Virgin London Marathon 2011 First Timers

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25/10/2010 at 10:00

HB8.., as posted on another thread for you...... hope it helps you find a running partner..

Gatton wrote (see)

HB8   not sure which side of eastbourne you are but there is this club   or Eastbourne Atlhletics club.... If you are the wrong side for these then contact them and ask them for their advice... Good luck and stay around for some fun and good advice from the members of this thread.

25/10/2010 at 10:04

Oh, lovely thanks, I'll have a look & get in touch.. Always thought running clubs were for "real" runners, but I guess running a marathon is pretty "real", so I'll give it a go.

Thanks again. Hx 

25/10/2010 at 14:01

 Hello Lucy & Cheryl, we're going to be overrun with ladies on this thread soon - not that I mind  Only joking OH!

Good luck Nick in the half - please don't get shot!

VDS (and all) I run all the time to music, I find Podrunner invaluable (especially for training at certain speeds) and would thouroughly recommend. The bpm I listen to depends on what kind of run I am doing - and its totally free!

Claire - I always run outside (even in the freezing rain / snow - makes me feel like an Spartan) but only because I don't have a treadmill!

Lucy, I have been running less than a year and the best advice from my experience is to take things slowly and keep yourself motivated with targets. Increase your mileage gradually (even when you feel you could go more) as you have plenty time bewteen now and April.Also get a 5k/10k/1/2 under your belt before then if you can so you get the experience of running in crowds and the whole race feel! I find having goals along the way keep you motivated and you feel good once you've done them. This time last year I could not run for longer than 2 minutes and have now done a 10k and 2 halfs! I have lost 2 stone in weight, no longer smoke and actually bought a pair of 32" waist jeans at the weekend - something I haven't wore since I was 14 (36 now!)  So these kind of things keep me going.

Good luck all and keep running

25/10/2010 at 14:03

PS - Lucy, a fine effort running for Macmillan!

PPS - Cheryl - you will be making your grandad extremely proud!  

25/10/2010 at 14:08
Great post for motivation Miggito......
25/10/2010 at 14:51

Hi all

New to this thread and first time VLM runner, does this make me a Virgin Virgin London Marathon Runner?

Running with TeamRedLaces for Heart UK.

Never run full marathon, however have several halfs under my belt. Said I would run full before I was 40, and am 40 in June 2011.

Have just completed Birmingham Half Marathon in 1:45:17, a new PB for a half marathon.

Have downloaded the training schedule for my garmin from RW with a predicted time of 3hr 55min. Everyone keeps saying I should be quicker than this, however not sure I could keep the HM pace for 26.2 miles.

I have noticed the training schedule starts on Boxing day!!

Have also entered the Silverstone Half in March, which fits in with the RW training schedule. Should I be training earlier for this (ie a 12 week schedule) based on a sub 1:50 time for the half or just stick to the Full Marthon training schedule of 16 weeks?

25/10/2010 at 15:08

Cosmic - i am running for HEARTUK too, good to know there are more out there!

Cheryl - I can't think of a better reason for running, what more do you need to keep you going!  

25/10/2010 at 15:40

Cosmic & Clairewiththehair - Great cause. My dear old Dad has had a quad bypass & a defib fitted -HEARTUK rock!

Cheryl - Il ove your story, it made me well up.. You are going to make your family so proud.

I'm running for Breast Cancer Care, inspired by a very brave schoolfriend who makes me feel proud to call her a friend. 

Wow Cosmic, I can only dream of a 1:45 half well done you!

So, I've been thinking. Fundraising. I've come up with an idea and it might help others & the charities, so here it is.. 

Rather than asking for cash, ask your friends to raid their wardrobes for a few items of good quality clothing or obje d'art and list it on e-bay. I did this for a recent half & raised £300!  I also put a little summary of why I was selling & two buyers made an extra donation too.  

26/10/2010 at 11:09
Charity Place confirmed with Acton Medical Research, apprehensive but really looking to it.

26/10/2010 at 17:41
Andy - i'm running for action medical research too.  Would be good to hear how your training/fundraising progresses!
26/10/2010 at 20:03
Good idea about the sale for fundraising Helen.

I'm hoping to have a bunch of people around for a free curry, hand out some nice wine, and then point them towards the justgiving website.

Actually though I have just started telling people that I am running and asking them for sponsorship for the kidney research charity I'm running for. It does make it quite real when you start doing this - no getting out of it now!

26/10/2010 at 20:03

Hi All,

Another newbie here! And another Kate. I have been running for about a year and have a place for the London marathon running for the Born Free Foundation. I ran the Great South Run on Sunday and was very pleased with my time of 1 hour 46 as 3 weeks prior to it I injured my calf muscle and could hardly walk!

 I have seen a Bupa training plan which seems pretty good. I try to run about 2 or 3 times in the week and then a long run at the weekend but think I may need to up this a bit. The thought of 26.2 is quite scary but we can do it!

 Hopefully we can help each other along a bit. I will be doing most of my training by myself so will need some extra suppot!


26/10/2010 at 20:14
Welcome Kate

That's a great time for a half - I'd love to get close to 2 hours!

26/10/2010 at 21:07

Thanks vds, I wish it was my time for a half but it was only 10 miles! I ran a half in June and managed it in 2 hours 30 which I was a bit disappointed in but it was my first race!


26/10/2010 at 21:28
Oops, sorry Kate, for some reason I keep thinking that all these Great something or another runs are half marathons - no idea why.

Look at it this way though, you have suddenly moved from being scarily fast for this thread, to one of us slow pokes! Yay! and welcome again.

26/10/2010 at 23:39

This is all great for getting the motivation going although it does make it all so real and I am already getting nervous both with the fundraising and the running!

Helen that's a great idea 4 fundraising. I have already raided hubbys wardrobe for the suits he hasn't worn for ages - he does get a bit possessive about his clothes tho so I might be in trouble!

Cheryl that is a lovely story and obviously the ballot place was meant 4 u.

I am training on my own too and don't mind running in rain or cold but get a bit freaked in the dark so do use the gym for treadmill in the eve's.

I need to get a training plan organised. I used a runners world one for my 1st half marathon and it was great. I'm going to look out 4 the book suggested earlier too.

Happy training

ps. Had some sad news today so feeling a little down. Seems to be so much sad news at the moment
27/10/2010 at 08:46

Took my first sponsorship cash today... You are right, now very REAL

vds - Great idea, love the thought of feedinfg & watering & then extracting the cash... Have also drawn up a little news letter (I hate them, but it's a good cause, so I'm willing to compromise my principles) that I'm going to pop in my Christmas Cards & I'm going to post early, that way they might just pop a couple of quid in a card when they send theirs - Season of good will & all that.

A friend gave me a fab motivational book called The Non-Runner's Marathon Trainer - Well it is actually a training plan, but I'm using it primarily for motivation. It's got some great tricks to help you stay motivated.

Sounds daft, but one of the recommendations is that when you get that fatigue on a long run you should say to yourself "Ah, there you are, I've been waiting for you. Come & run alond with me"..... Do you know, it actually worked for me.. I was still fatigued, but it didn't overwhelm me & having acknowleged it, I seemed to be able to focus on something else & keep on running rather than spend the rest of the run thinking "when will this end?"..

The book is available on Amazon with free P&P for around £6... It might be brainwashing in some peoples minds, but hey, I'll take any help I can...  


27/10/2010 at 09:26


 I am another 1st timer, i have a place though the ballot and am very excited, i am also going to try and raise some money for Macmillan along the way.

am coming back to running after a nerve injury which put me out for a couple of years, and am hoping that i have not lost all my running mojo.


27/10/2010 at 11:36
Hi All,

Welcome to all the recent newcomers! And sorry for my recent absence from the forum! I am still resting my foot, but off to see a sports physio tomorrow in the hope that running again will commence shortly!

Happy Training!!
27/10/2010 at 13:05

Hi new people from me too

Went for a very easy jog for twenty minutes this morning in the howling wind - very refreshing!

Nice to see a couple of fundraising ideas starting to emerge - I will take note and use later. Not sure when I should actually start the main push but will probably wait until the New Year before the serious fundraising begins.

It actually makes me feel really good about myself that I am getting an opportunity to raise (a lot of) money and run at the same time.

Got some new trainers today so sitting in the office with my suit and bright red Adidas! I look a bit silly but it will help to break them in

Helen - that book sounds interesting, although slightly crazy! I do all my running alone but I do talk to myself regularly on a long run (now I sound crazy!) but you know what I mean. However, any assistance whilst I get myself up to these long distance is welcomed by me!

Keep running

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