana/honey sandwich (50g). Total carbs= 100g  

 Lunch: Medium baked potato/250g (43g) with 1/2 tin beans (30g) & pot of low fat yoghurt (16g) and 250ml of fruit juice (27g) and 3 jaffa cakes (23g). Total carbs= 139g

Mid- afternoon: 2 x malt loaf (40g) & 4 jaffa cakes (31g). Total carbs = 71g 

1000ml/1litre of high juice over day = 104g of carbs

Dinner: 100g of pasta with tomato based sauce  (80g) plus half can of tinned fruit  (23g) & 1/2 can of rice pudding (35g). Total grams of carbs =138g
19/02/2012 at 16:30

BoD - great LSR despite getting lost!

I did 17 yesterday, much more slowly than BoD! walked a bit, hurt lots, but still alive!

19/02/2012 at 16:59
oscarr: good work mate. Seems to make all the difference being disaplined about pace on these runs. I was going too quick too. Did a 16 miler before Christmas and it nearly killed me... Seriously, Rachel wanted to take me to the hospital, was shaking like a turkey at Christmas... Slowed down the following week and was OK. They are still my fave run of the week. Today felt good until I realised I was over a mile and a half out still... But seem to have recovered OK, been out walking with the folks by the local lakes. Could have done a couple more, but glad I didn't have to, if that makes sense.

SB: thanks very much. That really helpful. Saw a US/Ozzy one but all in cups and strange things like ounces... What??? I'm starving by the way...

MWW: good work on the 17. Shame about the pain, but builds mental strength... Got to remember its pancake flat around here. Can't even do hill sessions because of the flatness....

I really am hungry.... Big barn farm is on and I'm eyeing up the sheep... Garlic, rosemary, mint sauce....
19/02/2012 at 17:10
Ended up doing nine instead of scheduled eight at 7am this morning saw a bootiful sun coming up over the hills. Lovely morning and kept the speed down apart from a couple coming home. Ran 1.24 for the nine miles. No water felt fine had a big glug on the way out and listened to Haille on the Marathon talk podcast great listening. Good running guys stay fit and enjoy your tea Craig!!
19/02/2012 at 18:05

Wow - well done Craig!  very good going.  Thankfully my foot/ankles felt ok after a slow 3 miler yesterday so went ahead with my LSR today...schedule said 13 miles slow, so as Ihaven't done all scheduled runs this weeks since 12 LSR last Sunday thought I'd get to 10 and see how I felt.  Did that and felt I still had some in me so ended up doing 3 more to 13 miles.  I have to say...feel knackered!   Legs finding stairs very tough and now sat on sofa waiting for OH to cook dinner .  Had a slice of toast with crunchy peanut butter as soon as i got in with pint of that for post run snack.  Think I'll sleep well tonight.

 Well done all!

19/02/2012 at 18:07

Craig - your recovery after todays long run sounds really good and is a significant factor in assessing how your fitness is going so you should be well pleased that you felt strong at the end and recovered quickly for the rest of the day so be encouraged that you are slowly but surely getting fitter and stronger and showing a good deal of patience, well done pal.

mcs - great run with added inspiration from the master as well

19/02/2012 at 19:51

SB - thanks for update on family.

Ankle doing okay will try and do easy run tomorrow as want to race next weekend. Fingers crossed.

BoDuke - like Sam has mentioned lets practice fuelling for that long challenging run, what gels have you be using and are you planning to run with some fluid - water, sports drink just to practise? Let me know what time of day you plan to do this on and perhaps  I can guide you  and use this as practice race day prep?  

20/02/2012 at 09:41

Morning all!

Well done Louisa - we all have days like that if it makes you feel any better.  I owe you a big thank you for kicking me up the butt about yoga - my dvd is on its way - how are you getting on with yours - I didn't go for the same one - yours looked too hard! Mine is called something like yoga for flexibility - hopefully lots of relaxation in it

 Am apparently not allowed to leave the house today until man in his van has been as footpod is being delivered - weeeeeeeeeeee.  After which I must resist the temptation to sneak an extra run in to calibrate it - that's tomorrow's job. Gota wait in to meet a lady about the march-out anyways so two birds - one stone and all that!

What's everyone else up tto?

20/02/2012 at 10:01
Popping pils and orange juice to get rid of the flu which has come back a bit
20/02/2012 at 10:25

Oscarr - oh no not back again...fingers crossed for ya.

SB - ha problem.  And having had a go at my Yoga DVD for first time on Friday afternoon...I see what you stomach muscles still feeling it a bit .  Your flexibility one sounds good!

And after my 13 mile LSR yesterday finding my ankles very sore this morning...hobbling round the house after deciding to work from home today...deffo think I may have plantar fasciitis (if that's how you spell it) judging by websites I've read this morning.  Any ideas how to sort this out?  It feels better after walking around for a bit but still sore...any ideas anyone?  Praying i don't need to skip loads of trg runs...really enjoyed yesterdays in the sun round Victoria Park

20/02/2012 at 13:13

Oh no - get well oscarr - am not really surprised - the weather down here is nuts : - 9 to +10 in a week! Hope you feel better very, very quickly.

Mr footpod has arrived - I hereby christen him Farah and I will be attaching him to my shoe very soon.  I'm so excited I could burst which I know is very sad but hey nonny nonny and all that! (And yes he is male - I don't know why I think that - why are ships female?)

Never had PF myself but I know someone who got some relief by rolling a golf ball with their foot - I believe it helps to stretch the ligament a bit (or freeze a small water  bottle and use that to combine icing with massage). Are you sure it's PF though - that would hurt in the arch of your foot not your ankle???  

* looks around for Sarah *

20/02/2012 at 13:26

Tennis ball good if thats what it is. Get some physio advice first though.  Got a bit of a tight hammy cants seem to shift it. Had this last time I trained over 30miles a week.

Go Farah on SB's foot!!! Is that instead of a garmin?

make the most of yourself, for that is all there is of you.

Been down to Bakewell market to the "streets" (no relation to me) fruit and veg stall, bought a big bag of oranges, apples and bananas for afternoon snacks, find it hard to get through the afternoon without a snack. Just had sardines on toast yummy.

20/02/2012 at 14:01

SB: very good point as I have now realised the tightness is actually in my calf which I think is pulling other stuff...just went upstairs and realised then that it's my right calf that's making walking difficult.  Found some stretches on the RW site that should help as I know I don't stretch enough - that and yoga I should be sorted I think.  Deffo feels better then this morning now though .

Oh speaking of food, for lunch I just cooked a batch of leek and parsnip soup (took leek and potato soup recipe and replaced potatoe with parsnips as I had some left over) and it's scrummy and very filling...think that'll keep me going a while this afternoon!  Only took about 20 mins to cook too - brilliant!

20/02/2012 at 18:28

mcs - yip - I already have a watch and chest strap so it was cheaper than buying a Garmin though I do like the idea of a self contained unit.  Farah's not as big as I thought he'd be and apparently you don't notice them after a bit so I'll give him a go for a year or so and see how I feel after that (by which time hopefully Garmins will be even smaller and less bulky so I may then be tempted!)

Nice snackage supplies. How're the hamstrings doing?

Louisa - could it be that you did too much balancey stuff when you were doing yoga and now you're lower legs/ankles are trying to tell you so .... Really glad you're feeling less sore!

Leftover bean and pepper bake for me - sadly run out of cheese else I'd be treating myself to a melty topping too! Roll on shopping day!

20/02/2012 at 19:07

Evening all! Apologies for the long weekend absence - hectic one with family visiting, race on Sunday (I was spectating... my husband won  and my nephew in the kids' race).

Great run Craig - though a bit fast to be honest... was meant to be last 3 miles at MP, not the whole thing! Just goes to show how far you've come though, eh?! Will treat that as a 'quality long run' instead of an easy for future planning of schedule. But as Oscarr says, really good that it didn't wipe you out - encouraging signs! And totally sympathise on the getting lost thing... I quite frequently lose my bearings even in my own 'hood

SB. Congrats on joining the pace brigade. You can look forward to years of obsessing over your splits now!

Louisa - sorry to hear about your ankle/foot issue. In my experience, what 'presents' as PF can often be eased by freeing up the calves with stretching and also sports massage. If the muscles in the lower leg are tight (not just calves but muscles in the sides of the lower legs that stabilise... move big toe etc etc) they can pull on the PF and cause soreness under the arch or heel. I find a golf ball too harsh but have a kids' one which is a bit softer that I can use. Mobilising and strenghtening the feet really helped me when I had a problem here. Good luck with it..

20/02/2012 at 19:33
Hi guys. Hope everyone is Ok/getting better.

Got to be quick, looking after Thimas tonight and he be teething... Bugger.

Been practicing carb eating... Good lord... Managed 408g so far:

Double porridge, honey, orange juice.
Two muffins
Risotto and garlic bread.

Feeling quite bloted... Gonna leave that till Thursday now....

Ruth: got half at weekend. Been using High5 gels. Had two last weekend, been takin my own water on runs as I can't stand sports drinks (but maybe high juice with some salt though???) so thinking about using 3 for half. Going to eat breakfast at 5am and then kip again... Will be in a tent, so got to be easy with minimal cooking.

Thanks guys, in a bit he's getting upset. Have to get the Calpol out....
20/02/2012 at 20:58

Evening Craig just popping in to see how your marathon adventure is going!? look to be bang on track by the look of the last few pages!

what build up races have you got pencilled in? pretty certain our paths will cross at one of them s we'll have to arrange a catch up post race?

as for the carbs.... you'll get used to it! a little trick ive picked up over the years is to top up your carb%  the day before any races with carb drinks, it'll leave you much less bloated plus you ensure you'll be fully hydrated on race day.

21/02/2012 at 09:24
Hi folks. I'm on the train again after a manic day yesterday. Got up late this morning, so doing the sheduled 6 tonight instead.

Ten: hoping your gettin better?

oscarr: fingers crossed on the flu front. And thanks for the positive vibes on the fitness and all that. Long term goals and all that. Need to take it steady.

SB: glad Farah's turned up. You will start obsessing about splits, trust me... But it's great, confirms that sense of connection with what your body is doing. BTW, been back to Nokes and there is some research to suggest that both elite and other runners perform best when focusing on their bodies while racing. Sounds oblivious and been said before, but I found it interesting. People were recorded while running and asked to vocalise their thoughts. Seems the positive, adaptive and responsive to their bodies ones did better than those who stuck to a ridged plan....

Louisa: hope your foots gettin better. Going to have a look for some DVDs too. Right, trains pulling in.... Won't submit yet wait till had 1st coffee of the day in the office....

OK coffee drunk and muffin eaten... Soup sounds nice. Maybe some yoga would be a good idea. Have to get over the whole 'me man' thing though... Maybe...

mcs: shame they aren't relations, discounted snacks: nice. Liking the quote, very good. But sardines on toast... Feel a bit poorly just thinking about it. Smoked oysters/mussels on the other hand... Yummy.

Sam: sorry *hanging head in shame*. But *puppy dog eyes* I really enjoyed it. Would have been a lot slower if I hadn't been stopping me Garmin when needed to check map, asking people where I am, being embarrassed about not doing club run... No more out and backs for me on long runs anymore.... Yea! Loops all the way. Congrats to your husband BTW! Nice.

DT: Mate, how's tricks? Saw your FB about the weekend, you happy with that one? I'm loving it mate. Can feel Paris getting closer by the day, really excited now. Only seven weeks to go. How you doing with Edinburgh training? I'm doing Rodin this weekend and Fleet next month. Signed up for endure24 with the club in July and in the GER. might think about Rutland Water... Maybe... Also not decided on summer races yet, im open to suggestions and be great to catch up. Thanks for the tip...
21/02/2012 at 09:58

Nice 5 mile run this am first mile slow and then four quicker miles. Supposed to do six but as I have to run home I am going to get those done easily. Nice shower in the new facilities prior to work so all nice and fresh ladies no need to sniff!! 

Any problem in splitting runs do you think Sam? As I commute this way sometimes I have to. SHould I run them a bit quicker as shorter sometimes or as set out in the schedule?? Using the RW sub four one.  Congrats to Mr M for his victory.

21/02/2012 at 10:53

Sounds like all going well again Bo. You are taking this very seriously! Up at 4.30 for a long slow run wow. Quick splits as well.


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