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21/02/2012 at 12:39
mcs: good question. What's the quote today?

Kevster: thanks mate.looking at it like a job. Keeps the motivation going....

21/02/2012 at 12:43
Sam - congrats to MM (Man Murphy) on the win at the weekend
21/02/2012 at 13:40
Hi all. I've been wiped-out by flu. Even the wife was hit hard and she never normally catches more than a slight sniffle. It's almost a week now since my last run (sounds like a confessional), and it's getting me down. I think I'm on the mend, but it's taking soooo long. I think it's likely to be another two or three more days before I can run, unless something dramatic changes. I'm desperate to get going again.
21/02/2012 at 14:38

Hi all!

Yay Mr Murphy! Zooooom

Hope all the poorlies are still on the mend - sending you all get wells!

I did a treadmill session today (as it's Tuesday and that's what I do) and played with Farah - he's meant to be pretty much configured straight from the box and yip he wasn't far out though I have tweaked him a little.  Now just have to remember to hit the split button and not just be fascinated by watching the little man running on the screen - though my watch gives me my max and average speed and total distance as standard.  Now where did I put my watch instructions - hmmmm - time travel required! HELP - I'm turning into a geek-a-saurus (and more worryingly loving every second and detail)

BoD - birthday and anniversary pancakes at that! Yipppeee and Ben's away so I get to eat them all HA HA HA (best evil laugh). Don't feel sorry for me though - I get a second birthday at the weekend Yayyy

21/02/2012 at 14:57

Yay for Pancake day!   I have my ingredients already.

Oh well done to your hubby Sam!  And thanks for the advice.  I went ahead with my 5.75 mile session today at lunchtime and I did feel that weird foot pain come back a few times in my right foot and realised I only felt it when the path/track was angled downwards with lower bit toward the inside of my right foot, but when it was flat or tilted other way it was fine.  Calf's not quite so tight today after some stretching yesterday, so I'll keep up the stretching and start the ball under the foot thingy.

SB, I'm intrigued...I need to figure out what it is you're playing with...I love a geek a thon.

Get well soon all those with illnesses.  This weird weather to-ing and fro-ing from hot to cold and back again doesn't help.  It was glorious out there at lunch round Hyde Park!

21/02/2012 at 15:09

Hi Louisa

I have a polar s1 footpod that attaches to my shoe laces - it looks huge but in fact you don't notice it once you're running! It converts my hrm into a speed and distance toy! If you google it - you'll see what I mean!  He looks like a beetle hanging on to my foot!

Glad your leggie is feeling a bit better! I have yoga in my diary for Friday! There will be no excuses ...

p.s  oooh mcs you smell niiiiiice

21/02/2012 at 16:08

Just got a place on the Coniston 14 yippeeee! Ideal timing as the RW schedule I am using says do a half marathon that weekend so perfect.  Just got to confess to my OH!! Its on a Saturday so should be okay to sneak off up the Lakes, might have to take them for a long weekend up the Lake District!!

Truth alone wounds..........

Always good to give some commendation first I reckon!!!

21/02/2012 at 17:22
I'm back at the station and a'wating fo' the train...

SB: happy birthday to you, squashed bananas and Gels, happy birthday dear sleepy happy birthday to you... Sorry couldn't think of any high carb related stuff that rhymed with banana...

mcs: that sounds really hard mate. It's really hilly up there I hear... Get me the southen, shandy drinking, softie...

Louisa: are you going savoury too??? I've hot ham and cheese. Then banana and honey.... Maybe some chocoloate sauce if this run goes well too.... Yummy yummy. I've given up wine till April so not too bad. Keep stretching your foot ou and hope it gets better for you.

Ten: rest mate. Getting well is the most important thing. You know how nasty flu can be, so be good. We be playing the long game.
21/02/2012 at 17:28

(As posted on Rosie's thread too.) Just read a study that says marathon runners have a higher pain threshold AND higher pain tolerance than non-runners, adding up to a 'reduced experience of pain'. Ah, so that's why we do it, then...

mcs wrote (see)

Nice 5 mile run this am first mile slow and then four quicker miles. Supposed to do six but as I have to run home I am going to get those done easily. Nice shower in the new facilities prior to work so all nice and fresh ladies no need to sniff!! 

Any problem in splitting runs do you think Sam? As I commute this way sometimes I have to. SHould I run them a bit quicker as shorter sometimes or as set out in the schedule?? Using the RW sub four one.  Congrats to Mr M for his victory.

Hi mcs, I think it depends on the purpose of the session. If it's an easy or steady run, I don't think splitting it up is a problem (as long as it's not all the time). If it's a tempo run or progression run or something then I think you do lose out a bit by splitting it, so try not to do that if it's avoidable. Hope that helps.

21/02/2012 at 17:33
Yum - thank you BoD! Not a mixture I'll be adding to my plate tonight though LOL
21/02/2012 at 22:54

Been out for today's session, eaten pancakes with cheese and a tiny bit of ham.  Rich stuff, I then to use low fat milk and go for more eggs. Had four of them and was full.

Right, splits for the intervals.

Summary    54:59.4    6.25    8:48
1    10:02.7    1.01    9:59
2    2:00.0    0.29    6:54
3    2:00.0    0.19    10:42
4    2:00.0    0.27    7:17
5    2:00.0    0.20    9:59
6    2:00.0    0.30    6:40
7    2:00.0    0.19    10:42
8    2:00.0    0.29    6:57
9    2:00.0    0.18    10:55
10    2:00.0    0.30    6:35
11    2:00.0    0.18    11:04
12    2:00.0    0.30    6:45
13    2:00.0    0.19    10:48
14    2:00.0    0.30    6:43
15    2:00.0    0.18    10:49
16    2:00.0    0.29    7:01
17    2:00.0    0.20    10:15
18    2:00.0    0.29    6:51
19    2:00.0    0.20    10:03
20    2:00.0    0.29    6:48
21    2:00.0    0.18    11:03
22    4:56.8    0.44    11:14

OK, I'm doing these too fast... Feel good for them, but aware of injury potential. Finding it difficult to check my pace when my arms are pumping away like mad... (that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it). Promise to try harder to stay in the pace zones.

Normal eating tomorrow and then into the carb sessions on Thursday, woohoo. Bring on the full fat Coke (other cola drinks are available). 

22/02/2012 at 09:28


Craig have a favour to ask - would you mind just posting the session up each day as you tell us how it went - if  you have a copy to hand? I'm being lazy - it just saves me trying to search back through the thread to remind myself (Must be my new old age making me forget what you're meant to be doing).

It's a good excuse btw!

22/02/2012 at 09:58
Do you mean something like: ' 6m of 1m jog plus... With 10x2 min fast and 2 min recovery then 1m jog' splits were: xxxxxxx

I'm happy with that. Not a problem at all. I forget that other people haven't got my week plan stuck on their wall, pc and in their phones....
22/02/2012 at 12:16

Lol - that would be perfect - I know we're slacking eh!  If you could remind me also what pace you're aiming for in the fast bits then I will understand why you think you're doing them too fast ...

I am completely in love with my new toy - I've even got a new column in my spreadsheet now for average speed and I won't have to map my runs anymore to find approx distances.  JOY!!!

22/02/2012 at 12:40
How have I also managed to get to my age without realising the lushusnuss of sorren malt loaf????? Seriously!
22/02/2012 at 12:55

I luuuurve malt loaf....a few years ago after a triathlon it was my saviour as post race snackage!  Oh - and I didn't have pancakes after all last night (boooo) - OH had already cooked a thai veggy curry when I got home and was too full after that....was nice though and mega healthy version 

My new love - ROCKS!  Every 2 weeks we have a lady come into our company offices so we can have a half hour massage or reflexology session as a reduced rate as part of our benefits and had a reflexology session this morning....soreness in my calf is way way reduced compared to before it!  Amazing!  Maybe I'll be ifne for my 9 miler tomorrow after all

22/02/2012 at 13:09

Love is life. And if you miss love, you miss life.

Quiche for lunch home made by my OH last night yum. Malt loaf lovely but haven't had any for twenty years since being diagnosed with Coeliac though. Remember it well.

6 miles slow today at 10mm did three this morning to work and will be doing the rest on the way home. Thanks for answer Sam. Speedier sessions I will do as one as suggested. Though I did yesterdays intervals in two halves and ended up doing out of necessity(need to sleep at home!!) an extra two miles.

22/02/2012 at 16:08

Hi Craig

yep they are rather quick... at least the distance covered in each one didn't decline, which would suggest you were fatiguing, so that's good. But you take more out of yourself than you need to by going quicker than pace guidelines suggested - which ain't ideal when you have a race at weekend! Still, Fri and Sat are easy days to recover.

22/02/2012 at 16:58
BoDuke wrote (see)
Hi guys. Hope everyone is Ok/getting better. Got to be quick, looking after Thimas tonight and he be teething... Bugger. Been practicing carb eating... Good lord... Managed 408g so far: Double porridge, honey, orange juice. Two muffins Risotto and garlic bread. Feeling quite bloted... Gonna leave that till Thursday now.... Ruth: got half at weekend. Been using High5 gels. Had two last weekend, been takin my own water on runs as I can't stand sports drinks (but maybe high juice with some salt though???) so thinking about using 3 for half. Going to eat breakfast at 5am and then kip again... Will be in a tent, so got to be easy with minimal cooking. Thanks guys, in a bit he's getting upset. Have to get the Calpol out....

BoDuke-hope the tooth/s have appeared!

Some tips:

  • try and not eat too many high fat foods such as garlic bread or white high fat sauces as fat will fill you up too much and make consuming the amount harder and as suggested above use full sugar soft drinks to increase carbs. Could you post your carb loading days or keep note of next one so I can have a wee look?
  • Not sure what time you start at this weekend? but suggest no more than 3 gels during race and  you don't to use high juice nor or you likley to need any extra salt during this race so gels and water as you feel you need.  High five isogel at 30-40minutes, 60-110minutes & 90-100 minutes  but carry an extra one in case you need it/drop one. Practise how you are going to carry the gels (belt /bum bag etc ) exactly the way you will in Paris.
  • Pre- race: carb load for one day before to see how you feel on this prior to a race situation.Don't be practicing carb loading too often! Breakfast: 5am Porridge and glass of fruit juice then when you get up again  or 2 hours before race starts perhaps a very ripe banana (one  starting with the brown spots!) or a jam sandwich with 1or 2 slices of bread and the banana if wish. The amount you can eat before a race does not need to be huge but must sit comfortably in your tummy you. Don't panic that you will run out of energy and start taking extra gels before start etc you can sip on a isotonic sports drink if you wish or just some water.

Hope all those injured or ill are on the mend!

22/02/2012 at 18:44
Hi Ruth & hi BoDuke, long time lurker,first time poster. Totally impressed & inspired by your efforts & dedication BoD.

Question for Ruth, BoD & anyone else- I'm training for VLM & did Wokingham Half on Sunday. Suffered from stomach/intestinal pain most of the way round which I put down to Spaghetti Bol the night before made with beef mince instead of the usual turkey. Managed to finish but was v slow in part due to the discomfort (& partly as I'm just slow). Any chance of suggesting some good pre-race meals/recipes for the night before please ? 14 miles planned for Sunday and would like to experiment on Saturday night. Thanks guys x
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