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Introducing the fifth and final member of our ASICS Target 26.2 team - Emma (aka EmmaC) Emma will be mentored by Sam Murphy on this thread ...

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20/01/2012 at 14:19

Hi Sam - I thought my healthy fruit and seed snack would be ok for my fruit. I bought about a dozen bananas but they were refusing to ripen and now they have all ripened at once so I will be eating bananas morning, noon and night!

Tomorrow I think is the 12-14 mile run (as there was no 10k race anywhere within about 50 miles!). The good news is that if I run on Saturday I can take the pressure off my parents.

So the plan is for a long run(14m?) on the Saturday at bootcamp - would be great as again would take the pressure off my parents. Do you know anymore details about the day? Do you go up and stay in a hotel or do you drive up early in the morning?

Sorry - loads of questions!

20/01/2012 at 15:16
You could always make a banana cake!
20/01/2012 at 15:34

Hi Emma

So next Saturday, the plan for the training day is to do a time-based long run as a group (well sort of as a group - each runner will go at their own pace within the session.) It'll be a warm up on the track and then we'll head down to the canal towpath for an out and back route. Me and Steve will both be there, gunning up and down on our bikes (!) to keep contact with you all and supply motivation, drinks and feedback!
Then there'll be a final 20 mins at MP for those who feel up to it/for whom it's appropriate. Should be a great day, and really glad it helps with childcare issues. I will have a look at the days preceding it to make sure it all fits in OK and doesn't leave you exhausted! In fact I'll do that now as am about to post next week's training

The diet is going really well... didn't mean to sound like it wasn't, but just noting the absence of any salad/veg at lunchtime. Fruit is good but more sugary than veg/salad so good to make up your five a day (or more if poss) with both. Banana cake sounds good, USB. Or banana smoothie - did I already post my banana smoothie recipe here? One over ripe banana, milk, splash of natural yoghurt, teaspoon cinammon and a few drops vanilla essence. Yummy.

20/01/2012 at 16:30

It's the cinnamon that makes all the difference - try it if you don't believe us 

Another one to try - 250ml unsweetened soya milk, teaspoon of honey, pinch of cinnamon,  ½ banana (bonus -  you get to eat the other half too!)

20/01/2012 at 16:46

Good point about the sugar in fruit - I did wonder. I know it's not the same as processed sugar but still has calories. This week I actually appear to have gained weight - despite trying to cut out all sugar, chocolate, wine, biscuits and cake!

For dinner, we are eating as family for once, and having slow baked beef casserole with rice and veg. This will be after the boy's football training - Reuben is so little that there is no gap between the bottom of his shorts and the top of his socks - hilarious. He hasn't really got a clue but runs his little heart out for an hour!

Will try carrot sticks for lunch - easy to prepare and eat on the hoof as I usually have to do at work. Everything needs to be transportable and not messy. Mind you I think I get more food than chemicals on my lab coat - yup real chemist, I wear a lab coat every day.

Training on the Saturday sounds great - is Craig at a similar pace to me for LSR? I will be fine but if there are doggies I would very much appreciate support getting past them! If I'm out on my own will bring ipod for company?

Do you know what time we are starting? Would it be better for me to stay in a hotel the night before? Does Alice organise this?

Again with the questions Emma!

Edited: 20/01/2012 at 16:53
20/01/2012 at 17:48

Hi again

So looking ahead to next week's training schedule, we're entering the 2nd month of training now and volume starts to increase. The week 5 mileage on the sub 4.15 training plan (which, Alice informs me, will be put up on the site imminently for those of you who are interested) is approx 35 miles, but I've amended Emma's mileage to 31 to reflect the fact that she can train 4 times a week, not 5 (but slightly compensated for this by giving her 4 miles at half mara pace instead of 3!) We've got the team training day on Saturday which will be hectic and hard work but lots of fun! So here's how the week ahead looks:

Week Five w/c 23/1/12 approx 31MMon - rest + strength trainingTue - 1M jog, then 4M at half-marathon pace, then 1M jogWed – restThu - 1M jog, then 10 x 400m at Mile/5k speed (or 2:00) with 200m (or 2-min) jog recoveries, then 1M jog

Fri – 4 miles slow + 3 x acceleration strides

Sat Long run 2 hours 20 mins with last 20 at marathon pace TRAINING DAY

Sun rest

Emma, if it's better for you to swap Friday and Sunday, that's fine. I've also missed out the second strength session this week, but added acceleration strides, which Craig has been doing and really likes! So basically, you do these at the end of your run. Start at a comfortable pace and count 12 strides, then speed up for the next 12 strides and speed up again for the final 12 so that you are running fast (not sprinting) by the end. Focus on running with good form, with quick, light feet, tall posture but staying relaxed. Walk back to your start point between each one to recover and repeat.

As to your questions, I think you and Craig will be pretty close in pace - and I'll be going back and forth so you won't be on your own all that much. Maybe take the ipod if you find it helpful.

Not sure about timings - I recommend contacting Alice to find out about the hotel and stuff. I'm heading up the night before, if that helps at all...

Really hope the long run goes well this weekend. And that goes to everyone else too. If you're out there grinding out the miles, just think about what strength of character you are building through all this training. And smile

20/01/2012 at 18:17

I came across a really interesting programme the other day that only gave interval instructions for the fast phases and the recovery was to be as long as it takes until your heart rate drops back to a prescribed level (I think about 65% off the top of my head). 

Sam - any view on this? Defined recovery time vs variability dictated by HR. Is there any evidence of one being more effective than the other? Sounds like a possible MSc thesis! LOL

Hi Sam - I nearly forgot about this...... what do ya reckon - will it make that much difference?

20/01/2012 at 18:22

Thank you Sam - sounds really good! I really enjoy all the variety in my training - last year I just kept on doing more and more of the same and I progressed but only up to a point.

Am I right in thinking that the Watford half should be considered as a training run or am I able to try and race it (if you can call my pace of running racing!)?

If I am able to should I try the strength training? Would it matter if the 4 miles easy was on the Monday and cross training on a Friday?

Even though winter marathon training can be tough (particularly on my skin) - I love the focus that it goves me. It forces me to be out in what little sunlight there is and I genuinely think it has stopped me having SAD syndrome over the last winter.

I'm very busy and often tired but very happy - pretty good way to be I think! Mind you I haven't started the really long runs yet!

20/01/2012 at 19:35

*steals smoothie recipie*

 Your effort with the diet is putting me to shame, Emma!. Really looking forward to catching up next week. I'm going to have to head down the night before as there doesn't seem to be a way to get there on the day from here. Last time I stayed in the Uni halls on campus which was interesting... Will maybe email about hotel too!

20/01/2012 at 19:48
Sleepy Bear wrote (see)

If it makes you feel any better Rascal decided to have a dream last night at about 4am and was 'running' in her sleep whilst still laying on her side so I got "pawed" for a bit. (Ssssh don't tell Ben she was sleeping on the bed in the first place). Had to push her over on to his side of the bed - she made the funniest little mewling sound but didn't wake up! HR on waking was 4 beats higher than normal - so I reckon disrupted sleep does make a difference.  Still, just been out for a lovely 7½ miles with my friend and I felt ok once I got going! isn't that always the way?

I'm just catching up with your thread after a crazy week at work Emma, thanks for the forumula Sam. I like that one! I know ones I'm never going to use for lots of different animal's energy expenditure and energy conversion ratios etc, but human nutrition has until now eluded me! 

Sleepy Bear (above) left me feeling all relived for about 10 minutes that I'm not the only one who sometimes counts their puppy's heart rate while they sleep too. It has just struck me what SB meant though. Oops. Still just me, then?

20/01/2012 at 21:59

Here are the HR readings for my 5 x 1000m session (well 4 of them as my Garmin locked up - sweat perhaps?). I have no clue what is normal and what I should expect for HR but here it is... (HR are average for interval - and it was damned hot in the gym). Will always do my running outside - I do not like the treadmill!

                          Time      Av HR

1m warm up       9:49  144bpm

1000m                5:16  158bpm

Recovery            1:06  149bpm

1000m                5:06  160bpm

Recovery            1:07 154bpm

1000m                5:16  165bpm

Recovery            1:03  160bpm

1000m                5:10  169bpm

Recovery            1:36  155bpm

Then the Garmin locked and went all funny - I did do another rep though but couldn’t face recovery on treddy so rode static bike for a bit!

Edited: 20/01/2012 at 22:01
20/01/2012 at 23:23
I've just found this forum and have spent the evening reading every post! I have learnt so much and just wanted to say thanks really!! I am running the inaugural Marathon if the North in Sunderland on 6th May. My first marathon so I'm a bit scared but excited too! I have the York Brass Monkey Half this weekend (my fourth half) so fingers crossed! Your posts are good inspiration Emma. It's good to see how others have to do a bit of juggling too!

I think you are very brave posting your food diaries too. I really will have to stop using the 'stuff left over from Christmas' excuse before its too late and the wobbling increases any more!

Good luck to everyone with their training and goals.

We can do it. We are ACE!!!!!
21/01/2012 at 09:13

Welcome Rachel! The food diaries were quite a step - and believe it or not they were much better than they had been in previous week - I've got such a sweet tooth and no 'full' setting so can eat and eat!

Good luck for your half marathon on Sunday! What are you aiming for?

I'm glad the posts have been useful- this week has been particularly bad in terms of juggling because of the late evening at school. This means that I feel fatigued too - but the boys slept through last night hoorah!

We've just had a family meeting to decide what is happening this weekend - but as usual it ended up with wrestling and my eldest playing his DS! Sor far it looks like... Saturday - a long run for Mummy (14 miles setting off in a mo), boys to the park, family dinner this evening...Sunday - Mummy and boys swimming, Daddy to football, feed the boys, boys to panto, Daddy back from footie and then SPurs (for Daddy) on TV while Mummy does washing ironing and marking of schook work! The usual weekend really!

21/01/2012 at 09:23
Hope the long run goes well
21/01/2012 at 10:02
I still can't find the 4:15 schedule. If anyone knows where it's hidden, post a link please.
21/01/2012 at 12:40
Rosie A wrote (see)
Hope the long run goes well

Painfull Rosie! Heart and lungs fine and energy levels fine but my legs were quite sore! DId the track session yesterday morning as opposed to Thursday evening so think that's why. It was v v v v v slow but some undulations and 14 miles done so will try to be positive!

Have you heard anything about the hotel? I am a worrier and hate not knowing exactly what is going on!

21/01/2012 at 12:45

10:42, 10:32, 10:46,  11:08, 11:18, 11:06, 11:45, 10:58, 10:59, 10:58, 9:42, 9:39, 9:29, 9:28

Splits above for 14 this morning. It's easy to see where the hills were!

The last 4 I ran on my own trying to hit marathon pace so quite pleased with the times for those.

21/01/2012 at 13:40

Emma: Good work on the splits! Want to know what's really sad? I can visualise the graphs in Connect going up and down...

Loving the recipes and everything. *copy/paste into word* 

Really looking forward to seeing everyone Sunday!

21/01/2012 at 13:46

Might as well procratinare and post food log too for the past couple of days:


Costa - Breakfast Loaf 391 
Baked Potato - Chili & Cheese, 1 potato    510
Waitrose - Fresh Beef & Red Wine Ravioli, 1 pack    588
Red Wine - Bottle, 0.25 bottle    128 Twas a small glass and not 1/4 bottle... Promise...
Cheese - Parmesan, shredded, 2 tbsp    42
Nature Valley - Crunchy & More - Oats and Hazelnuts, 2 Bars (42g)    195


Innocent - Indian Daal Veg Pot, 380 g    319
Domino's - Large Cheese & Tomato Pizza With Regular Crust (10 Slices), 2 slice    366
Dominos (Uk) - Veg-A-Roma Pizza Large, 1 slice    240
Red Wine - Bottle, 0.25 bottle    128 
De Cecco - Spaghetti No. 12, 200 g    692 
Dolmio Stir In - Sun Dried Tomato, 150 g    188   
Sainsbury's - Blue Stilton, 67.5 g    27  
Banana - Medium - Peeled, 1 Medium    105    27    0    1   

Humm,  not sure about those...

21/01/2012 at 14:13

Hi Emma.  You should have a good time next Saturday.  I really enjoy running along the canals although obviously quieter for the boats in the winter.

I did the 5 x 1K on Tuesday but not as fast as you.  I shall use the excuse of it being my first lot of intervals in 3 months.

Nice MP at the end of your run.  Was it very windy today?  I did a short run this morning and several times rounded a corner to be almost stopped in my tracks!

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