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Follow the progress of just back from a run, our sub-3:00 hopeful, as she receives expert advice from mentor Paul Evans

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21/12/2009 at 14:17

Hello everyone!

 After a little technical glitch i think i'm back and 'running'!! that said, I was the one who broke it last time, so we will see!! So I have a bit of a back log of things to say so bear with me...

I am really looking forward to chatting with you all on the forums and sharing advice/tips and highs and lows. Be great to hear what you are up to. The marathon can be very lonely if you don't have fellow marathonites around!! The challenge ahead is slowly sinking in- Sub 3 is definitely a challenge for me! YIKES! I have been putting in lots of base miles ready to start the schedule in January. ..!!

21/12/2009 at 14:27
Windy wrote (see)

Wow, unbroken thread .

right JBFAR there's alot of catching up to do. 

1. Running history

2. List of PB's

3. training programme for Supergirl exploits last year, weekly mileage etc.

4. Inside leg measurement /shoe size /Gloves and hat girl or left exposed to the elements and freeze

That'll do for now.

1)  I have been running really since I was 8, although, as I went onto focus on triathlons when I was 15,I never 100% focused on just running until the 2008 marathon where I did a 16 week schedule leading up  to it, just running.  I didn the UK Ironman this year and after I was physically tired and mentally tired so had a complete break.  I have been running again since September and am currently on 40 miles a week.

2) PBS- 10k 37.48 minutes (stubbington green), half marathon: 1hr 27 (wokingham), marathon 3hr 13 mins (London)  My only other marathon (Rome) I did 3 hr 23 minutes.

3) I followed the RW schedule-it was the sub 3.30 one but i kind of did a bit of the sun 3.15 one.  I was running 4-5 times a week.. so I am really looking to completely focus on running and increase my weekly mileage to do the sub 3 schedule.

4) Don't know inside leg measurement! My trainer size is 7 for some reason as my normal size is 5.5!!Funnily enough i bought some running gloves at the weekend..but no to hats they irritate me too much!!

anynore questions?!

21/12/2009 at 14:31
lamkjo wrote (see)
Yay!!...  a working thread... little talk from me today... should be buying xmas presents or even running - i've spent far too much time on these forums lately. Look forward to hearing what you've been up to. 

Hey Lamkjo- the forums are a bit addictive aren't they!  So what time are you aiming for in 2010 VLM?

I have just come back from a run- it was supposed to be my 7 miler but had to divert due to conditions and ended up doing 8!  how did that happen?  Its really grim outside- cars everywhere, snowing and slush on the ground...If it stays like this i am wondering if its worth investing in trail type shoes??

21/12/2009 at 16:33

Hi jbfar, I think your challenge is the toughest (no disrespect meant to the others). Not simply because of the faster time. When you get to the sharp end of your talent, you not only have to train correctly, but you need to run the perfect race and have that bit of luck that everybody needs, in training and on the day.

Your 10K time suggests you are capable of it (which is probably the most important, regards talent), but your half and especially your marathon times don't reflect this.

Am I right in thinking that you have had more joy/success in the shorter events?

Anyhow, it's good to see you have been putting in the base mileage since Sept. I'm sure you're not taking the challenge lightly, and as long as you manage to get the sufficent miles in training, I'm sure you will manage it.

Good luck.

21/12/2009 at 16:52

Hi Jokerman

Yes im not underestimating the challenge at all..It's a massive one for me... I  have to knock 35 seconds off every mile of my PB in the VLM.  I am hoping that with the extra mileage that I will be doing along with all the extra advice/support I will be able to achieve the goal. 

Im doing a 10k on Boxing day which will show where I am at at the moment- however i havent done a lot of tempo stufff so not expecting brilliant things but a good indicator.

I guess regarding running I have mainly focused on the shorter events therefore maybe had more joy at them?  But am confident that I do have the endurance capacity to do the increased's going to be an interesting journey that'sfor sure!!

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21/12/2009 at 16:55
Hey Christina, good to hear from you... I was having a sneaky peak at the forums whilst checking my email, so thought i'd reply!

Not sure how fast i'm gonna run the marathon at the moment, i've been fleeting about the threads from sub 3:15 to sub 4 and yours, to see how you're all doing (as my nominated supersixer's) but also to gather some different viewpoints and training tips. Basically I only started running properly six months ago and am not sure how fast I can go at the moment - it's partly why i'm enjoying it so much. I've run two halves, B'ham in Oct... I clocked 1hr55 but I didn't train properly and had to stop twice before the end to stretch off as I thought my knee was about to giveway and I clocked 1hr41 in Bedford a couple of weeks back but again training in the lead up was not ideal and whilst I got round, I died in the last four miles. Hope to be around 90mins HM before London. I'm comfortably running in the 7's min/mile at the moment over longer distances (10-15M) and 3:30, 8min miling looks reasonable to me... however having spoken to people, a lot of whom are currently running a lot faster and of whom have been running a lot longer than me, I appreciate it's not as simple as that (for a 1st timer, I gather the key is how one copes from 20M+). Anyhow to tie off a long reply, i've got a lot of work to do and it depends how the training goes. I need to join a running club also as I haven't thus far. On the plus side, i'm self-employed and haven't got too much work on at the moment. Also as I haven't got family commitments fitting in the training is a not a problem.

Anyhow, hope I haven't bored you with the long reply. Glad to see you're keeping up with the running in the cold. Apart from the slipping and slidding once you start running and the cold is no longer an issue it looks lovely out there and yes, thought about the trail shoes myself - although was thinking of the alternatives like finding off road or something?

Bye for now and all the best with the training! (best wishes for xmas also)
21/12/2009 at 19:20

JBFR  - i note you have already run a 37 mins 10K, which is sub 6 m/m so really going by most calculators you should be shouting for way inside sub 3.  I'd be surprised if you did not achieve your sub 3 goal off that kind of 10k time.  I did it off a 38 min 10K, but did do high mileage training.  What sort of time will you be going for on Boxing Day?

21/12/2009 at 19:26

JBFAR - nice to see your thread active. I still maintain that endurance and not leg speed will be your limiter (and mine) on VLM day, the 10K time does bode well, but you need the endurance work.

Tell Deano to get himself entered into the SWashbuckler and get to it, otherwise he'll be getting fat over Christmas.

21/12/2009 at 19:39
JBFAR - there seems to be a discrepancy between your 10k time posted on this page (37:48) and that given on the homepage of this thread (37:00).  Either way, I think that sub 3 is well within your reach and with a structured programme and Level 4 Coach mentoring you should be looking at low 2:50s.
21/12/2009 at 19:46

Good point made my TR re. endurance not leg speed being the limiting factor given your pbs.

Question for Paul Evans - will you be adapting the programme JBFAR will be following to reflect this?  Would the same programme apply to someone with a 40min 10k pb and (say) 3:02 marathon time?

21/12/2009 at 20:17
Good to see your fred working. As others say, your 10k pb stands out, although I'd personally say (based on as little info as others are using) that its someone academic what your 10k pb is, you need decent endurance.

As an example, my 10k pb is from 2004 and about 10 seconds slower than yours. That year I ran a 3.11 and was very happy. Took me til 2008 to beat it with a 3.02 then better last year (not allowed to say how much in case Ant is lurking). But 10k pb remains unbeaten - partly cos I've not done many, but also just the fact my marathon pb and half (1,23) are now much more closely aligned to the 10k time than my 3.11.

Good luck with it all.
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21/12/2009 at 20:21
Chuffed to see your thread's all fixed
21/12/2009 at 20:23

That was my point too BR. That's why I finished my last post with, 'getting the sufficient miles in'.

I personally think jbfar's training should be predominantly focussed around steady(marathon paced) running, and threshold. She already has the pace.

21/12/2009 at 20:31

welcome everyone...Great to see you on here...for those who don't know ,TR, BR and Hilly have all achieved sub 3 and are all fantastic athletes...I could certainly learn a lot from them so hopefully they will be on here a bit?!

BR: Yes sorry it was 37:48 as said on the other page...I did this in 2005 and havent managed it since, so am hoping to get back to this standard next year

Hilly: I would like to go sub 40 at the Boxing Day 10k- depending on the ice situation!  When you said on a previous thread you were doing 80 miles a week to do the sub 3- it really hit home to me that I need to increase my mileage.  I am going to chat to Paul about doing 2 runs a day at the end of January.

TR: Deano is thinking about it!!  and you get my orange vest vote btw 

Lamkjo: Your 7's min/mile at the moment over longer distances (10-15M) sounds impressive to me!  The fact you are flexible with training is great andf also a massive advantage I have!! Hope you stick around on this thread and share your training experiences too!

21/12/2009 at 20:34
Jezza_B wrote (see)
Hi JBFAR Good to see your fred working. As others say, your 10k pb stands out, although I'd personally say (based on as little info as others are using) that its someone academic what your 10k pb is, you need decent endurance. As an example, my 10k pb is from 2004 and about 10 seconds slower than yours. That year I ran a 3.11 and was very happy. Took me til 2008 to beat it with a 3.02 then better last year (not allowed to say how much in case Ant is lurking).

It was 2:57 wasnt it Jezza?

Best of luck JBFAR - Looking forward to reading how you progress. Your 10k is very strong, no doubt. Just build them there miles!

21/12/2009 at 20:36

Hello again-and welcome Jezza.  3.02 aye- are you going for sub 3 next year too?

 so I need to do more many per week do you think? There must be a n average amount that sub 3 athletes do?  Paul has said he wants me doing 50 per week by January (this is more than i have done before)

I have a question about training twice a day- Is it better to do this than one long run?  I am guessing in terms of time management and keeping injury free training twice a day is beneficial?

21/12/2009 at 20:46

Just had a read back.  Feck, and I thought I was under pressure

If ploddy me can offer any advice, I've seen you run, you're amazingly quick and if anyone can make the target you've set yourself you can.

Run your own race, take the best advice you can from your coach and do your best.  Nobody can ask for more.

Edited: 21/12/2009 at 20:47
21/12/2009 at 20:52

Hi JBFAR - best of luck with your training and goal of a sub 3.

For what its worth I have completed 3 marathons now and have had some ups and downs. My best performance was following some advice from BR & Hilly. "Nobody got slower by pushing out more miles" or words to that effect.

Are you local to Hants as I now run for Stubbington, were you set your 10 K PB?

Are you doing the Pool 10 Boxing Day?

21/12/2009 at 20:55

ahhhh, thanks Hash...i do feel a bit under pressure tbh, but it will all be good motivation to get me through!!

BTW, i am doing the following races in 2009/2010

Poole Boxing Day 10k, Bramley 20 mile, Wokingham half, Reading half, Dorney Lake pacing event.

21/12/2009 at 20:59

Hi TS- yep winchester!  just rejoined Winchester running club.  are you doing the Poole 10k?

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