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03/05/2010 at 15:13

Fab stuff Bridget  Was VLM really only a week ago?  It seems like a lifetime.

Schmunkee whichever one you do, see you at Mudchute next year.  Hopefully I'll be on the other side of the railings, fingers crossed

Mark, try feeding them poultry spice with some calcium-rich and high calorie treats e.g. cheese.  Assuming you've got ex-batts, then their little bodies have been trained to bang out eggs at the expense of their own health, so they need an excess before they can start mending themselves.

03/05/2010 at 15:15

Feck.  TOTP has me banging on about chickens again.

03/05/2010 at 16:40

Mitiog, re HR probably be worth doing a max HR test as 220 - age is notoriously unreliable.  It's not pleasant though.  Run a few miles to thoroughly warm up, then 3 minutes flat out, 2-3 mins jog followed by another 3 mis absolutely flat out.  The highest value you record will be your max, probably occur in the second 3 mins sprint.  Oh, and to be really sure its your max doing it up a slight hill is also recomended ! Was nearly sick when I did mine

That said I got a new max HR by 7 beats as I "sprinted" for the line last week.  Just need to check my Garmin to make sure it's correct.

Thanks for the toenail sympathy!  Mine's just hanging on at the moment and not too painful.  But I want to start running.  What is the advice, put a plaster on to protect it?  Normal or compeed?  Thanks a lot.

03/05/2010 at 18:16

Evening all!!  Happy bank holiday!

I've had a very busy weekend- was supporting my friends at her x factor audition on Sunday (5 hours outside excel centre in the rain before we were allowed in) and consoling boyfriend as Sheffield Wednesday were relegated yesterday!

Managed a proper run today of 4 miles at 9.48mm god knows where the speed has come from maybe its becuase I've had a week off....?  But it was nce to get out to Bushy again and look at all the baby deer oh and I found a tenner while I was trotting along!!!

Hash and Rio (((healing hugs))) although that bruise is very impressive Rio!  Hash my old knee niggle from football still appears when I've been in a car for too long- normally my excuse to stop for a burger  

Happy Running all

03/05/2010 at 20:27

Scuba - I'd use a normal plaster or a non stick dressing cut to sizeand fixed with micro tape.

Vik - yeah on the tenner and will we see you on TV then?

I had another little plod out this afternoon.  Tried out the interval training mode on the garmin, but wasn't very speedy and just walked in the rest periods.  Think I will start to use that a lot more.

03/05/2010 at 22:18

evening all, been up North at Oulton park at British Superbikes, stopped at the travelodge last night so as to be there early and didn't bother taking the laptop as it is a load of dough for hardly any wifi time!

A good day antway even though it took an age to get out afterwards, sounds like you've all been having fun.

trying to decide if I should stay up for VLM ballot or do later, is it from midnight or 0900 or some other time, I havn't checked

04/05/2010 at 07:14

Hello everyone, Pinks pointed me in this direction, dont mind if i join in do you.

Well ive done 2 marathons now, both London, my last one i did in 4.19,  i have to say having just ran it, i dont think i will bother again, far too crowded.

Am up for doing some more halfs this year, i can do Cardiff, im away but anyone know of any other ones which are on this year,  that they would recommend ???

04/05/2010 at 07:19

Morning all I have put my name in for VLM 2011, I said I would only do the one marathon, welcome Clarkinator I have to agree it was busy but I want to have another shot as the crowd effect got to me a bit, now I know what to expect

The ballot form was simple, it is actually a good idea not openeing it the day after the event, people have had a chance to think if they really want to do it, sat talking about it and actually running the distance are 2 very different things as we all know.....

04/05/2010 at 07:31

Arhhhhhhhh Rod, hi and thanks i have just gone and done a silly thing and entered again for the London, it was tooo tempting !!!!!

04/05/2010 at 07:34

Hi and welcome Clarkinator

Fingers crossed Rod, see you on the start line

04/05/2010 at 08:00

Morning all - I hope all that want to get into the ballot get in the ballot.  I'm in too!  (Still on the old system with 3 rejections so want to keep that going)

Treated myself to some running shorts yesterday as I overheated in my capris during the VLM.  Also ordered a skort to try out. 

Hi Clarkinator

Edited: 04/05/2010 at 08:02
ImRio    pirate
04/05/2010 at 08:19

Morning all

Good to see you over here Clarki

Well I tried a little jog yesterday.  It was very slow and painful but 3 miles done.  So not too bad.  Only marginally more uncomfortable today so must be recovering.

Will be going out on the bike this morning as I have errands to run and then have spin tonight

Suze the rejections thing no longer exists any more.  I think because of the numbers of entries it would work out that each year would be filled with the numbers of rejected runners and charities so they have stopped it now

04/05/2010 at 08:31
Hi Rio.........you are the chmpion of the world........
04/05/2010 at 08:48

Hi Clarki - great to see you over here!!

Oh dear I just entered the ballot...............came up as a reminder on my computer so I just had to didn't I??  Won't do a charity place if I don't get in though.

Had a very lazy weekend and didn't run since Saturday but going out for 5 tonight and same again tomorrow.

Rio how is the bruising?  Does if really hurt?  Do you know where you can get those spin DVDs from - tried Amazon but all 'currently unavailable' at the moment and the spin ones are all Region 1/USA.

ImRio    pirate
04/05/2010 at 08:55

Thanks Rob! 

I have entered too and may do the charity thing if not successful but only because the charity have already offered me a place and have not given me a target again.

Pinks try this website.  They look like they have them instock.  There are loads to choose from now.  To start with I would try maybe one of the aero base builders or something similar.  They are graded so you can see how difficult they are to make choice easier.

04/05/2010 at 10:05

Rio - if you had 2 or more rejections then VLM sent out an email a couple of weeks ago letting you enter the ballot in advance of it opening today.  They also honnor that you have been trying and are still on the 5 rejections and then guarteed entry.

04/05/2010 at 10:08
we are all "habitual offenders" I guess at least one of us may get a place, otherwise its plan B and as with a well known store there is no plan B
04/05/2010 at 10:11
Rod Goodwin wrote (see)

Morning all I have put my name in for VLM 2011, I said I would only do the one marathon, welcome Clarkinator I have to agree it was busy but I want to have another shot as the crowd effect got to me a bit, now I know what to expect

LOL it's the slippery slope...

04/05/2010 at 11:11
I'm in the ballot did it earlier and it was so much easier than last year. Just this ridiculously long wait now. One of the guys from my running club has entered the Robin Hood Marathon, kind of feel oblidged now to keep him company...although he will be 2 hours ahead of me!
04/05/2010 at 11:45

Just been daft and entered again!!! WHY do we do this??? If i dont make the ballot the charity have offered me a place as I have nearly hit my target, though not sure I want to do that begging again!!!

Time to run again I reckon. Anyone got any good half and full marathon plans they recommend......I used the RW one this year but fancy a change.......

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