1500m Training For Masters European Champs 2010

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11/10/2009 at 22:51

Hi All

I started running more seriously in feb of this year with the aim of putting up a decent 5k time.  I ended up doing fairly well (for a 36 yo anyway) in middle distances.  With this in mind I've made my goal a medal in the over 35's 1500m final at the European Masters champs in Hungary next year.

 I thought I'd start this thread as it covers running for older folk and track racing - hopefully we can use it to exchange ideas / compare schedules.

 Just back from a transition phase - week 1 of base 1 looked like this (week 2 starts tomorrow):

M: 5m easy.
T: 6.41m with drills, strides and 8 * 80m fast relaxed.
W: a.m. 2.13m recovery, p.m. rest.
T: 6.1m easy.
F: a.m. 2.22m recovery, p.m. 4.38m easy with drills.
S: 9m easy.
S: Day Off. 

Anyone else booking a trip to the same championships?  If so, which event?

18/10/2009 at 20:18

This week was a bit disrupted by hand surgery (put under + skin graft from arm) but got the training in.

M:  a.m. 2.21m recovery
      p.m. 7.85m easy with strides & 6 * 300m hills concentrating on form.
T:  a.m. 2.28m recovery
      p.m. 6.52m with drills.
F:  a.m. 2.22m recovery
      p.m. 8.45m w / 5m progressive run 80% through to MP.
S:  p.m. 6.07m easy with drills.
S:  p.m. 10.5m easy.

 2009 Masters World Rankings came out the other day and somehow I ended up ranked 19th for the 35 - 39 age group in 800m:


18/10/2009 at 21:49

Your times for someone who's just started this year are stunning Andrew.

 For what it's worth you're clearly speed oriented (I couldn't touch your 2,4 and 8 times but my only 1500m this year was 4:11) and so perhaps working with a sprints coach might be of use?

 You've got some good runners at your club like Will and Alan- do you train with them at all?

18/10/2009 at 22:03

Hi mate

I'd done some competitive running in 2000 - 2002 and spent last year playing tennis on the seniors tour so was pretty fit so I wasn't coming off the couch.

I would be aiming for 800 this year but have a wedding to go to when the Euro finals for that are on and think the stamina work will help the 800m.  I've thought about focusing on the 400m, but want to give the middle distances a bit more time - I'm not ready to give up on my poor stamina yet!  I will be working on my speed this year as well.

 I've been training on my own but am probably going to try and train a bit with the Bedford group (Will and Alan train with them I think).

BTW - I bookmarked your blog a while ago - good stuff, wish I had your stamina!

25/10/2009 at 16:54

A solid week of training for week 3 of base 1:

M: p.m. 4.17m recovery run.
T: a.m. 2.26m recovery
    p.m. 7.97m with drills / strides and 2 * (4 * 200m) at 3k pace with 100 jog between and 400m jog between sets.
W: a.m. 2.28m recovery
     p.m. 6.9m easy
F:  a.m. 2.24m recovery
     p.m. 9m Progressive 75% of 5k pace thru to 3 miles at MP.
S: a.m. 4.1m easy with drills, strides and 8 * 100m fast relaxed.
S: p.m. 11.64m easy.

Total Miles: 50.56m.

01/11/2009 at 13:52
A good week this week (base 1, wk 4), although I can't shake a tight ham and knee pain:

M: a.m. 2.2m recovery.
p.m. 6.12m easy run.
T: a.m. 2.25m recovery
p.m. 9.98m with strides and 6 * 300m hill concentrating on form
W: a.m. 2.25m recovery
p.m. 6.97m easy with drills
F: a.m. 2.25m recovery
p.m. 10m Progressive 75% of 5k pace thru to 6 miles at 6:22 p/mile. Strides.
S: a.m. 5.43m easy with drills, strides and 10 * 100m fast relaxed.
S: a.m. 12.5m easy.

Next week is an easier week, with a 5 mile race on sunday.<!-- / message --><!-- sig -->
Edited: 01/11/2009 at 13:53
01/11/2009 at 17:58
some questions, how many of these sessions are you boys doing on the track.
What exactly are strides? Think i know but want an explanation!
Same again with drills??
Moraghan what is your best 5K time
Only asking as I have just got back into the sport after 12 years sabatical
01/11/2009 at 19:09

In the last week I only did the 10 * 100m on the track, the rest mainly off road.

Strides are relaxed faster runs of about 20 seconds each. Designed to help turnover without incurring fatigue and definitely without strain.

 Drills are designed to improve running efficiency by breaking down the stride into exaggerated elements.  These are the ones I do:


My best 5k is 16:30 - at the moment I stink at that distance!

01/11/2009 at 22:10
i would not disregard 16.30 as being stinking, u done a 10k
01/11/2009 at 22:17
I suppose I meant relative to the shorter stuff.  Best 10k is 35:30 but I have rarely raced it.  Hopefully knock that PR on the head on new year's day.
01/11/2009 at 22:25
i have just really started this year too and i am 42 next month
still finding my feet and have decided to use 10k as a template for training and work up and down
times are 17.06 for 5k
35.28 for 10k
59.51 for 10 miles
1.19.51 for half oh and 2.12 for 800 metres
i honestly believe i can beat these times before the end of the year if i can keep injury free, doing a 10k on sunday and a 10 miler in mid november
01/11/2009 at 22:32

Fantastic times mate - well done.  Unlike most runners it looks like you have a really good balance of speed and stamina.

 At our ages the biggest challenge is keeping injury free!

01/11/2009 at 22:36
aye i have a wee niggle in my left groin tonight, hopefully it will pass, rest now till club race on tuesday, you on facebook Moraghan as i would welcome your advice from time to time, if not i will post my email address on here until you receive it,
ps if you are on fbook are you the hillwalker or the skier???
01/11/2009 at 22:40

I'm icing my knee at the moment - more fun than icing the groin!

Yes, I am.  I have the hill walking photo up mate.

08/11/2009 at 18:30

Bit of a knee niggle this week, but fortunately it was a rest week so just rearranged the rest days.

W:  a.m. 4.2m easy
      p.m. 4.19m easy.
T:   a.m. 2.39 recovery.
      p.m. 9.11m with drills, strides and 2 * (6 * 200m averaging 35.79 w / 100  jog rest; 400 between   sets)
F:   a.m. 2.24m recovery
     p.m. 6.11m easy
S:  a.m. 6.79m easy with drills, strides and 6 * 100m fast relaxed.
S:  a.m. 10m total with 5m race in 27:58 (5:35 p/mile pace).

New set of training paces for the next 4 weeks as a result of the race.

15/11/2009 at 19:33

Very frustrating week, as the knee pain came back so I had to have 3 days off and go easy the other days.  The hardest workouts remain the ones you have to omit because of injury.  I hate getting old.

The jury is still out on the knee....

M: 5.14m recovery.
T: OFF - injury.
W: OFF - injury.
T: OFF - injury.
F: a.m. 2.25m recovery
p.m. 6.09m easy
S: p.m. 8.13m easy.
S: a.m. 13.18m easy.

22/11/2009 at 17:10
Knees held up pretty well this week, so I managed a full week. Tired today.

T: a.m. 2.28 recovery.
p.m. 9.15m with drills, strides + 2 * (4 * 300m) averaging 54 secs with 100 jog recovery.
W: a.m. 2.3m recovery
p.m. 8.51m easy.
T: a.m. 4.53m easy.
p.m. 3.52m easy.
F: a.m. 2.23m recovery
p.m. 11.25m inc 7.5 miles at marathon pace (6:16 p/mile).
S: p.m. 5.94m easy with drills, strides and 10 * 100m fast relaxed (12.64 fastest).
S: p.m. 14m easy (7:37 p/mile pace).

Total Miles: 63.72m.<!-- / message --><!-- sig -->
29/11/2009 at 15:43

Week 8 of Base 1.  Knees held up well on the whole and fitness returning.

M: a.m. 5.97m easy with drills.
T: a.m. 2.38 recovery.
p.m. 10.69m with strides inc. 2 * (5 * 300m hills) form, then medium effort.
W: a.m. 2.27m recovery
p.m. 9.55m easy with drills.
F: a.m. 2.24m recovery
p.m. 12.11m inc strides & 6 * mile at (6:16, 6:06, 5:55, 5:46, 5:35, 5:25) each with 400 recovery jog in less than 3:00.
S: p.m. 4.51m easy with drills, 1 mile of diagonals.
S: p.m. 14m easy (7:22 p/mile pace).

Good luck with your training and racing.

06/12/2009 at 14:22

Bit of a cold.  Rest week and last week of base phase 1. 

M: a.m. 4.06m easy.
     p.m. 4.08 easy.
T: a.m. 2.24 easy.
    p.m. 8.5m with drills, strides inc. 2 * (4 * 400m @3k pace).
W: a.m. 2.25m recovery
     p.m. 8.5m easy.
T:  a.m. 2.25m easy
     p.m. 6.23m inc. drills, strides, 7 * 100m fast then 1 * 300m at 1500 pace.
F:  a.m. 2.26m recovery.
     p.m. 7.09m easy.
S: 10.5m inc. 5m race in 28:25.

08/12/2009 at 22:00

Moraghan You training seems top notch and your track times are superb. Well done on the 19th placing in the ranks.

Was told of this thread from a lady on Fetch. Sh said you would be great for the adivice im after. Ive 8 weeks to go until the irish indoors and will berunning the 800m. I am aiming for sub 2.00. My pb is 2.00.9 and was run as the last event in the school multi events and was ran alone. Was in sept 08. I then decided to run a few marathons in 09 and now going back to 800's.

Any sessions you would recommend to help me achive this goal?

 Im in 36.30 10km and ran 3.32 pretty easy in dublin

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