why can people get in year after year

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29/09/2011 at 17:30

 Its many people dream to run the streets of london (including my own). I yet again have been turned down and i was so up set as really wanted to do it for the charity that helps me with my child by giving me rest bite even if its a couple of hours. I usually run in this time to de stress.

I believe to make things fair you should only be offered a ballot place every 5 years, especially as scrapped the 6th year deffo in. In the mean time if people want to run then they should  do it for charity. People who say got in 1,2,3 years on a trot and likes of thousands of others who getting up set with rejection. Once every 5 years is not being greedy and give the oppotunity to others who may want to do it for personal reasons.

Im sorry but still up set as had my heart set on it but looks like i be having may half term in scotland. All i want to do is say thank-you for all they done for my son and small charitys need funding.

29/09/2011 at 17:34
Have you contacted the charity and asked if they have a place? Charities get thousands of entries in the London marathon, which are nothing to do with the main ballot.
29/09/2011 at 17:35

Don't forget there are other marathons, Yes London is well known there all the same distance, look at one of them instead.

29/09/2011 at 17:44
Hard work and a sub 3.45 gets you in. Do you really want it?
29/09/2011 at 17:46
Its a small one so no they isnt and i dont have time to raise thousands of pounds being a single working mum to a disabled child. training take place when he goes school and me starting work. Speaking to someone at kilomarathon charitys have to pay out loads for a place in london with a few year contract. Thats why they need thousands raised to cover there own cost before the gain owt. The atmosphere in london fantastic as been down before to watch it. Nottingham full marathon there is no atmosphere when you leave half stage. thinking about edingbrough
29/09/2011 at 17:49
People who get in year after year probably have GFA/Champs places or know someone useful. No one is that lucky in the ballot.
29/09/2011 at 17:56

Lisa, if you really want to raise the money for your charity then do it through another marathon.  Edinburgh lacks the crowds but a marathon is a marathon no matter where its held.  If you want the 'big' event why not do the GNR? 

Sussex Runner (NLR) wrote (see)
Hard work and a sub 3.45 gets you in. Do you really want it?
Its 3:50 now!
29/09/2011 at 18:02
Minni you look like Nell McAndrew. Are you?
29/09/2011 at 18:03
Yes I am! 
29/09/2011 at 18:03
I'm not really.
29/09/2011 at 18:05
Just what i was going to say.
29/09/2011 at 18:05
Pity because she's really fit. But I guess since you're a looky likey then so are you!!
29/09/2011 at 18:05
There's another way in - become a celeb!
29/09/2011 at 18:06
29/09/2011 at 18:58
I wanted to do it for my charity, I emailed and emailed and eventually they gave me a place, I didn't think I could raise the money, but I raised half in one charity event on one day/night, I think if u desperately want something u will get it, relying on the ball lot alone like the other hundreds of thousands of people just isn't enough.

Sorry If that sounded harsh it wasn't meant to be x
seren nos    pirate
29/09/2011 at 19:10

I think running london marathon and raising money for your charity are two seperate issues...............if you want to raise money for the charity there a million and one ways of doing that including running other marathons...................

so no need to link that to your own personal desire for running London.........yes you want to do it so either just wait for your lucky time..........or train for aGFA time.

 Good luck with both challenges

29/09/2011 at 20:13
As a Londoner its my taxes and congestion charge which pay to maintain those streets, as such I fail to see why I should feel guilty about applying and getting in my local race.
I live a healthy life style and do not place unreasonable demands upon the health service or my enviroment and choose to run solely for me this year. So what's the problem?

Last year I ran various events for charity including London even though I had a ballot place, as I would not be held to the large ransom demands of charity.
If you want people to run for charity petition the charitys to stop asking for massive sums of money and people such as myself would be happy to do our best, but the sums people are asked to raise are simply offensive in some cases.

This year I will not run for charity through choice and I do not think its appropriate to suggest that everyone should do so. I dare say Paula Radcliff is not running for a charity and im curious to know if you think this is OK or should she be dressed as a womble raising money?
There are many ways to raise money, the marathon is not the only way to do so.
Edited: 29/09/2011 at 20:16
29/09/2011 at 21:45
Lisa - Do you know many folks who have got in through the ballot several years on the go? I got in twice but that was out of around 8 entries.

If someone is doing it year in/year out then they must be qualifying.

I can understand why you are upset - I don't think a lot of people realise how low their chances of getting in are and so the rejection magazine can be a bit of a blow. In terms of raising money for your charity - Surely any big event will do - the GNR (as mentioned earlier) has just as much 'fame' as the London marathon and I believe a slightly better chance of getting in.
29/09/2011 at 21:46
It is what it is so just suck it up. Plus its a running race first & foremost - not a charity event.

If you are that interested in running a marathon - just pick another. Simple really.

And that is the real Nell McAndrew in my pic.
Iron Pingu    pirate
29/09/2011 at 21:57
3 ballot places for me ... sorry
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