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Introducing the fifth and final member of our ASICS Target 26.2 team - Emma (aka EmmaC) Emma will be mentored by Sam Murphy on this thread ...

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29/12/2011 at 15:34

I'll update the spread sheet as we go along - I have only learnt how to put a spreadsheet on a website this afternoon so I am quite chuffed with myself.

Its a different version to my previous two years sheets which got progressively complicated as I logged my distances etc. This is ana daptation from Sams programme and therefore is much more detailled about the type of session rather than just being focussed on the milage - hopefully it is this different approach that will make the difference!

Tenjiso - nothing Geeky as far as I'm concerned and I bet mathschick would agree! We love spreadsheets in maths and science you know! My spreadsheet from last year would ping up all sorts of colours at various milage markers etc - so I could track if I was under or over target!

I am so impressed by MathsChick and MWW - for their early morning runs! I could possibly try that on days when I know I have a lighter teaching load? I need to drop the boys off at 7:15 and then hit the road as the traffic around these parts is pants!

Now I've got a funky new Garmin and can connect to the Garmin website I suspect that I will get even more geeky!

29/12/2011 at 15:59

Emma - spreadsheet is great!

MathsChick - you are a very early bird! In the past I have got up at 5am to fit in a longer run, I think that is the earliest I can remember!

29/12/2011 at 16:05

Can you remember when we used to see 5am before we went to bed rather than after? I used to love being out until the sun came up - how my life has changed now I still like to see the sunrise but at the start of the day not the end of the previous one!

My NY resolution is to get to bed at a decent time as I am too often going to bed at 12 and then getting up before six - not healthy!

Right - finishing off thankyou cards, wash load and dinner for the boys!

30/12/2011 at 10:53

Hey Emma, how are you feeling? Hope you managed to get to the track last night and get through your speed sesh! I, too, got struck down by the horrible tummy bug and have been laid low. Really hope you're on the mend now.

A couple of people have asked about the strength training. As Emma said, I'd narrowed it down to four exercises because it would be hard to fit a longer routine in to her schedule. As far as I'm concerned, the main areas to focus on are trunk stability (through plank), pelvic stability (through bridge), knee stability (through single leg dip, or what Emma called 'sitback or sitdowns') and finally, posture, alignment and calf flexibility through a full squat. If you have time on your hands (!) I'd also add in a calf raise/lower on a step. Place a tennis ball just above your ankle bones and hold it gently in place as you go up and down. If the ball drops out, it means that as you rise up, you are moving on to the outsides of your feet which isn't good. Try to keep the ball of the big toe joint down and rise directly upwards and downwards. This can help to stave off all manner of lower leg problems from shin splints and PF to calf and Achilles issues.

Here's the next week's training for Emma:

Week Two w/c 2/1/12 approx 25MMon 5M steady + strength trainingTue 1M jog, then 12 x 200m (or 1 min) at Mile/5k speed with 200m (or 1 min) jog recoveries, then 1M jogWed RestThu 1M jog, then 3M at Half-Marathon pace (approx 27 mins) then 1M jogFri Rest + strength trainingSat 10M easy (approx 1 hour 40) (opt for a more level, even surface if possible)Sun Rest
30/12/2011 at 13:10
Thanks Sam - appreciate the added description.
30/12/2011 at 14:13
Emma - I think you mentioned you are running (or have already run) the Watford Half? I've just entered it for my first build-up race. do you know anything about the course profile?
30/12/2011 at 14:25

Sorry about my dodgy descriptions - I have many of my won words for things.

Poor you Sam - I'm still feeling a bit rough so have an appointment to see doctor on Friday. I even have a very sore tongue now to add insult to injury - will send you an email.

Last night - all kitted out with my new Garmin - and off to the track. It was a total wash out - the track was ankle deep and the rain was like stair rods (sorry an expression from my mother). So we headed home. I got a jacket and hat on and set out for the 3 mile gentle run intended for today. Somehow running in the rain along roads was better than trying to sloosh around 16 laps of the trak.

This morning I went our and did the speed suggestion as suggested by Sam. 1st mile easy (10.30 - prob bit too easy but still not firing on all cylinders) followed by 2 faster miles (8:16 and 7:59) followed by a couple of slower miles to trot home. Where I completed my strength exercises and a few stretches.

Given that my run tomorrow is only 10 miles and at a slow pace I think I will be fine - if I was planning a 15 mile run tomorrow I may have waited to do speed session until after the long run. Anyway - chilli and lasagne to make (chilli will not be consumed before run tomorrow!) and an apple crumble for the boys.

Loving my Garmin and the garmin connect to analyse my results - will try heart rate monitor tomorrow possibly!

30/12/2011 at 14:43

I hope you feel better soon Emma.  Well done on still getting a session in when feeling under the weather. 

I hope you don't mind but I'm going to copy some of what Sam said above strength training onto my thread.  We've been having a lot of discussions about it and I like the sound of the tennis ball trick.

30/12/2011 at 15:44
Sorry to hear of tummy bugs, get well soon. Just done a wet and windy eight .21(can't forget the bits!) in a respectable sixty nine mins trying to keep pace up.........going to keep on my Hal higdon schedule as it fits my may 27th date and just learn from what happens on here as well as Craigs thread. Happy chili Emma!
30/12/2011 at 15:51

Tenjiso - I'm going to enter the Watford now and will do some research while the chilli cooks!

Minni - by all means use whatever you think will help you and fellow runners!

I'm trying to maintain a PMA and hope to be better tomorrow - Could fal asleep at the table right now. SO exhausted - this has to get better!

30/12/2011 at 15:58

Tenjiso - it sounds hilly but scenic! I shan't be expecting a pB then!

The other build up I have chosen is the Tunbridge Wells half - also hilly and scenic!

30/12/2011 at 19:03

Hi Emma, just back from a few days away.  Thanks for the link to your full schedule which works and I found it a useful check on my own.  What pace or time are you aiming for at the Surrey Spifire 20 miler ?  I did the autumn version of this race this year and really enjoyed it - a 2 lap course with some gentle undulations so a great one to test your pacing and it's not crowded at all (although the spring one may be busier) and after about 3 miles on the airstrip you head out onto country lanes which are very scenic (even though it threw it down !!).

 Good to see you getting stuck into your schedule.

30/12/2011 at 19:13

I think the plan will be to be at a bit slower that marathon pace then to pick it up for final few (5?) miles but I could be wrong. Either way I was abismally slow last year (went to loo in the portaloos after the first lap) and so would like to be faster. Probably about 3:20?

Tummy troubles were a real problem for me last year so hoping to get that in check for this year! That said - as we had run so slowly I managed a sprint finish - I have a photo of me running in with my two little boys chasing me - bless them!

Are you near Dunsfold?

30/12/2011 at 19:49

Emma - what is it with you ladies and loos in races?  My daughter in law sent a load of texts from a portaloo at about 20 miles in the VLM last year much to the surprise of the recipients!

I'm based in Reading so its about an hour down to Dunsfold.  My spring marathon is the inaugural "The Marathon of the North" (it's my home town of Sunderland) and it's 3 weeks after Paris (6th May) - races booked so far in the build up are Watford and Reading Halfs - I may do Dunsfold as its at end of week 9 in my schedule which has me doing a 21 miler @ 10mpm.

30/12/2011 at 22:19
I'll hopefully be somewhere near 10 min miles too!
30/12/2011 at 22:21

I know always need the loo at mile 17! Had to queue at VLM - get a really upset tummy. But have had a consultant (who looked about the same age as one of my students) check it out and it is just one of those things to manage!

I should see you at Watford and Spitfire then - good news!

31/12/2011 at 06:33


Emma - I have tummy troubled too, but take immodium before a long trianing run or race. It does work, I have never neeed to stop for the loo during a race (yet)!

I'm heading out for my lasy run of the year this morning, aiming for 8 - 10 miles, see how it goes!

31/12/2011 at 07:50

Emma - sorry to make light of your loo problems, it can't be pleasant but I guess it's one of the challenges of the long races

See you at Watford at least

31/12/2011 at 12:21

Managed 10 miles this morning, felt more like 20...can't believe I have ever run 26.2!

Have a good NYE everyone

31/12/2011 at 14:18

Well done MWW - managed 10.1 this morning - boy it was TOUGH! But miles clocked. Just think - these tough runs make the easy runs all the sweeter!

Oscarr - I have to make light of the loo situation! I am renowned for planning routes that go via public toilets! This morning we had to go via a garden centre, much nicer than using MacDonalds loos! Def see you at Watford and hopefully at the spitfire - its fairly small so should be able to spot each other.

Right, kids fed and I need to shower as I still haven't had a chance to after my run (stinky). Poor hubby is struck down with the vomity bug so I am in charge of the Beastie Boys. They are going to be dragged around town I think looking for some crockery - sure they will love it! Think Rye bread is the way forward so will try to source some of that too!

 Happy New Year everyone!

Week one done - onwards and forwards!

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