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15/07/2010 at 20:33

I'll be at the Uiversity of Nottingham, not Nottingham Trent , but hey, what a coincidence .

I'm at Jubilee Campus, not sure if that'll be near you or not.......will have to consult one of those horrible map things that my blonde brain can't cope with

15/07/2010 at 22:51

I thought this thread was dead andyou'd all hit your goals and run - very quickly - away. The scales are back in operation at my gym but my weight can fluctuate by 2kg in 24 hours, is this normal?

Last month was my month of exercise insanity, ran the South Downs marathon, hilly as anything but beautiful scenery, then 2 days later cycled 500 miles from London to Glasgow in 5 days. However, still no weight loss as was mainlining malt loaf and dry roasted peanuts. I'm going to to read back and see how you all havebeen getting on. Whilst sipping a glass of red...........

16/07/2010 at 21:14

Well done Kim on going to uni - how exciting!

KateF - how on earth did you manage to cycle 500 miles 2 days after running the marathon. I could barely get out of bed 2 days after the marathon let alone contemplate cycling! How did you feel?

Have been doing a bit more running this week as its been cooler - although struggled last night as was so windy didn't feel like I was actually moving forward! Am thinking of doing the Bristol half marathon in September - my uncle lives there and is going to do it as well and that will give me an incentive to get my running going again.

As for the weight loss - well we'll start again on Monday as have a nice bottle of Pimms to drink first!!

17/07/2010 at 07:29
Priscilla, it felt OK but by day 5 of the cycle I was just about finished. Cooler weather this week has certainly helped with the running, just need to get the eating back on track again. Enjoy your Pimms!
17/07/2010 at 11:46

Hi everyone

Well done Kim

Kate all i can say is wow

well weight is ummm still the same basically starting the marathon build up now so may lose a few pounds but from what i remeber from FLM08 training it wasn't many cos was so hungry all the time!!  Going to make a real effort next week to not buy junk and eat sensible portions of normal healthy foods.

Chrissi x 

17/07/2010 at 18:34
What marathon are you doing Chrissi?
18/07/2010 at 17:30

Hi Kate

Snowdon its at the end of October got a few build up races before then too Race the Train 21 Aug (14 off road miles) then Lake Vrnwy 1/2 in September plus a couple of shorter club races.

Just back from a 2hr 20 min run my Garmin say's i burnt off 1000 cals and i had a brill time sloshing through the mini rivers the trails had turned into

Have a good week everyone

28/07/2010 at 16:07

Hello all

Has been a nightmare the last month or so...apologies for not popping in here. work and family have been chaotic and my OH has been quite poorly...awaiting some tests at the moment. I have some time off work now and I am trying to catch up!

Pixie - APOLOGIES...for some unkown reason, I was ignoring you on the forums...not intentional I can assure you...must have clicked something by mistake! There were others as well. Nayway, I'm relaly sorry, hope to catch up with your progress now.

My weighgt loss has been rubbish...but now have lost about 5 pounds. Running has been hit and miss, but hope to get back into a schedule soon!

05/08/2010 at 21:12

How's everyone doing with their goals? Been following this thread since the beginning- although I don't have any weight to loose, am still struggling with maintaining a healthy balance (I weigh 8st 2, but only through lots of exercise and restriction on diet)/ This thread in fab and I hope you're all meeting your goals x

06/08/2010 at 08:41
I'm still keeping to the no chocolate/sweets/biscuits/cake/crisps thing.  I did break if for my birthday.  I am currently losing weight, though how much is due to the diet restrictions and how much to having lots of miles to cover for my job at the moment I'm not sure!
23/08/2010 at 10:33

just  come  across this thread this is good for burning fat,

27 grams of sesame seeds (180 cals)   Roast them till they turn brown.
Put in Grinder or blender.
Grate  1/2  Cucumber
1 tomato  (optional)
2 tbsp  of lemon juice / salt to taste
1/4 - 1/2 spoon of red chilli powder, (half is better)
Mix together with sesame seeds
i lose 2 stone on this died this came from a india girl i know my wife she said to me that the girls in her village, used this after they had their babys to lose weight, so i through old wifes tail, but give it a go, and i know if my wife say somethink it work's , just have this once a day with a blance died, it a real fat burner, a couple of friend have done it and lost weight too. 

24/08/2010 at 11:37

I don't understand that last post.

I can see that this drink would consist of virtually no calories, but in what way is it a 'fat burner'? Surely the key thing is what you eat for the rest of the day?

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