What amazed and inspired me more than ever was?

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27/04/2007 at 07:45
mm -could be -mind "more tea vicar" is the more usual calling;O)
27/04/2007 at 09:42
What amazed and inspired me was the two diamond geezers (both complete strangers to me), Richard & Robin who rescued me with 800m to go when I could barely stand let alone walk.

Without them I'd never have got my medal.
27/04/2007 at 13:13
Anyone see the chap fast walking who had "southmead hospital kept me alive for 10 years" on the back of his top.. i found that REALLY inspirational.

They could have pulled the plug, let him slip away, but they never, he;'s here today doing something amazing... puts a tear in my eye thinking about it.

27/04/2007 at 13:18
he was running when i saw him Joe

I wonderd if he was a kidney patient
27/04/2007 at 13:36
A personal thing but seeing my kids at mile 11 having the time of there lifes and cheering there heads off inspired me.

I stopped and gave them a massive hug, i could not stop crying for 20 minutes. People kept shouting "keep going" thinking i was in real pain, must have looked a real state :)

27/04/2007 at 14:04
Ah, the kids!

- Seeing those little arms outstretched from the crowds about two and a half feet in the air with a jelly baby or an opal fruit on offer.
- hearing "Go on, Phil Pub!!" being shouted out by an obviously very small person who isn't old enough to appreciate the wonders of said hostelry.

27/04/2007 at 14:51
what really got to me was just the amazingness of it all.

The world is such a selfish place these days, profit is king and people rarely do things if there is no self gain in it.

To take part in an event where the majority of people are doing it for someone else, is a truly humbling experience.

The supporters, the crowds give up their time to come and support and cheer the runners on - to keep them motivated around the course. They dont need to, they arent being forced to, but they do...

The runners, dont have to run/walk/stagger 26.2 miles for charity, no one is forcing them to endure a week of sore muscles and agonising blisters... but they do...

And ultimately, someones life is made better as a result of it. We all, in some small way make life a little better, a little easier for someone out there.

I found that just truely moving.
27/04/2007 at 14:53
that's what inspires me too joe:O)
27/04/2007 at 15:13
I saw a billboard at around 21miles that said something like "After running 100s of miles I'm not giving up on the last 26". That got me going and gave me the push I needed.

That and the thought of Hoose looking out for me squatting in the gutter!
The Green One    pirate
27/04/2007 at 15:42
What inspired me was, 800 metres from the finish, the runners clambering over themselves to stop and help others who had staggered and fallen. I’m pretty sure I would have done the same, but I didn’t even get a chance to think about it, people ahead of me were right there to make sure others were okay, and in one case I saw two runners carry someone through that last bit to get the medal.

Oh and the old man more than twice my age, who overtook me at mile 22!
27/04/2007 at 21:27
I think the Sikhs at the Woolwich Gurdwara were brilliant with their support banner and drum repertoire!

I can well see how the marathon appeals to the Sikh tradition!

Let's have a full dhol collective out next year guys - now that would be really inspiring!!!
27/04/2007 at 21:34
Oh, and on a religious theme, the priest outside the church in the early stages was billiant last year, dishing out the holy water across the runners as they went by his church.

My skin fizzed for a while after it hit me, but I went on to complete the race......
27/04/2007 at 22:35
I finished my first marathon in 8 hours (hip seized up at 12 miles and I could hardly walk, I wasn't going to give up either). The thing that inspired me to carry on when it got toughest, around 22 miles, was the two women I saw on the other side of the road still at 13 miles and still going. I've no idea who they were or if they made it but I thought if they are still going, so am I.
The vicar(?) blessing us all, the band at the first underpass, the noise from the pubs, especially when I pretended I couldn't hear them, Londoners going into their homes to get water for us, all these things and more kept me going. And ensure I will be back for another go next year.
27/04/2007 at 22:38
What people can do when they participate in a common cause.
28/04/2007 at 12:46
Phil Knowler - that was Lynn Ashton I think, she did it last year as well, needs oxygen tanks dragged along next to her, and she does as much as she can each day, took her 5 days last year, so brave

This is her website: www.justgiving.com/lynnashton

It might be last year's though.
29/04/2007 at 09:34
Thanks to the lovely cockney cheeky chappy who came over to me when I was struggling at 19 miles and gave me a bit of his pint! Not a fan of beer but his kindness and encouragement was lovely!

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