Talkback: Lucozade Sport Super Six: Christina (sub-3:00)

Follow the progress of just back from a run, our sub-3:00 hopeful, as she receives expert advice from mentor Paul Evans

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21/12/2009 at 21:18

JBFAR - will you be 'allowed' to do more volume/running than the RW schedule suggests? My sub 3.15 topped out at 53 max last year and I know that Liz would have had to go back to 'RW Towers' had I really pushed to do more. It might have changed though for 2010.

21/12/2009 at 21:20

Re. twice per day running...

I would think in terms of making the 2nd run in addition to the schedule you are following, rather than to break up what is there.  Sounds like a good idea to ask Paul about tweaking the schedule like this.

21/12/2009 at 21:22
SueC - maybe they'll allow as much tweaking as is necessary to show that the Garmin plans `work', as it's commercially driven to follow these as a marketing tool.
21/12/2009 at 21:29

No expert but for someone looking to work on endurance rather than speed then you would get more benefit from doing one longer run I suspect than breaking the run into two, unless (as BR suggests) the second is in addition.

A number of my runs are now 8-10 miles (will increase too probably in the New Year) and supplement the Sunday traditional long run very well indeed, particularly if you add in some paced work to these runs (speed endurance essentially)

BR - I guess it then depends on the size of the 'tweaking' as to whether it is then a Garmin schedule at all!

21/12/2009 at 21:36

Sue C: Question for Paul I guess as we haven't been told otherwise so far...

Paul did say we could look at doing 2 runs a day at the end of Jan which I am keen to try but I guess it depends on RW as you said....

21/12/2009 at 22:08

JBFAR - Oi ! I'm no aflete ! I just run a bit.

I'm with SueC, my current (numpty non schedule) approach is to make my runs a nominal 10M, with a 12 and an 18 thrown in too. I only run 4 or 5 times/week though and am just building back up after a foot issue. IMO the most valuable runs for someone lacking endurance are the weekend 20 and a midweek 13-15M. I'll be backing that up with 2 or 3 x 10M. All steady stuff.

21/12/2009 at 22:29
JBFAR - Just popped in to wish you good luck on your campaign, only 126 days to go May see you in Poole Park on Boxing Day as I'm racing that one as well. ( Yellow/Blue Bournemouth Vest)
22/12/2009 at 07:43
Another sub 3 poster popping in to wish you all the best for your sub 3 attempt. I'd have thought that your endurance should be at a good level having trained and completed an iron man! In your quest to get more miles in don't neglect the x training to take a break and rest from the impact miles that your legs will accumalate. Intresting disscusion with Hilly. Sounds like there should be women specfic sub 3 schedule if so much extra work is required for a quality lady runner to get a sub 3 compared to a man. Especially if it's the equivalent of a sub 2:45 time for a bloke.
Anyways will be following with interest, good luck.
22/12/2009 at 08:57

Ginger - I'm no expert, but I think JBFAR has more natural talent than I have and is 13 years younger than I was when I went sub 3 so she may be albe to achieve her sub 3 off a lot less miles than I put in. 

  I know for me it takes a lot of high mileage, but as we are all different runners with different strengths and weaknesses I guess different things work.  It took me 7 years to find what works for me and that was with the help of Mike Gratton, so hopefully JBFAR will find what works for her with the help of Paul.

22/12/2009 at 10:30
JBFAR  - you wont be able to miss Marigold, he'll be the one at the front thats about 7 ft tall and has the Ark Royal on one foot and the Invincible on the other. Get him to introduce you to your Dad's boss if he's there - he'll be the one nearish the front in the footie kit.
22/12/2009 at 10:37

Marigold/TR: I will look out for the super quick giant in the Bournemouth vest then!  I will have a black and yellow vest on- Winchester AC... I'm hoping its not going to be icy but I dont think Poole has been hit my the latest freeze has it?!

Ginger N: hello!  Yes did have a lot of endurance for IM but mainly focused on the bike and didnt do much running...  I really want to go longer and hopefully run quicker!

22/12/2009 at 12:18

It would seem like a tragic waste of a fantastic opportunity to slavishly follow an off the shelf plan when you have a high level coach on the sidelines.  I understand why it's done this way but I would hope Paul will focus on the best for jbfar at the expense of the schedule rather than the other way round.  Paul - what are your thoughts on this?

Jbfar - I wish you the best of luck for your sub-3.  I often find that you can tell right off the bat whether someone is the type to have the commitment and dedication to succeed.  It appears you have that and it's good to follow the progress of someone who cares about the goal, rather than regarding the situation as 'mission accomplished' already merely because they got selected.

22/12/2009 at 13:12

Moraghan - I agree in principle with you thoughts about following the "off the shelf RW schedule". However I did just that for Abingdon 08 and went sub 3 with similar PBs to JBFAR.

This year I used the same program again, just tweaked the times down and added between 10 - 30 miles a week and managed to knock 4 minutes of my previous time.

I personally think it a good program, as it works for me, but like you say, JBFAR has an outstanding coaching team behind her that could easily exploit her strengths and work on the weaker areas...

There are also plenty of fast girls at Winchester to help push round the speed sessions....


22/12/2009 at 13:39

 Sue C

You are quite right ,a second run would be additional to the sub 3hr  garmin schedule, a lot depends on how Christina finds the schdule, its a case of little by little !

22/12/2009 at 13:43


enjoy your break ! and good luck with you Boxing day Blast

This will tell us were you are, pre 2010

Have a Great Christmas !



22/12/2009 at 17:14
Good luck JBFAR, i'm sure you will nail it with those PB's and your background,especially as you have a mentor that seems keen on high mileage. You may have seen MM has been told to rest for 10 days prior to his schedule starting, so he is fresh. As you both start at a fairly similar level its interesting that we can observe two different approaches. Although I've never thought it was rocket science. Train hard but don't break will usually do OK.  
22/12/2009 at 17:24 the snow hasn't cleared at all where I am!! Yikes! I  am hanging around waiting for tonights club run- i think we are doing hills then track work but it sometimes changes...hmmm may be interesting in these conditions...

Moraghan wrote (see

Jbfar - I wish you the best of luck for your sub-3.  I often find that you can tell right off the bat whether someone is the type to have the commitment and dedication to succeed.  It appears you have that and it's good to follow the progress of someone who cares about the goal, rather than regarding the situation as 'mission accomplished' already merely because they got selected.

Yes- Mission is nowhere near accomplished in fact!!  A lot of hard work is needed on my part before I can possibly say that!!  I want to train hard but not break (in the words of SF)

Hi to Paul- Great that we can be flexible with the sub 3 schedule and looking forward to ticking the runs off!

22/12/2009 at 17:31
Shadow - I was surprised to read LizY telling anyone to rest for 10 days at this stage.  Having gone through the thread, her advice was actually to reduce volume and intensity over Christmas as the guy had not had a `down period' for a long time.  This is different to rest.  The former would lead to the danger of slight detraining before jumping straight into the schedule; the latter seems to be a sensible precaution.
22/12/2009 at 17:44

Barnsley, I think Liz Y may give advice by text also. MM has said he will rest for 10 days and I believe Sue C was told complete rest for 7 days prior to her marathon specific training last year. Obviously Liz Y knows a hell of alot more than me about marathon training and I dont believe there is only one right approach just interesting to note.

22/12/2009 at 17:49
FaIr enough - I was only going on what was on the public thread.  I would think that if the point is that we can follow all training advice given to the six then all such advice not involving personal health / family matters would be on these threads, as that is the point of them.
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