What time should I aim for?

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24/10/2002 at 03:54
I'll get my 10K time down to 40 minutes or so fairly soon, fingers crossed. With the appropriate training, I'm hoping that a sub-3:15 marathon should therefore be possible without killing myself in the process - although NOT in my first marathon (probably FLM) in which I have the rather more realistic "first marathon" aim of 4 hours!

Realistically I'll probably have to wait almost a year before I can see any sub-3:15 marathon result (a marathon every month or two is highly inadvisable!!) and that's even assuming the marathon distance suits me.
24/10/2002 at 06:31
ok...i'm weird...but getting better as i've stopped bitshifting ;)
am off for another 4 mile wonder in a bit (possibly even a shifted one....no that's bad!!)
still to finish my bagels and coffee and to choose my music....rem maybe....
will be nice to get some more miles in when foot starts behaving,,,, can only live in hope ;)
24/10/2002 at 09:46
(2.2 * HM_time) pretty accurately predicted my marathon time.

It would have been better, but I kicked for home at 20 miles and limped for home from 23 miles. Lesson: pacing is everything.
24/10/2002 at 12:25
MM, putting off the evil moment with ASP.NET

Fluffa, you've never pretended to be anything other than weird have you

Psi, will be looking at 4 hours as well if I get in
24/10/2002 at 12:45
ASP.NET BK? I never realised you were a Microsoft weenie. J2EE, now that's a technology for real men...

To get back to the topic, I looked up my predicted marathon time based on my latest 10 mile time. I can honestly say it scared the **** out of me. Not a chance I'll do that time for a marathon anytime soon.

24/10/2002 at 13:00
No most of us get slower the further we go, unlike our mad friend Fluffa. I'm not a Microsoft fan but my company is.
24/10/2002 at 14:03
i might be mad, but at least i'm a friend hey?
actually i might just change my pic to one of me at 25 miles in manchester.....i do look rather determined ;) yes will have to do that.....my man took a few pics of the race, and managed to capture my contorted facial expressions at every possible opportunity....(and cellulite dammit....i've never seen it before but i have the photographic evidence....i'm sure it's not there when i stand still!)
i have had another thought as to my strange marathon performance ...laziness...maybe i start too slowly as i'm just pure damn lazy....on the other hand, i am rather intrigued by the thought of having ultra running potential...the only real problem i can see with ultras is the sheer quantity of music i'd have to take with me....maybe some of that psychedelic trance stuff ;) or ambient...just chill away the time....yeh right ;)
24/10/2002 at 14:20
Fluffa, are we related at all?! My PB for the half is 1hr 50, PB for the Marathon 3hrs 41.

Going for sub 3.30 in London next year.

24/10/2002 at 15:33
quite possibly !
i've never raced a half marathon but i doubt i'd get it down much past the 1st half split for the marathon....
can't wait for london.....i'm after 3.20....figure if i can do the 2nd half of a marathon in 1.40 and not be tired at the end then i can do both halves at 1.40 and be very tired at the end....although 3.20 is a bad time to aim for...i mean it's too close to 3.15 to not just get on with it and go for 3.15, but 5 minutes is a bloody long time really....
maybe we can have a sing song as we sprint across the finish in london ;)
and hey, good luck with it, if i don't speak to you 'til then!
24/10/2002 at 20:07
my half split at London this year was 1.47, but I'm not sure how that happened! Of course this meant that the second half was very slow...

3.20 is a good time to aim for - you could see how you get on in the first half and speed up a bit if you feel ok, see if you can break 3.15!

we should definitely have a sing song, maybe from about mile 24 to keep our spirits up?!!

minnie x
24/10/2002 at 20:26
I did a session of the very-reliable Yasso 800s today that predicted my marathon finish time, at my current level of fitness (i already have the endurance base thanks to work) as about 3 hours!!

Clearly, however, for my first ever actual marathon I will NOT be trying to be some "PB hero" and am still going to stick to the more conservative (and fun?) 4 hour target. Specially as it's London - unless you're an elite athlete, big races like London are an experience to be savoured, not a dull race to set PBs in! (just my opinion :) )
24/10/2002 at 20:29
ps: are you a manchester person Fluffa? I ask because I recognised you from your photo - I saw you running near Kingsway when I went to have a quick look-see at the route!! (I live nearby).

pps: I recommend some fluffy Armin van Buuren stuff to start, followed by Astral Projection for the "meat" of the run, followed then by me hard NRG from Weirdo to finish :D

ppps: Plea to Forum moderators: please re-code Forum to include edit function. thank you.
24/10/2002 at 20:40
hiya...i'm not from manchester anymore....was born there, and moved back to go to music school...now live in cambridge ...i moved here to go to uni, and just stayed...
i wanted to go to manchester 'cause it's a bit of an old stomping ground.....we went up for the weekend and had a pretty cool time....ahhh i really forgot how good chips and curry were ;)
i like the music plan.... i normally have underworld or some chilled trance for the first 2.5 hours, and then some of my favourite r.e.m tracks (usually reckoning and out of time) to finish...bit of a change of scene.... used to be dire straits but i'm getting sick of them....i thing a total change of music is a bit like a new race....
so you recognise me from the marathon? which bit was kingsway? i was a bit lost in electronica ;)
minnie....def. up for that sing song....might piss a few people off but worth it!
24/10/2002 at 20:41
Not a chetham's girl!!!
24/10/2002 at 22:12
fluffa, you're on.

i will give some thought to what we could sing. currently listening to highway to hell (ACDC - don't ask!!) which, by mile 24, it could be...

m x
25/10/2002 at 03:03
Er, Kingsway is the street name of an A-road near Levenshulme and Fallowfield. I forget which A-road it is, but it's fairly major. It's about 3 miles from the city centre as the crow flies, but I have almost no idea of the rest of the Marathon route so I don't know how far you'll have run. I don't even remember if you were actually running down it - I was in a hurry and my brain processed the following information: "Want to go across road. Can't. Blocked cos of marathon? Yes - see girl in red shorts and Camelbak like I use for bike. She wears race number. Must be marathon. Have to go elsewhere." :D

Ironically enough, my best friend is moving to Cambridge fairly soon.

Possibly see you at FLM (you can borrow one of my minidiscs if i remember them! :) )
25/10/2002 at 06:20
don't think there were any other girls in red shorts and camelbaks....nice to have met you ;)

afraid i did go to chethams...what a weird place ;)
25/10/2002 at 06:26
minnie, acdc....hmmm never heard any....it can't be that bad...i have been known to listen to status quo....when i was little (ahhh) my mum used to come back in the evenings from her 3 miler singing an asthmatic rendition of "rocking all over the world" ...naturally, when i started running i just thought quo was the stuff to run to....and it's not all that bad for once in a while....you just have to be careful not to sing along ;)
25/10/2002 at 10:36
Yup! Only ever known weirdos come from there! (Not that you're weird!)
25/10/2002 at 12:35
acdc aren't too bad, their stuff does all sound the same, but highway to hell isn't a bad track, and quite relevant!

status quo...never considered them, but it might just work

had a bad run yesterday (grr) so i'm trying not to think about running too much (despite being on the forum) and any associated songs

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