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for a first time applicant

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18/10/2002 at 10:03
I've done about 6 half marathons so far (doing maybe 2 a year)and this year decided to continue and also my training through the winter having applied for FLM '03. I've never done a marathon before. Does anybody know the chances of getting in? Are places for marathon virgins limited or do they have same chance as everybody else. Should i build my hopes up?

18/10/2002 at 11:18
Paul. In 11 years I have only been accepted twice via the ballot. If you are rejected then apply to a recognised charity, there are loads advertised who offer a Golden Bond place. All you need to do is obtain a certain amount of sponsorship for them. One top tip is to make a note of the cheque serial number you sent with your application and if you didnt pledge it to charity then if it is cashed in Dec you are in. Wyn
18/10/2002 at 11:22
shouldn't get my hopes up then. as an astmatic myself i was going to run for an ashtma charity. if i'm unsucessful in the ballot i'll try and get in through that route then. cheers.
18/10/2002 at 13:25
I was a first time applicant through the ballot last year, and was successful! so there is a chance :-)
19/10/2002 at 00:17
Paul. I know of 2 runners who have been accepted 2 years on the trot. Its a lottery and I'm in it!
19/10/2002 at 09:28
You have the same chance as the rest of us.
Minimal !
Get a gold bond place fool
19/10/2002 at 10:37
Applied every year since '94 , got in in '94 and '02 rejected the 7 times in between
20/10/2002 at 13:33
Does the amount you have to raise for gold bonds vary with the charity?
21/10/2002 at 13:12
Each charity seems to have a different amount required for a Golden Bond place. I have run for the Meningitis Trust who went from £600 a few years ago to almost £1000 now. If you were not too bothered about who you would like to run for VICTA only ask for £750. Its a small but very worthwhile charity for visually impaired children. Hope that helps.
03/11/2002 at 13:11
I first applied last year after watching it every year on the tv. I was delighted when I had been accepted, have also applied this year and just waiting to see if my cheque has been cashed. You can apply for a gold bond place but there is a lot of pressure to raise a large sum of money. That is the worst thing about doing a a sponsored run the collecting afterwards. Good luck whatever you do.
03/11/2002 at 15:56
I applied in 1999 and ended up getting a Golden Bond place. Collecting money after the Marathon was a lot harder than doing the training.
I was accepted via the ballot in 2000 and I have now applied for 2003.
30/11/2002 at 00:31
Yes there is hope of getting in!

I to am a marathon virgin,people told me i wouldn't get in on my first attempt but i have recieved conformation of my place in the 2003 FLM..

So dont give up hope!!!
30/11/2002 at 14:38
If going for a place through the ballot then I feel everyone has the same chance.

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