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28/10/2012 at 16:35
Tek- top stuff, buddy!!! Enjoy the beers!
28/10/2012 at 17:15

Tek- Brilliant, Well  done and enjoy the beers. Well deserved!!

28/10/2012 at 17:19


That's encouraging.  Have they said if it will stay the same?


Awesome.  Well done.

28/10/2012 at 17:47
Race coverage of Snowdonia marathon is on S4C at 8.30 this evening.
But probably only in Wales
Unless you can find it on Sky
28/10/2012 at 19:27
Great result Tek really deserved and sounds like much better ahead. Enjoy the ale, and the hangover

Yes it's on SKY jason, have sky +'d it and will watch after I've got a few down me at my pool match tonight. May even have an extra few for Tek.
Edited: 28/10/2012 at 19:28
28/10/2012 at 19:28

Well done Jason

Tek-twas only a matter of time before you smashed it fella and today you smashed it in style.Enjoy getting pished mate

29/10/2012 at 07:15
Well done Tek. All those miles really paid off. Congrats.
29/10/2012 at 08:13
Cotton wool: Teknik : Cotton wool
Hope your head's not too bad today
29/10/2012 at 11:05

Didn't get round to watching Snowdonia coverage last night as the beer got the better of me  so watching ot now as i've a day off work.

What a beautiful marathon Snowdonia looks, absolutely stunning in places.

Think i've seen jason a couple of times as well assuming he has the same colours on as his profile pic ????

29/10/2012 at 12:00

mace- yep, blue and white TROTS vest, distinctive green shorts, blue shoes. It is a cracking race- tough as nails, but great atmosphere and scenery. Back for number 5 next year

I can't walk very well today.... 

29/10/2012 at 12:30

Tek - Brilliant stuff mate Hope the hangover isn't too nasty today!


9.75 miles @ 10.01 for me today. Felt pretty tough going. Fitness has dropped a lot in the past few weeks I think. Which actually gives me pretty of cause for optimism.

29/10/2012 at 16:26

Frankfurt 2012

I reached the start-line this time with a feeling of anticipation and confidence, rather than the usual dread and sense of impending doom.  It was cold – it had snowed a little on Saturday, and although the day was bright and sunny, it was no higher than 2C.  I joined the bins with a sweater on top of my MacMillans vest, and stood shivering for twenty minutes, surrounded by everyone else in jackets, snoods, and leggings.  I was going to throw the sweater at the start, but I knew it would get pretty cramped so with ten minutes to go I lobbed it over the fence, and seconds later started to shake uncontrollably.   A lot of guys were laughing at me, until someone asked where I was from. I shouted my reply in my best Gerrard Butler voice – “Spar-ta!”

I had given myself a long talking to the night before, and decided 8.35mm pace was going to risk a blow-up, so decided on the 8.45mm pace band.  I took one last long stare at it as we marched up to the start-line, and then we were off.  Predictably I had to weave around a load of runners who had picked the wrong bin, and when I passed the first 5k marker I swore – the Garmin read 3.26m, and I spent a fair amount of the next few miles extrapolating the extra 0.15m, with Berlin’s “extra” 0.75m fresh in my mind.  “Stick to the blue line” I kept saying.

I went through the next few 5k markers at fairly even splits, the average pace box on the Garmin settling around the 8.38mm mark for most of the first half. As I went through I checked the HR – it had just nudged 80%max, so I knew I had plenty left in the tank.

In my head I kept repeating two mantras – “lift, lift, lift” to get my feet off the ground quickly (a tip from the triathlon camp), and “core, core, core”, to make sure I wasn’t slouching, and keeping upright to breathe as deeply as possible (Gobi tip).

I concentrated hard to maintain pace and hit mile 20 in under 2h55, and a smile spread across my face – as AGF had predicted – I knew I had bagged a sub 4. I resisted the temptation to up the pace, all the time telling myself “next mile” – it was easy to be patient, as by this time I was ghosting past hordes of fading runners. 

By now I was recognising signs of glycogen depletion – mental maths conversion of km / m was slowing down, and I felt dizzy – so I took sip of gel from my bottle every kilometre, swilling it around my mouth (I had reached stomach overload point so I couldn’t take more).

At mile 24 I latched onto the back of one of the relay runners – they were doing 10.55k each – but after a few hundred metres my left calf was twitching, so I gave up on him and eased off. Finally the Messe Tower came into view, with about a mile and a half to go, and it dawned on me that I could just break 3h50 – cue an 8.10mm finish, ending with flashing lights and a red carpet inside the Festhalle.  

3h49m40s.     Small negative split 1h55/1h54.

Sore knee to match the sore head today!

29/10/2012 at 16:33

Thanks everyone for your congratulations.

Here's the splits for mace et al.

1) - 1m - 8:33(8:33/m) - 153bpm avge - 165bpm max -   (72%)

2) - 1m - 8:33(8:33/m) - 155bpm avge - 160bpm max -   (73%)

3) - 1m - 8:25(8:25/m) - 156bpm avge - 163bpm max -   (74%)

4) - 1m - 8:15(8:15/m) - 158bpm avge - 163bpm max -   (75%)

5) - 1m - 9:30(9:31/m) - 159bpm avge - 166bpm max -   (75%)  don't remember going to sleep here...GPS glitch I think

6) - 1m - 8:51(8:51/m) - 161bpm avge - 166bpm max -   (76%)

7) - 1m - 8:34(8:34/m) - 164bpm avge - 170bpm max -   (77%)

8) - 1m - 8:22(8:22/m) - 164bpm avge - 170bpm max -   (77%)

9) - 1m - 8:32(8:33/m) - 164bpm avge - 174bpm max -   (77%)

10) - 1m - 8:42(8:42/m) - 165bpm avge - 170bpm max - (78%)

11) - 1m - 9:22(9:22/m) - 166bpm avge - 177bpm max - (78%) P stop

12) - 1m - 8:36(8:36/m) - 169bpm avge - 177bpm max - (80%)

13) - 1m - 8:44(8:44/m) - 170bpm avge - 178bpm max - (80%)

14) - 1m - 8:37(8:37/m) - 172bpm avge - 177bpm max - (81%)

15) - 1m - 8:46(8:46/m) - 173bpm avge - 179bpm max - (82%)

16) - 1m - 8:44(8:44/m) - 174bpm avge - 180bpm max - (82%)

17) - 1m - 8:50(8:50/m) - 177bpm avge - 181bpm max - (83%)

18) - 1m - 8:46(8:47/m) - 176bpm avge - 181bpm max - (83%)

19) - 1m - 8:51(8:51/m) - 178bpm avge - 182bpm max - (84%)

20) - 1m - 8:40(8:41/m) - 181bpm avge - 185bpm max - (85%)

21) - 1m - 8:45(8:45/m) - 181bpm avge - 185bpm max - (85%)

22) - 1m - 8:55(8:55/m) - 181bpm avge - 185bpm max - (85%)

23) - 1m - 8:54(8:54/m) - 182bpm avge - 187bpm max - (86%)

24) - 1m - 8:32(8:32/m) - 184bpm avge - 188bpm max - (87%) 

25) - 1m - 8:55(8:55/m) - 183bpm avge - 186bpm max - (86%) 

26) - 1m - 8:09(8:10/m) - 187bpm avge - 195bpm max - (88%)

27) - 0.41m - 3:23(8:11/m) - 191bpm avge - 199bpm max (90% to 94%)

Edited: 29/10/2012 at 16:34
29/10/2012 at 16:35
Tek- great consistent running
Edited: 29/10/2012 at 16:36
29/10/2012 at 16:46

Tek - average 80% ?

would you run it differently with the benefit of hindsight ?

so didn't you look at HR at all before half way ?

29/10/2012 at 16:56

Thanks Jason - great run in Snod!

mace - 81%, although I'm not sure it's a useful number over 26 miles. I did look at the HR all the way (although I had decided to ignore it if it was "bad") - ran to pace, not HR, the fact that it stayed under control was a confidence booster.  In hindsight I think I could have nudged 3.45, but with the way my knee is right now, I'm glad I didn't try.


29/10/2012 at 17:32

Great run Teknik. My average marathon HR is about 172 - 175 so probably much the same. Would you recommend Frankfurt marathon then? What sort of course is it?

Glad I'm not doing New York, worrying about a hurricane is on a whole different level!

HM4 no word but I guess it just stays the same or goes away!


29/10/2012 at 18:46

Nice report Tek. In my first marathon hitting 20 miles in good shape and under 3 hours was a better feeling for me than actually crossing the finishing line because that was the point I knew I was going to finish and get sub 4 hours.

29/10/2012 at 19:13


Well done & great report.


Hope it does go away.

29/10/2012 at 19:35
FionaC - usually asymptomatic and benign but unlikely to go away unless there is a remedial cause such as side effect of medication.

Tek - good write up and race strategy played out.
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