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08/12/2012 at 22:31

Just a quick plug for those who are at the slower end of the scale. If its your first marathon, or you are struggling to break 5 hours this is still for you. Keep those pitches coming - its going to be a good 6 this year again. 

08/12/2012 at 23:18
Vanessa - usually when I am at Willen I am RD for parkrun . I mostly run to the west of MK in the country but sometimes venture in. Did MK Mara last year - splish, splash, splosh!
08/12/2012 at 23:22

his Sis

09/12/2012 at 17:34
No pitches today .....?
10/12/2012 at 11:32
Minni wrote (see)
No pitches today .....?

I wasn't going to, but I've changed my mind.  I'll post a pitch later today if I'm not too late.

10/12/2012 at 12:03

Bloody hell - a lot of familiar faces on here


10/12/2012 at 12:21

I’ve been a regular forumite for a few years now and finally stepped up to marathons this year using the Shades plan. Previously – the most I ever ran was half marathons and I thought that I had found my distance. I was wrong. Ive followed the various Forum 6 threads for the past year and avidly last year as we were ‘in the same’ boat. I did my first marathon (VLM) in 5.30. I had stomach issues from Mile 17-22 and felt like crap when I ended…. But somehow entered another marathon… and another…. And another.

I’m not due for just one marathon next year (which may put me out of the running) but 13 so far. I have been known to enter marathons online whilst drunk and am known to run them with friends 'just for the fun of it'.

I’m looking for a voice of reason and support from someone who deals with the distance on a regular basis and everything that goes along with it (taper, rest, training). I’ve targeted some of them as my “A” Race and others as just enjoyable long runs with friends. I need structure and a detailed plan to follow as this works best for me.

RE: Speed: I ran Amsterdam in 4.55 and felt strong and good throughout so I know that I have room to improve and push forward. I’m hoping to get 4.30 in Paris and then see how I can improve after that but I’m looking for someone who knows what they’re talking about and not just my ‘try it and see’ method.

I always try my best and if I say that I’m going to do it – I’ll do this (this also comes across as stubbornness I’ve been told). I work stupid hours at work so most of my runs are done at SOC (stupid o’clock) and in various locations wherever I’m travelling that week.


-          10km: 1.02 (June 2012)

-          Half marathon: 2.10 (Oct 2012)

-          Marathon: 4.55.53 (Oct 2012)

I’m not the fastest speed demon out there but I’ve always got a smile on my face and always looking to help out others at the ‘back of the pack’.

Based on the thread from last year – I cant offer anything cute…I’m allergic to anything with fur -  but I love dogs and will regularly run with dogs from the local shelter if I can.

10/12/2012 at 12:27

Hi Emmy

10/12/2012 at 12:28

Hiya Micknphil - how are things going? :0) 

10/12/2012 at 12:50

I'm a pretty useless self-publicist, so I didn't even bother entering the Asics contest (I was shunned last year anyway). The begging process is awful IMHO. However, I could certainly do with some help. So hope I'm not too late for a fairly short pitch. 

I'm male, 51 years old, married with two children (6 and 4) and a pekingese dog (7). I'm self-employed, although this is increasingly more like self-unemployed, so I have reasonable flexibility with my training schedule for the foreseeable future. I'm studying for a degree part-time with the OU. I started running to fill a void when I stopped drinking alcohol, shortly after my son was born. One of the best decisions I've ever made. I'm determined to be a positive role-model for my kids, and to be able to keep up with them as they get even more active!

I have confirmed places in the 2013 Brighton and London Marathons. All being well, I plan to run Brighton and then defer London to 2014 (they made me wait five years for acceptance, so one more won't hurt). I ran the Shakespeare marathon in 2009 in 4:38 and Milton Keynes in 2012 in (cough) 4:38. It's fair to say, my Asics category would have been “on a plateau”!

This might make my running appear unambitious, but this isn't the truth of it. I really would like to achieve a GFA time in the long term. Stop giggling at the back! This summer I brought my 10k race time down from 54:51 to 49:55, and broke the two-hour barrier for the half-marathon (01:54:58). I have a thread I started earlier this year which gives more background on my idea for a five year plan. I'm a regular poster of high quality posts and insights  and have never harmed small animals (at least, not intentionally).

I am training to achieve a sub-4:00 marathon in the Spring, though I realise that I likely have an outside chance of achieving it.  Regardless, I want to knock a serious lump off my previous marathon times. If I run 4:38 again, I will actually cry. Fact.

I'm starting my “official” marathon preparation from today, and today is a rest day   I'm loosely following the P&D up to 55 mile schedule to start with to see how things go on. I feel that the longer runs and tempo work might suit me better than shorter interval workouts that I have used while following other programs, though I reserve the right to change my mind. I could do with some help on adapting the schedules when necessary, otherwise I tend to make things up as I go along. It's fair to say I could also do with additional “encouragement” to pay more attention to core work and nutrition. “More” meaning more than none.

I'm waffling now.... so to summarise.... I want your help, please.

10/12/2012 at 13:32

NICE One Ten all the best......

M...eldy    pirate
10/12/2012 at 19:45

Excellent pitches so far  

10/12/2012 at 20:09

Tenjiso - priceless!

Enjoying the pitches so far! 

10/12/2012 at 20:16
Great pitches!

Tenjiso - you'd be wasted with Asics anyway.
10/12/2012 at 20:32
I know that we can't vote but I vote tenjiso...
10/12/2012 at 20:47
Hi to all,
Hope it's not too late to offer my pitch...

I'm a 41 year old mum of 3 boys who only took up running just under 2 years ago. I really love it and have been lucky enough to get a place in the VLM next year. This will be my first marathon. I am really excited, having been taken to watch the first ever London marathon as a kid. My sister and i spent an hour after the start picking up all the gear that the runners has left behind and putting anything nice into bin bags to take home The race inspired my dad to take up running the very next day. He was in his 30s and he went on to run 2h 25 within a couple of years. I always thought he was a bit mad to run and vowed that running wasn't for me, but years later I seem to have got the bug!

I feel I am still making lots of progress, despite my age. I have knocked 6 mins off my 10k time over 6 months this year.

My PBs for races are:

10k 44 mins 45 secs (achieved end sept 2013)
10 miles 1h 13m (achieved October 2013)
Not run a HM race yet but have done 1h 41 in training.

I started following the shades plan last week, having got up to 15 miles on my long runs. I've also recently joined a local club to keep me motivated.

My strengths

1. I am very competitive
2. I will take the training seriously
3. I will enjoy writing updates on the site and taking all advice

My goals:

1. Get to the starting line uninjured
2. Beat my sister's time of 4h 20 told you I am competitive
3. Beat 4 hours
4. Get a GFA time ( 3h 50)
M...eldy    pirate
10/12/2012 at 20:51

Not too late at all Koala!    Open until the 17th (if I remember correctly) 

10/12/2012 at 20:59

Wow Slowkoala, nice pitch. One thing, you're not very ... SLOW, are you?! (Question mark followed by exclamation mark equals one INTERROBANG, apparently.)

10/12/2012 at 21:05

Great pitches everyone. Keep them coming!

10/12/2012 at 21:05

Thanks guys  - the cheque's in the post.

Minni wrote (see)
Tenjiso - you'd be wasted with Asics anyway.

Minni - since I recently starting a thread to find alternatives to Asics shoes, I think that they might agree with you 

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