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05/12/2012 at 21:08

Hi everyone I’m Caroline and I’m new to the RW forums. I came across the Asics Target 26.2 competition last year whilst searching for tips on a marathon training program and I was very impressed (and nervous for the final 5) as I followed their training highlights and video clips posted on the website and how they ALL achieved their goals in Paris.

I’ve always been competitive in water sports and having recently discovered that I can run, I’ve been very encouraged and motivated with how my times have come down in correlation to the hard work that I’ve put in. I never (in a million years) believed that I could run and I never used to enjoy running because every time I tried to make it round the block I’d literally feel like a “fish out of water” gasping for air because as a swimmer I was more at home in the water than on dry land.

When my coach lost interest in me when I peaked at age 10 in the pool and told me I’d become fat, I turned my hand to other water sports finding it was easier to float in the water than to run!  I tried running many times to keep my weight down but it was such a struggle mentally and I battled with stitches every time I ran so I’ve always associated running with an endless negative cycle of dieting, binging, and exercising and failing to look as slim as a super model!!

Going through list of water sports I discovered triathlons 12 years ago and after years of falling apart in the final run leg as all the RUNNERS came flying past me, I finally came to the realisation, with the help of a few comments from other people, that I just wasn’t built or born to be a runner. I came very close to giving up but something rose up inside of me wanting to prove people wrong.

I joined a local running club (Larkfield A.C.) in January 2010 where I wanted to join years before but I falsely believed that I had to be a fit and fast runner first so I wouldn’t be left behind. That very first club run I STILL gasped for air as I tried to hang on to the group for dear life because I didn’t want to hold them up. It was still a struggle to join them every week initially and often I’d arrive at the club and then drive home because I didn’t believe I’d be able to make the full distance.

It’s coming up to 3 years since I joined the club and you wouldn’t believe my change of heart… I’ve grown to love my running MORE SO for the lovely friends I’ve made at my running club and the weekly chats that last all the way round (I don’t even notice the distance I’m chatting so much!). I’m running regularly because I ENJOY IT and I WANT to go for runs. Boy I’ve changed . I’m also finding I want to eat healthily to fuel my running and mind because I feel so grumpy if I’m eating junk. It’s such a positive turnaround. I also love the buzz and comradery of fellow runners at races who “get you” when your dear sweet non-running friends don’t, not to mention the greatest reward of seeing my times come down the more I run.

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05/12/2012 at 21:26

I’ve managed to get my marathon times down from 4:00 (VLM 2010 “Restoring Hands”) to 3:29 (Edinburgh 2011), then to 3:15:01 (VLM 2012 “Hearing Dogs for Deaf People”) by making up my training on a daily basis fitting it in around a busy work life as a vet and I’d love to see how close I could get to the BIG 3:00 with a proper training program, professional coaching and people positively spurring me on. Unlike my swimming I refuse to believe that I’ve “peaked” so I’d love to see how far I can go with a positive outlook and hence I’m in the PB Hunter group.

I would love your support and vote so if you’ve enjoyed reading my story here’s the link to our PB Hunter voting page where you can also meet the other PB finalists. xox CaroT Link to PB Hunters' Voting Page

05/12/2012 at 22:13

Go Caroline, great runner and a lovely person, you deserve to win this, backing you all the way x

05/12/2012 at 22:34

Thanx Mark

05/12/2012 at 22:41

Caroline, you are a great inspiration to a lot of your friends, so much more than you know. We may joke, but we joke with you not at you. Well done for your progress so far & I wish you all the best. I'm voting for you!


05/12/2012 at 22:56

WOW Derek! That really means a lot to me! Thank you for all your support and for always pushing me at the Monday Sweatshop runs! You can be here too next year

05/12/2012 at 23:22

i share the same determination and inspiration you do caroline i wont give up just like your self you and lacs coments lift me sky high ever week im so pleased for you just go out there next spring and smash it !! we all know your capable xx

05/12/2012 at 23:36

Scott we've all seen such a massive +ve change in you and I struggled to overtake you last night, you were just cruising up that hill! You've done / doing so well. Keep up the PB's in the Park Runs xox

06/12/2012 at 07:14

Caroline, your story is such an inspiration to everyone.  You are such a lovely person, always encouraging others in their goals yet always quiet in your own acheivements and PB's (unlike me!!)  With your determination and dedication in everything you do, I am sure you will acheive your dream of a 3hr marathon.  You so deserve to be one of the Runners World 5  You have got my vote xx


seren nos    pirate
06/12/2012 at 07:37 said you followed last years threads........what stopped you joining in and posting on them and becoming a regular posting when you enjoyed them

06/12/2012 at 07:47
What an honest, open and inspiring story Caroline. You have such motivation and drive, yet one of those runners who just deliver amazing runs and results all in your stride and in a very modest way. You deserve this chance to really reach your potential, which I'm sure is 3hrs (or sub!) Your swimming coach who should be ashamed of themself let you down, but now through this great opportunity you have the chance to right a wrong! You have my vote and all my support. Go girl! Xx
06/12/2012 at 11:06

Hi seren nos, nice to meet you . Last year I signed up to receive RW weekly marathon newsletters ((and weekly triathlon training and weight loss newsletters!!)) by email and that's where the Target 26.2 really caught my attention. I guess I didn't see the links to the forum followings in my quick reading through the emails to get to the meaty stuff of exactly how the 5 were getting on. Now that I know a few of you already, I hope that I will be able to make valuable contributions to the forums and encourage others no matter the final voting outcome.

06/12/2012 at 13:45

Wow Caroline! What a progression in your marathon times! Very impressive!

06/12/2012 at 20:03

Hi Caro. thanks for the post, it was great to meet so many inspirational runners last friday. Its a shame we cant all go to Paris! But having met everyone I'm up to support whoever gets through.

Can't believe your coach was so mean to you! You show him girl!


06/12/2012 at 21:31

Hi Caro, you've gone from strength to strength in the short time we've known you and always encouraging to others. So you go for it girl, you've certainly got our vote and we know you can beat that 3:00 hr mark. We look forward to following the next part of your story. See you at the next run P & Fx

06/12/2012 at 22:30
Hi, I hope your campaign is going well. I've only just realised that you have 5 in your group. Good luck, it was lovely to meet you last week.
06/12/2012 at 23:31

Thanx RRR, jenf, and SO4!! I'm so pleased to see that all of your campaigns are going really well.

Thanx also to you too P B and F B! You two are such great ambassadors for road running in Kent and always ever so friendly, and always with some friendly banter thrown in too! Long may we all run xox


06/12/2012 at 23:32
I have a friend who says that too, he adds it to the bottom of all his emails, it's nice
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seren nos    pirate
07/12/2012 at 09:03



 todays question


 what do you hope to gain from the forums and what do you think you can give to the forums

07/12/2012 at 10:29

You intro was really interesting and you remind me of how I was about 4 years ago, looking at what you've written it is great progression.  Do you race other distances and what times have you set?  Also what is your training like at the moment?

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