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20/01/2013 at 20:21

Hi Kaffeeg difficult decision for you I am sure, I am struggling with the same decision, don't really want to defer, but the sensible me is saying that I am so behind on the training ie long runs.  I really want to do london again, but I want to do it feeling confident and injury-free and at the moment not feeling confident at all.  My back/sciatica is much better but still not completely right.  And we had a real dumping of snow here and everywhere is really icy.  If I decide to defer will do a few 10ks then Cardiff half hopefully boosting my confidence again.  Such a difficult thing to decide, I was so excited when I heard I had got in again but everything has gone slightly pear-shaped and in a real pickle as to what to do.

dejected jazz hand waves to anyone around

20/01/2013 at 20:28

You all ok -

20/01/2013 at 23:36
Kiwi - thank you so much for your help. Hugely appreciated. Really don't want to mess this up! I'll write these runs in my schedule tomorrow.

Kaffeeg - really sorry you've decided not to run the marathon, but can totally understand why. If you're feeling relieved after making the decision then it must be the right one. After another HM PB instead??! Training is getting back on track after Christmas and kids on holidays, and husband being ill etc.

Pip - glad to hear your sciatica is starting to feel a bit better, and sorry that you're also thinking of deferring. At least with VLM you can defer right up to the day before, so no time pressure, at least.

Big eater - all still going well for you still, by the sound of it!

Mick'n'Phil - okay here - just finding running in the snow hard!

After winning out of Friday's LSR because it was snowing a blizzard here, I made myself go out on Saturday. Dressed up nice and warm, wearing my new jacket, fleecy headband, gloves etc, and tried out anoother of my Christmas presents - Icebiters. They strap over your shoes and have little studs / spikes on the bottom. They were amazing and worked really well. I could run on sheet ice on the lanes and just hear a little'click' as they dug into the ice. The looks on people's faces as I trotted past them as they slipped along.
21/01/2013 at 19:15
Big eater - yay! Glad it's going well.

Pip I feel your pain. If you do it this year or defer to next year - you WILL do it again. Why don't you give yourself a couple of weeks and see where you're at then? Must say, I'm REALLY happy with my decision. Got a *little* upset about it and might stop the emails about it that I keep getting, but know for sure it's the right decision for me.

B&t - ohhhhhhh those sound fab! I need a pair! Haven't run this weekend and thinking I might run tomorrow. The main road here is totally snow free now, so it means running on main roads for me, not back streets or parks....boring, but will see how it is tomorrow.
22/01/2013 at 08:24
Really tight left hamstring today with slight pain to the touch and meant to be doing 7 miles! Thinking I should leave run and see how it feels tomorrow? Or do I just go for it and hope it loosens off with my run and good stretching afterwards. Certainly don't want to make it worse!!
22/01/2013 at 11:03

Bigeater - I would say better be safe than sorry - don't run! If you really feel you have to, then try a walk (to warm up - difficult in these weather conditions, I know!) and if it feels okay try a very gentle jog. Only if that still feel absolutely 100% fine then run further. Don't set off hell for leather hoping its okay - just not worth it. And yes - lots of lovely stretching afterwards when your muscles are already warmed up.

That may just be me being overly cautious - its what I would do if it were me!

6 miles for me this morning - roads are mostly clear now so I didn't bother with the Icebiters. Managed to find a few slippy bits, just to get the heart rate up! Felt hard though, and my legs were tired. Not sure if its 1. the cold & snow taking their toll, 2. my legs finally realising we ARE marathon training and its hard work, 3. A longer than I'm used to mid-week run, or 4. Just me struggling in the cold. Was trying not to panic as I laboured up the hill back home, thinking "I'm only on week 8 of an 18 week plan!!!"

Actually, I'm trying not to think about Friday's 14 miler. Last year, when injury totally messed up my training, my longest run/walk in training was 14 miles, and I still remember how hard it was. Admittedly it was a boiling hot day, and I'd hardly run for weeks, but still the fear of how it felt is there. Definitely a ghost that needs exorcising on Friday. Anyone have any bright ideas of how I can give myself a confirdence boost before then? Thank you

kaffeeg - hope you get out running soon, before more snow arrives!

Pip - how's the snow by you? And how's the sciatica?

Mick - waves hello!

Kiwi - doffs cap respectfully How's your training going?

23/01/2013 at 13:13
Left the run yesterday and instead did a shorter 5.5 miles today. Think it was the right decision and feel fine at the moment, think it may just be niggles after my longer Sunday run but important to listen to those niggles!!!
Icy about here so went along the old disused railway track, the gravel base seems to give a better grip.
Well hope all are good, injuries healing, motivation high and raring to go!

Take care everyone.
23/01/2013 at 14:40
Good decision Big eater - as you say, important to listen to the niggles! 3 miles in fresh, ankle deep snow today - no other tracks apart from the animal prints. Felt very intrepid!
28/01/2013 at 21:07

Hi all.

How are you doing Pip.What have you decided ???

29/01/2013 at 14:35
Quiet on here! Since my last post I've had 3 runs of 3.8miles, 12.1miles and 7.5miles. Also plenty of long walks. The runs have been going well and enjoyable and mixed up with LSR, hills and off road.
Hope everyone is well and post up and let us know how the training is going!
29/01/2013 at 21:43

Hi well still not sure what I am doing but sooo behind on runs now, this weekend we had thunder,lightening, huge hailstones and gale force winds !!!!  going to run on thursday as I have the day off.  Seem to be pain free at the moment so that is good  Mr pippity thinks I should defer till next year and have a real bash at it then soooo want to do it again and do it un-injured and well prepared.  But am really still undecided.

29/01/2013 at 23:22
Pip - hugs to you. Such a hard decision to make, but I can totally relate to wanting to run it uninjured and to the best of your ability. Still don't need to decide yet! Good news that you're pain free at the moment

Big Eater - sounds like it's going well for you. Great stuff!

Had my longest ever training run on Friday. Was scheduled to be 14 miles, but due to a mapping error (on my part! ) actually ran 15.2M. Considering my longest run / walk last year was 14 miles, I was totally ecstatic with this. I was on a real high all weekend, feeling totally confident that I could do the training, and could do the marathon. Started out this week and suddenly had a loss of confidence again. I've found my copy of 'The non runners marathon trainer' to give myself a mental boot up the backside
03/02/2013 at 16:53

Hi Pip. Mr Pippity is probably right. If you are struggling with injuries ( or even the fact it is ok at the moment, but there is a weakness there) and your enthusiasm levels are not quite there !!  deferring is an option,   It is your decision. If at this stage you are not totally happy it is worth the thought of deferring . But you have to think about  this. Do you honestly think you can run as comfortably as you can over the distance ? You have done it before so in some way the pressure is off because you know you can do it. But if the competitive side comes out and you want to run faster , this is where you may have to rethink. Same old story. If you just want to get round, fine. That is no problem. But if you are hell bent in improving your time, May be have a rethink.

Please let me know what you want to do Pip, and we are here to help.

Nothing wrong with deferring and going in with a renewed body and mind structure if it helps. Don't forget, whatever you decide to do. No one is there to judge you and you will be supported in whatever. I could give you all the advice under the sun, but it is a really good idea to listen to other people who are , or have been, in the same situation and   take on board their advice also. We can all learn from this. I personally think also that your body is the best judge of this and it does not lie to you. Your thoughts can often overide what you should really do. If you are not happy perhaps don't do it. . You have already run a marathon Pip. So the box has been ticked.  You have 11 weeks to go. Still enough time, but if you think you can have a better go next year with longer to prepare this could be a good move.

I will honestly say this to you. If I was struggling with an injury now,or any other thoughts, I think I would know if I would be happy to run. I have had close scares nearer the day with knocks at work and the likes , but deep down known it would be ok. But it is a brave and sensible decision to pull out earlier , rather than later. I think it is actually better to make that decision now. If you get to the month before and felt you could have run, compared to not making that decision and committing yourself and find you are too far down the road and it is too late and you can't !!! then the first situation is far more easily accepted and the latter a little scary. The uncertainty will also add to a stressful situation pre-marathon which is a big negative especially as you get closer to the marathon !!

For a marathon you should be stress, illness and injury free.

Let me know what you decide Pip.

03/02/2013 at 17:05

Hi Black and Tabby. Was your loss of confidence anything to do with trying to go out too early and emulate what you had just done, or thinking you can't do it again or whatever !! I am interested as normally a break through run like this  where your confidence is on a high is a great tonic !! Maybe we can sort it out

Talk to me !!

03/02/2013 at 20:39
14.5 miles today bit got to say it was a right struggle from about mile 9 onwards. Considered walking but kept at it but can't say it was very enjoyable. Really been enjoying my running and hope this was just an off day.
One positive is that's the furthest I've ever done so going to keep the chin up and focus on that.
03/02/2013 at 21:45

Ran yesterday and today after probably about 3 weeks not running !!  really enjoyed it and realised how much I have missed it and why I love it so much.  Just me, no phone, no one else just me ! thank you for your wise words Kiwi... got all emotional when I read it. Well done Black and Tabby  and bigeater you are doing brilliantly

03/02/2013 at 21:54
Hi kiwi - nice to see you on here! I think my problem was one of looking ahead (again!) Maybe also the though that although I'd run 15 miles, that was still 11 short of a marathon. I don't know, really. Funny thing is, I'm usually a very positive, optimistic person!

Latest worry is that after Friday's 12 miles, my shins have been a bit sore over the weekend. Have been doing various stretches and exercises, and icing (when I remembered). Wonder if it's because I didn't wear my compression calf guards? I have worn them to keep my shins warm for my last few long runs in the snow and ice. Maybe I'll wear them this week and see if it helps.

I've been re-reading my inspirational book over the weekend (marathon running for the non runner) to help inspire me, so feeling a bit happier now.

Anyway Kiwi - enough of my neurosis - how did Bath go today? Must have been a bit windy in places?

Pip - how are you doing? Maybe we're both thinking that, yes we've done a marathon before, so the pressure is on now to do 'better'. 'Just finishing' is no longer good enough??

Bigeater - after all my moaning, how are you doing?
03/02/2013 at 22:07

Black and Tabby  I have that book, going to dig it out.... definately agree with you about  wanting to do better, having something to prove, especially to myself !

Kiwi so how did you do in Bath....... pretty whizzy I expect

Edited: 03/02/2013 at 22:16
03/02/2013 at 22:22
Haha - took so long to write my reply, both Pip and Bigeater have already replied!

Bigeater - well done on your run - brilliant. The tiredness is kicking in now, so don't worry that you found it hard

Pip - so good to read that you enjoyed your run. Made me smile just to read it - hold that thought!
06/02/2013 at 18:05
Tough 8 miles yesterday and a heavy shift at work today. I tell you I'm more knackered after work than running 8 miles. No run tonight.
Working tomorrow then out tomorrow night, around 7 miles.
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