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08/04/2011 at 15:23
Bleurgh to dull worky things booooooooo ....
08/04/2011 at 15:30
But last weekend out having fun before the marathon wagon beckons on Monday, it had better be worth it!
08/04/2011 at 15:35
It so will!!! Any plans yet? It's supposed to stay lovely
08/04/2011 at 15:36
A little bit of running, otherwise out in the garden and a birthday party on Sat night, and persuading the family they don't want me to cook a roast on Sunday when it's 20 degrees outside, how about you?
08/04/2011 at 15:39
Bbq at a friends tomorrow and recovering Sunday, am off work at the mo so have managed to get the housework done and dusted today which is a miracle! OH is driving me nuts though, he broke up for the Easter hols yesterday and us getting right under my feet already!!!!! Have banished him to his den upstairs lol!
08/04/2011 at 16:36

Lol I've been stuck doing the dull work stuff today as well   but almost the weekend

Full weekend for me! Poker night with the boys tonight, the office used to be quite male oriented, so they count me as one of the lads!.  Then off to see calendar girls with the girlies tomorrow.  So two very different nights out.

Happy running people, remember not to overdo it, taper, taper, give those legs a rest.

10/04/2011 at 09:12
Morning!!!!! Am thinking of all those doing Brighton today, not exactly ideal weather.......
11/04/2011 at 09:21

No it was a bit hot, hope its cooler next week. 

How are we all this morning?

11/04/2011 at 09:37
Morning morning!,

I'm feeling great after Brighton but it was jolly hot and I've got very attractive red and white legs - with white lines marking where my socks and shorts were. Not a good look
11/04/2011 at 09:56

Aww no, don't u just hate sunburn!.  Well done completing Brighton on such a hot day.  Hope it is a bit cooler next week.  Has anybody checked the forecast?

SBH, I've PM'd the rest of our runners except Chalky and Ex-pat-scot who don't have pm enabled.  I have also purchased a giant pink number 7 balloon and some smaller number 7 balloons and posted them direct to you.  They should arrive on Wednesday.  London Midland are having a ballot today to see if they will continu striking.  Hopefully it will be sorted and and trains will be running a normal services on Sunday.  Otherwise I may have to drive so far and tube the rest of the way.

11/04/2011 at 11:54


RH, well done for yesterday! Sunburn is rubbish, one of the things I'll have with me on Sunday is extra suncream if people need it, I'm not sure what the weather is due to do as yet...............

Gilly, I'll keep an eye out for the balloons, how exciting! I'm off to check out my train times for Sunday now Am going into London to do a pick up from the Expo on Friday so will make sure I get stuff for our group as a priority, will have Brother Bad Habit with me too so no worries for transportation, I'll just get him to carry it!!!!!!!!

We'll have plenty of jelly babies and jaffa cakes etc at Mudchute, does anyone have anything else they'll not be able to drop at the Expo that they'd like us to have? We'll have plenty of booze lol - we did have a couple of runners partake last year  and I'm going to try and make sure we have some water there too, I know it's just after the water station but you can never be too careful!

Oh, and in case anyone's worried, we never ever leave until our last runners have gone through, we usually wait for a good while after the line crew have gone past so although I know we have some speedy runners with us already, if anyone is concerned we won't be there we definitely definitely will

11/04/2011 at 16:46

Hi all,

Thanks to GillyMac for pointing me in this direction.  Apologies for being a pain but I hope I'm not too late to join as a runner. 

If ok, I can post my details and hopefully a pic later. (I'm at work at the mo obsessing about marathon stuff on the interent so don't have my number etc with me.)

I'm also up at the expo Friday with my OH so let me know if I can be of an help.

GillyMac wrote (see)

  Has anybody checked the forecast?

Oh, and I'm obsessed with the forecast. A nice 14 degrees at the moment!



11/04/2011 at 19:16
Cool but with no wind would suit me just fine thank you very much
11/04/2011 at 20:34

Hi team 7, back home from Brighton and looking forward to London, my third in three weekends. So team 7 is where it is at....

Here is my info: 

Forum name - Mattoo
Name - Matt

Race number
Estimated time to mile 17 - 1215-1245
What you'll be wearing - Will look exactly like this

Any special needs* - May run straight past, may want some loving, may want a swig of water, nothing specific though.....

11/04/2011 at 21:28

Hello!!!! So exciting to have a team number

Ok info:

Forum name: Nik40
Name: Nikky
Race number: 11044
Time to mile 17: around 12.30(ish!!)
Wearing: Everyman vest - name across front
Special needs: just a couple of jelly babies and encouragement / abuse - anything really!!

Thanks so so much!!

11/04/2011 at 21:33
I will get round to working out my time and posting up my number, I am in dinlow mode at the moment and haven't got my head around it yet. Well done for yesterday Redhead, I had a couple of friends who did it and said it was hot out there.
11/04/2011 at 21:44
Evening all, sorry for being a bit slow checking in.. Don't tell anyone but I may have been in the other place

Forum name longboat
Name (suggest you email this if unhappy to divulge via the forum)Ian
Race number 50903
Estimated time to mile 17 2:15
What you'll be wearing blue vest with yellow edging saying 'Ian', black shorts with yellow stripes
Any special needs* - several, but for the day I suggest we go with Waves, Cheers, and abuse!

Prep has gone well - the swim and sauna this evening were really tough! Looking forward to Sunday
11/04/2011 at 22:46
Longboat have you been Fetching behind our backs?

Matt, are you leaving us a muffin again!!! Lol

Wotcha nikky and Kate *waves to all* !!!!

I'm very excited, so looking forward to the weekend its one of my favourite times of the year!!! Gilly and I are both supreme experts at both hugs and abuse so there'll be plenty of both available!!!!
12/04/2011 at 08:15

Good morning all!

 I've finally remembered to check out my race number... It is  3413

What day/time is everyone getting to the Expo for? I get into London Saturday lunch, so I should get over there for about 2ish.

12/04/2011 at 08:25
I'm going tomorrow, anyone got any idea how long the registration takes, queues permitting of course....
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