VLM 2012 first timers???

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02/05/2016 at 08:00

Hi Abersnail

Haven't done Swansea before sort of looking forward to it in a nervous sort of way.  Entered for London this morning at 2 mins past 12 so fingers crossed for that.  Are you any where near Cardiff to do that half in October ?

???????????? ????????????

02/05/2016 at 12:47

Hi all, 

Well it didn't go to plan. 19.8 miles into my last 20 miler the calf went, pulled the muscle and out of Manchester

Abersnail I did Manchester in 2015 but you've probably seen that turned out to be short and this year the organisation was slated. I wouldn't recommend it now.

So I'm at a gentle 2 mile run yesterday after 7 weeks out and trying to build up again.

02/05/2016 at 15:38
Hi Pip! I think Cardiff is too close to the marathon. Did you do the world champs in Cardiff in March?

Big Eater - yes, I heard about Manchester and it has put me off that, but decided to take the plunge and do a marathon in the autumn. I was out injured for 7 weeks at the end of last year. Felt like forever and that I would take ages to get back to where I was but it wasn't so bad and I was just happy to be running again. Make sure you build up gradually
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04/05/2016 at 14:24


What a shame Bigeater but hopefully on the mend now, have you tried to get in to London again ?? Abersnail I didn't do Cardiff in March have had a rubbish time running lately...in fact didn't do any races last year. Had real problems with my asthma. Now on new medication ( different inhaler) and it's been amazing such a difference . Training for Swansea in June, a little behind in my training plan but hey-ho the main thing is I can actually run,bit slower than usual but that will come back.....hopefully.  Kiwi where are you how did London go ??



07/05/2016 at 23:16

Hi PIP. London went well.2.43 , so happy with that. Hi Aber Snail and Big Eater. Bad luck on the injury Big Eater. Hope you are on the mend  We heard about Manchester too. A few of our club runners did it. No running now for me for a month !!



08/05/2016 at 00:00

Hi Kiwi ....wow well done super speedy.

Would love to get the chance to do London  again ...so fingers crossed?

15/05/2016 at 23:01

Good luck Pip. Will find out in October. keep applying anyway each year if you don't get in.

25/05/2016 at 18:12

Hello old friends!!,!

good to see you guys are still here and still running! 

Pip!  Hope your running is going well and sorry to hear you had injuries last year,

kiwi - well done in london!

big eater - that sucks with your injury. Hope you are recovering ok.

aber - hope your running is going ok!


i've done a couple of races this year Silverstone half in March and a 21.9 k race at the weekend in Austria when I visited my parents. That was a tough one - incredibly hilly and 26+ degrees in blasting sun with quite an elite group of runners. Didn't come last though! Whoop! Thinking of doing a 17k trail run in Gloucestershire in June....

27/05/2016 at 23:57

Hi Kaffeeg, Good to see you are still around. Well done on your efforts. Are you Austrian ??


30/05/2016 at 15:36

Hi kiwi, good to hear from you! i'm half Austrian...my mum's from there.

how is your break from running going? Are you back on it again?

01/06/2016 at 22:44

I have been to Salzburg. beautiful. Austria was similar to New Zealand in the way that the mountainous air feels very clean. Where do your allegiances lie ??

Loving the time off. I enjoy the rest and recovery as much as the marathon training. To me it is all part of the same package !! Once I have bought some new trainers I will build up to the Barnstaple marathon.


12/06/2016 at 14:54

Heloooooo  not been in for a bit as disaster struck again !!!  Last run about ,3 weeks ago all was going well felt brilliant did 5 miles training plan on schedule then owch!!  thought I had cramp in my calf but  nooooo you guessed it tore a muscle in my calf  so three sessions of physio with the lovely Matt and first run today .  Yippeee so far so good  




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12/06/2016 at 20:08

Hi PIp. Just go carefully. Keep off the hills !!!!!! The worst thing for dodgy calf niggles/injuries !!!

20/06/2016 at 22:18

Any one around  ?  Well back running did just under 10 miles yesterday and calf was fine. I was very sensible and walked up any hills to protect my calf.  I have entered Swansea 10k  and Cardiff half.  Really enthusiastic again. Fingers crossed for the London Marathon ballot.  Waves to anyone around 












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02/07/2016 at 11:12

Heloooooo ! Anyone there ???

04/07/2016 at 22:11

HI Pip. Yes still here. Will always pop back for a chat and to see how it is all going. Building up to Barnstaple marathon after having a nice long break after running London. You ok ?


21/07/2016 at 22:47

Hi anyone about ?

I put something n here a few weeks ago,but for some  reason it hasn't  appeared. Well did Swansea half a few weeks ago now. Wasn't my  best time ever,but my calf was fine and no asthma problems yeahhh ,! Really pleased feeling very positive now. Agreed to do a tag triathlon with a couple of work colleagues...I am doing the 5k run at the end. So trying to up my speed a bit.  Managed to do 8.20min mile but want to be able to maintain that for the 3miles any advice on this would be appreciated Kiwi.  This is week two of my Cardiff half marathon  training ......so far so good.

Happy running ????????????












22/07/2016 at 19:01

Hi all,

Well done at Swansea pip and glad things are going well again. Like the idea of a tag triathlon and would also want to do the running leg. Not sure when Cardiff is for you but if a while away just train for the 5k, maybe do 600m reps with 200m recovery x 5

Why I'm enjoying running again since last posted, injury touch wood has been good and have managed a 5k and 10k PB in that time. 20.20 and 42.32

Hope everyone is well. 

07/08/2016 at 11:04

Hi Bigeater and PIP. Apologies again for not being on here much. Just so busy with work/coaching and my own training  etc. Well done on Swansea Pip, and great to hear the calf and asthma are behaving themselves

PIP The 5k at the end of the triathlon will be fantastic for you. It will be fast and great for speed in regards of cadence and faster leg turnover and so on. It will also take you outside your comfort zone.There is also a neurological side to fast stuff too.It improves brain to muscle communications. What Bigeater has put above is very close to what I did this last week, So a good speedier session. This is why I hit the rack and do 800s or something quicker. It will help your speed over the long distances. Even for marathons to run fast you need to be able to churn out some quicker stuff over shorter distances too. It is all about recruiting fast twitch muscle fibres. To help PIP can you give me your minute/miling average  time over the 1.13 miles from Swansea. This will help me gauge what time you could expect to do over 5k !!   

07/08/2016 at 11:07

Hit the Rack !!!!! I mean track !!!


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