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The hard training and hard partying thread - yes you can have it all!

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07/08/2013 at 21:35

Barry- looks like you've got the right balance. Will be interested to see how it pans out but it looks optimistic for you . That's fast steady running by any reckoning

Carrot-Chester marathon is on 6th October. Furthest run since March was this evening -12.5miles in 1.39.  I know i need more miles in my legs  after that !Achilles tight but ok. I'm not really serious about doing it and if I do it will just 'for fun'


08/08/2013 at 09:01

Hi Weeble - not done Royal Parks before so thanks for the heads up.  I was thinking it would be quite fast from looking at the route, as you say the challenge will be 'getting a start'   It is a corporate entry with work, so blagging rights are at stake!!  I understand that the bling doesn't bling tho?!?!

Hi guys re Boston - an extra 6-7k eh?  I will keep a close eye on it when entry opens for the faster peeps - will be very tempted if is comes down to GA.... might be tricky family wise tho, Mrs C wants me to do it but would be better if kids a bit older maybe.  Food for thought - I'm off to check the website again!

08/08/2013 at 09:48

FRC-  yes, I very much did feel like kicking MrB after the 10k but stopped myself. Great 800s from you.

Daren- speedy as always. Hope the house stuff gets sorted.

Chick- great 12 miler. You're like me with the heat. As soon as it cools down I jump into the next gear!

Pinklady- PBing left right and centre- good stuff!

2Old- very encouraging pace on the 8 miler.

Free- hope the work calms down for you.

Barry- I agree with Carrot- I like the sound of your steady/ easy 11 miler. Will have to give it a go.

Weeble- see you at the start line of Run to the Beat. As for Royal Parks it's still my pb so I would agree that it's fast, I didn't have any issues avoiding slower runners. Not bothered about the sites but it's flat and close to home. Shame I didn't get in through the ballot again!


08/08/2013 at 09:51

10x 2min intervals for me last night which worked out around 500m @ 6.20- 6.40. 15m into work this morning averaging 8.09 with the middle 5m steady. I could easily go back to bed now and it doesn't help that all the systems are down and I can't get to my work.

Recovery shuffle tomorrow morning and then I'm off to Edinburgh for the Fringe festival- yuppeee!

08/08/2013 at 10:21

PS 2old - Heartbreak not too bad? Encouraging - tell me more!! When did you do it?

08/08/2013 at 12:42

Weeble – great to see you back running again. Try not to worry about the possibility of being slower too, take the positive line of just being back out there after the bad luck you’ve had.

Nce – if you’re only as good as your last marathon, I’ve had a disastrous 4.15 followed by a DNS, so don’t worry about speed issues!

Daren – your speed seems to be flying back & hope the house move gets sorted soon. 

Carrot – a killer track session followed by a 10M, not surprised it was hard work!

Pinklady – well done on the 6 mile pb! Milestones like that and beating targets are what make it all worthwhile!

Free – well done on your 15 and I sympathise with work. Mine’s not quite that bad, but everything is going crazy just as I’m frantically trying to get everything done ahead of two weeks paternity

Barry – nice 11 miler, looks like a good way to mix it up

Cooks – good to see you back posting, I thought you’d disappeared to pastures quicker! Any tips on keeping two nippers happy rather than one!?

Two nice sessions there Brolish, nice to get those in the bank ahead of what I imagine will be a very good weekend!

Still no news from me on the nipper front, so have tried to get a couple of decent workouts in this week. Did 10 x 400m with reps between 5.47 & 6.21 pace on Tuesday - quickest rep was the 9th, slowest the 4th, which was encouraging.

Then did a 6M progressive this morning, starting at 8.35mm & finishing with four in the 7's, down to 7.08. Really enjoyed it, totally lost myself and didn’t look at my garmin once.  In fact, the only thing of any note was having a barney with a cyclist who missed me by centimetres after he jumped a red light!

08/08/2013 at 13:09

Cheers Red.  Nope, just a combo of busy, busy and prolonged IT issues at home.  Re 2 nippers - has the second arrived yet?  If so, congrats! What flavour?  Re tips - hmmmm prayer and alcohol in either order Seriously tho - we've found it hard with the elder girl, the recent addition is an angel so far.  Main priority is to try and give Mrs C a bit of a break come the weekend, hard as still breast feeding tho - with weaning ahead, I things will become more managable......

08/08/2013 at 13:38

Ha - good use of 'what flavour' Cooks, whenever I say that to anyone in my team at work they just look at me as if I'm slightly odd! Still waiting at the moment, but is imminent. Understand about the weekend break, I've binned cricket off for the past three weeks, so am going to give it a miss now until next season. Actually helps negotiate the running anyway, so not all bad.

I just had a look at the Royal Parks route as haven't really taken note before. Looks a very good one - the start / finish is right where I did my 400s on Tuesday morning. Apart from a couple of kinks at 5.5 and 10, the rest looks flat as a pancake.

08/08/2013 at 14:58

Sounds like any mo now then - best of luck sir!  I will keep an eye out for the announcement!   Just had a flash back to d-day for number 2 & do have a piece of advice, don't be afraid to get to the hospital/birthing centre promptly (assuming not having a home birth that is) this moved a lot quicker second time around and am tempted to suggest packing your wicket keepers gloves!   We nearly ended up having to call our second bundle of joy 'A21'

Cheers for that - I've been on the road bits during the vlm and the Bupa 10k so know those bits and like you say, pretty fast and flat but the park bits are a bit unknown.  Like you say possibly a bit 'kinky'

08/08/2013 at 16:41

Cooks- Boston 2009-it was my 4th Marathon previous pb 3.20 and did this one in 3.11. Very early start having to be bused from the city out to a school in the sticks.It was freezing so some took sleeping bags for the wait.Great atmosphere there though. Runners were coraled according to their qualifying time so whilst it was crowded the mass of runners moved smoothly on and had the effect of pulling you along if that makes sense. First half of the race seemed as though it was snaking along from town to town through countryside ,went passed a girls college famed for the noise made. Then around mile 16/17 were the start of a few hills .Heartbreak hill was steep relative to the rest of the route-more of a steady plod up- and was followed by a couple of smaller but noticeable(unexpected) ones up to about mile 19/20-this can be checked on the race web site profile. Around 20/21 the route changed to the wider city highways and I started to toil a bit. You could see the city sky line marking the finish but it seemed to take forever getting thereand I dont like the wide US highways . Fanatastic atmosphere-the city loves its marathon. Everyone wore their jackets from previous years even if they werent running. Very historic feel about it. Definately one to do and do again especially as the majority are there on merit with a qualifying time

By the way we are back at our home thread now

08/08/2013 at 16:55

Crikey, I thought we were back in our old home and what did I miss? About 2 pages of new posts

Yeah cooks, come to Boston. You know you want to  

2old: the bit about the Skyline not coming any closer sounds a bit soul-destroying. Reminds me of VLM and no matter where you turn - there's always friggin' Canary Wharf whether it's left, right or centre   that really did my head in.

Bro: apparently it's 13 degrees tomorrow morning here - now that'd be perfect of another of those dreaded P&D tempo runs   2 really good workouts for you there, well done

Redders/cooks: love the "what flavour" reference. Ace. Must remember it next time somebody at work is supposed to drop their sproglet

Nice and fast running, Redders  That was a quick final mile!!

Right - can we please all move over to the old couch now?? I'm going crazy having to keep up with 2 freds

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