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What do you have for Breakfast marathon

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24/02/2003 at 17:10
Hi Gang

Just curious at what people eat for breakfast on marathon day?

So come on all you Jamie Olivers what gets you fueld up for the great race?

the bearwood athlete

24/02/2003 at 17:24
I keep reading that the ideal breakfast is "something like scrambled eggs on toast". Personally I think I'll be too nervous to stomach anything like that and will stick to my usual bowl of cereal. Not very adventurous but at least I'm used to it!
24/02/2003 at 17:28
Meggles I've read that in several places. As I've said on the other thread I have a bagel @ 7am and that's it. It all depends on what has worked successfully for you in training.
24/02/2003 at 17:31
A couple of weetabix a banana and a glass of water Pretty dull but it works for me.
24/02/2003 at 17:43
this has been on my mind too as all the books etc say 'don't change anything' just b4 race... but I'm staying at a hotel in London and they haven't requested my personal eating plan yet. Have thought of taking my own food but I'm paying a fair wee bit for hotel. All this talk of runners trot(which up tp now I've avoided..) has got me worried that if I eat something different, well....
24/02/2003 at 17:51
mands - you're not considering having a full english before the marathon I hope?

By all means take with you what you normally eat if they might not have it. Is it something unusual? Or daren't I ask?

24/02/2003 at 17:56
For long runs I have an energy bar or drink, bagel & probably some OJ or water. Coffee if I have time, usually on the 35 trains that I have to catch to get to these races.

When staying in hotels or B & Bs I just have coffee & toast off them & bring my own energy stuff.
24/02/2003 at 18:24
I normally have a full scottish(??)...consisting of cereal(special K), banana, yoghurt bla bla, but I like it 'just so'.. something else to obssess over. That's if easyjet don't cancel all their flights on the Sat which is my current worry. Mad... I never said I wasn't.
24/02/2003 at 19:28
I have 80-100g of Fruit & Fibre cereal plus 250 ml of milk three hours before the marathon and a cup of sweet tea (approx 400-500 cals). I have the same before long runs except that I have it one hour before.
24/02/2003 at 19:31
for my first marathon, nothing

I wouldnt recommend that though
24/02/2003 at 20:23
mands - I'm sure you can get all that at your hotel, though obviously you'll want to check in advance. I'd hate to be flying the day before, plus getting to the expo by 5pm etc. I'm sure it will be all OK, but the training is worrying enough without all that hassle.

Make sure you've left yourself enough time between airport and getting to East London for registration. Whatever airport you're arriving at, it's going to take quite a while to get over there.

Good luck

24/02/2003 at 20:36
I aways have scrambled eggs on toast plus a couple of bananas before a race.
24/02/2003 at 21:11
Is stanstead really really far away???? My flights at 10-30...should take an hour. Help! Will I make it....'Nervous trots' coming on. I had no idea we had to register b4 reading this forum. Hey ho.. May be an expensive taxi ride.
24/02/2003 at 21:45
I'm getting the train down but did think about flying. You can get a train to the centre of London from Stanstead. They run every 15 mins and I think it takes about 45 mins. I decided it would be more relaxing to sit on the train for 4hrs reading and eating!
24/02/2003 at 22:04
I like lots of breakfast but not the fry-up variety, and hope the hotel serves a good choice of breakfast cereals, yogurt, nice bread (not soggy toast), proper butter, cheese, jam and fruit. And I shall slip a 'narna and a roll into my pocket to eat just before the start of the race.

Oh, and coffee. Lots of lovely coffee.
24/02/2003 at 22:05
Stansted is a fair way out of London but as Minni says, the train connections are good. I think they go to Liverpool St.

24/02/2003 at 22:15
The worst thing I did last year was decide to eat extra before the race. Always for long runs I just have a bagel and black coffee about 3 hours before. But for the FLM I had extra food, plus a cereal bar just before the race. What a mistake. Unless you normally eat just before your long runs, I think it's a mistake to do so before a marathon. I felt really bloated, and not like running at all.

You can pick up the extra nutrition on the way, or take a few gels with you to stave off the glycogen crises.

It's the most standard bit of advice there is, but just do what you normally do for your long runs.

Also, people tend to go mad with water before the race, and spend the hour beforehand queuing up to pee. Certainly keep well-hydrated the day before, and have a bit of water in the morning, but you see people on the train to the start swigging 2 litre bottles of water. Crazy. Unlike your long runs, there is ample water during the race - every mile or two. There's no excuse for dehydration.
24/02/2003 at 22:35
Before embarking on great physical endeavours or journeys, the Mazandaranis (happy mountainy inhabitants of the somewhat chilly Caspian Sea region of N.Iran) are famed for preparing in advance and offering to travellers a very special kind of breakfast

This "ash" is a kind of thick bean soup made from stewed goats head and chunks of tail fat...

Being offered and eating this at some ungodly hour, before the sun gets up, is something of a tradition amongst "coo-navardiehs" (= trekkers / climbers) who visit the region.

Am sure the Ibis in Euston could lay this on if enough express interest ?


PS Sadly, am sticking to energy bars
PPS Mazandaranis must really hate us..

24/02/2003 at 23:24
I *think* (please check) that you can get the DLR straight from Liverpool Street (or a station nearby) straight ot the Docklands Arena to register if you're in a rush.

Brekkie for me will stay the same as normal before a long run - porridge with honey and milk. I'm just worried about the timing, I'll have to eat about an hour earlier than usual and will be starting running 45 minutes later. No way to avoid this and still get up there in time.
Iron SwissBobby    pirate
25/02/2003 at 07:37
As the normal routine for London is Breakfast at about 6 am for a race that starts at 9:45 I have the full greasy spoon fry-up!!!! It is a real luxury for me, and makes a great change from museli.
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