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23/04/2013 at 09:13
This was my first marathon and I loved it - a really life affirming experience.

My favourite moment was almost a dark moment. I was fading badly on the Highway around mile 22 and slowed to a walk. A spectator perched on a wall spotted me and called out to me and urged me to keep going. I picked up my legs and got running again to a big cheer from him and his mates - I cannot tell you how much that moment meant at the time.

Worst moments were the Isle of Dogs , it felt never ending but the boost of seeing family at Canary Wharf kept me going. The crowd was astonishing.

I'd aimed for an ambitious 4 hours and actually clocked up 4:17:45. I started in pen 8 and found the mass of runners didn't clear sufficiently for me to have a go at that pace. Despite that, my splits were consistent and I felt good in the unknown territory as I passed mile 20.

I cannot wait to do it again!
23/04/2013 at 09:40

By far my favourite marathon, weather helped, but so much support. Managed to lead for a bit of the race www.youtube.com/watch?v=iCqSXbayHh0 

23/04/2013 at 11:04

My best moment of VLM 2013 (apart from the finish) without a doubt was seeing my daughter at Mile 18 with my granddaughter and best friend who I was raising money for – my daughter having travelled home from Peru where her baby was born.  I cannot top that moment and it gave me the push I needed, my daughter has been a top supporter of me and said after that in all my 10 marathons she has never seen me so in the zone!


My worst moment was at 22 miles when I felt my left leg cramping and suddenly had the slight panic set in of 'oh no, I am not going to achieve what I have trained so hard for'


My biggest surprise was a personal one; that I could get below the time I wanted for GFA, having never quite achieved the times I aimed for in the past and therefore not being in the company of quite so many fancy dress runners as in past years!


Well the most memorable moment without a shadow of a doubt was hitting the 800 metres to go and knowing that unless I hit some almighty big wall, sub 4.15 and GFA was mine!!


SO my goal was sub 4.15, job done in 4.11.49 and a pb of 7 mins! To say I am over the moon....


Celebration was tame, I had stuffed crust pizza at home with my daughter and granddaughter and a couple of pints of guinness – amazing recovery fuel!! Just chilled with them at home and felt the amazing after glow of actually reaching my goal.

23/04/2013 at 11:05

camberwell nice one!! love your worst and best moment

23/04/2013 at 11:54

Best moment : Turning the corner and seeing Tower Bridge in front of me. I had the biggest grin plastered over my face. As I ran across it was as if someone turned up the volume on the cheering, it was so intense. Then seeing my family at halfway, that was really special.

Worst moment : Realising at mile 7 I had developed a blister on one toe, despite the blister plaster on it, and the anti-blister socks.  Then it burst at mile 21 - lovely. It still couldn't spoil the day.

Next best moment : walking into the Leukaemia Research post race reception and having everyone in the room clapping me.

Last best moment : finding out I had beaten Kelly Sotherton & Iwan Thomas.

23/04/2013 at 11:54

Best moments: The constant din from the crowd, particularly at Cutty Sark, Canary Wharf and Tower Bridge, amazing support. The hose at 20 miles. Some guy chucking me a banana just before the tunnel of death. The registration chap at the Expo realising I had been put in the wrong starting pen and put a "3" sticker over it.

Worst moments: Said sticker falling off and having to start at Pen 9 which removed all hope of a 3:30 run. Dropping all my Shot Blocs through an unknown hole in my shorts pocket.

Biggest Surprise: The volume of people supporting, and how stunning London is on a nice day (I've never properly visited London before!)

Most Memorable: The scenes at Tower Bridge, running over was a buzz I'll remember for the rest of my life.

23/04/2013 at 12:06

Best moment was probably going over Tower Bridge - incredible atmosphere

Worst moment - Getting to mile 20, & my legs telling me they could no longer function properly

I was very suprised at how crowded the marathon was, and the amount of slower runners in front of me blocking my way

Most memorable was staying on track at mile 19 and seeing my friends cheers me on

I aimed for sub 4, got 4.21

Celebrated with a a couple of pints with my mates


23/04/2013 at 13:30
@Wabo - cheers! Well done on hitting the GFA time, fantastic achievement
23/04/2013 at 13:39
  • Your best moment (apart from the finish) 

Probably Greenwich/Deptford when I was feeling good and the crowds were from all different creeds/colours/classes and were all very friendly. Then I started getting tired.

  • Your worst moment

Needing a wee so early on despite trying my best to make sure my bladder was totally empty before starting.

  • What surprised you most about the day

The amount of support - I thought they'd be more quiet patches, especially after Boston. Is it normally that busy?

  • Your most memorable moment

Seeing friends cheering me on as coming out of Blackfriars underpass - was not expecting it and helped a lot.

  • What your goal was, and how your finishing time compared

Sub 2.55, got 2.50.21

  • And of course, how you celebrated!

Went to McDonalds on my own....


23/04/2013 at 13:39

shanko I got hosed at 20 miles, my hair was soaked and stuck to my head and when I saw my daughter at the finish she somehow thought my hair looked good!  What bad luck with the sticker and gels! Did you take th egels they handed out?  WHat time did you get inthe end?

23/04/2013 at 14:01

I ran Antwerp on Sunday -do you want my race report as well?

23/04/2013 at 14:01
  • Your best moment (apart from the finish) 

Seeing my wife and kids at about mile 12 - nice boost. The crowds at Tower Bridge, the 50 or so supporters from my club at about halfway. 

  • Your worst moment

Between miles 20 and 24 I can safely say I've never been in such pain from running - I couldn't get my legs moving and slowed to a desultory run/walk from there on. I was so delirious that I missed my wife and kids, their cousins and other family members at 23 miles. They said I walked past within a few feet but didn't flicker when they shouted. I think I was feverish by then. I did manage to jog the final two miles, however.

  • What surprised you most about the day

How badly I faded, to be honest. I'd had injury problems in the run-up, including back spasms after my last long run three weeks before and a dodgy knee in my last run on the Monday before, but the tightening up of my hamstrings after about 17 miles was about 11 on the pain scale. I think it shows how even a minor disruption can badly affect you. Or that I'm just not made to run marathons. It's definitely my last, of three.

  • Your most memorable moment

Just the crowds in general up to about 17 miles. After that, I have to admit the crowd became more of an irritant to me, though I know they all meant well.

  • What your goal was, and how your finishing time compared

Sub 3hrs40. Got 4hrs06.40. 

  • And of course, how you celebrated!

Wasn't really celebrating missing out by so much, but had a few beers with the club. That was bittersweet because so many people had done fantastic times.

23/04/2013 at 14:19
Bob Depledge wrote (see)
Highlight: catching up on my stats and realising that over the last 7k I passed 1313 runners and was only overtaken by 17 - be interested to know if anyone can beat this!

Yep - Mr Alki passed 1749 runners and was overtaken by 4. 

23/04/2013 at 14:21

Wabo I grabbed the Lucozade Gels they were handing out but as I don't train with Lucozade I found the gels too sweet and they didn't agree with me. It didn't matter too much, defeating the wall by keeping going was satisfying.

I finished in 3:46:51 which I am very happy with. When I ended up in Pen 9 I decided to forget chasing a time and to enjoy the event. And I did

23/04/2013 at 14:40

It was an absolutely amazing day, I was running (if you can call it that!) for Samaritans, so wanted to make people smile and was going to play "Bring Me Sunshine" every 5kms, but instead I played when anyone asked - although perhaps they regretted it!!  Also enjoyed dancing with the bands at every pub (didn't stop for a drink, honestly!). Perhaps I should have concentrated on running then it wouldn't have taken 7 hours, 9 minutes & 20 seconds?!! Everyone was so fantastic, the crowds, the children giving jelly babies, all the other runners and supporters and especially Doris, a fellow team member, we stayed pretty much together until she sped off towards the end!

23/04/2013 at 14:50
Best- got to be the crowds and crowds of spectators, and running over Tower Bridge still feeling strong and in control-well it was early on......

Worst- full on sun, it was sooo hot

Surprise- how congested it was for most of the race

Memorable- seeing family cheer me on, really needed it, such a boost

Goal- aspirational was 4.20, realistic was 4.30 - did it in 4:33:33 which I'm thrilled with.
23/04/2013 at 15:38

Your best moment (apart from the finish)
- 1) seeing my Mum after 17 miles 2) entering the last 6 miles feeling the best I ever had after that distance 3) nerve jangling in the starting pen and the 30 second silence
Your worst moment
- a lot of Isle of Dogs, roads too narrow and crowded between miles 15-17
What surprised you most about the day
- support in the early part of the course especially outside a lot of the pubs - fabulous
Your most memorable moment
- the drummers under the flyover somewhere in the first half - deafening bassy racket
What your goal was, and how your finishing time compared
- 3:30 goal, got in at 3:28:01, totally delighted
And of course, how you celebrated!
- bucket of ice cream at home with Mrs and dog watching the re-run of Alistair Brownlee smashing it in San Diego earlier

23/04/2013 at 15:53


Another newbie here & my first marathon was London! Talk about throwing myself in at the deep end. The Best moment? The whole weekend....from Saturay registration, to Blackheath on Sunday, to the finish....I didnt want to set myself a time to be honest, just enjoy every second I could. Still, aimed for 5 hours & achived 5 hr 11, which included last 5 miles pretty much power walking....more of that in a mo.   The worse? Around 19 miles getting a shocking pain slap bang in the middle of shoulder blades. Legs,feet,all fine....middle of back/shoulders? Felt like Id been shot! 14 min miles to the end though...(lankiness does come in handy!)   Suprised? For the newbie....the noise! People giving me such encouragement when they could see a bit of struggle, and the fellow runners around me too egging me on. God, what a unity!   Memorable moment? See family & fellow blackpears at 15/21 miles who have been a tower of strength with support since I started running last October, and crossing the line....blowing a kiss towards the heavens above for my mentor/trainer/friend who sadly passed away last month   Celebrated? Of course....Champagne & a beef roll on the 1700 from Marylebone!
23/04/2013 at 17:43
Peter Collins wrote (see)

Just the crowds in general up to about 17 miles. After that, I have to admit the crowd became more of an irritant to me, though I know they all meant well.

 .... Glad I'm not the only person who thought that - felt pretty guilty about it! Embankment I was desperate for some peace and quiet ...

Edited: 23/04/2013 at 17:43
23/04/2013 at 18:14
Vicky Yello wrote (see)
Peter Collins wrote (see)

Just the crowds in general up to about 17 miles. After that, I have to admit the crowd became more of an irritant to me, though I know they all meant well.

 .... Glad I'm not the only person who thought that - felt pretty guilty about it! Embankment I was desperate for some peace and quiet ...

I think, Vicky, it's just natural when you're reaching the very limits. I found that there's nothing worse than walking in a running race with thousands of people urging you on, and simply being unable to comply. My thoughts were uncharitable to say the least, but I think those people I silently cursed would forgive me.

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