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06/07/2013 at 13:04

Right, time to catch up.....


This is when I've got to get out if I want to run during the week as I don't have enough time in the mornings as we don't set the alarm any earlier than 6am unless it's needed for going away on holiday.


Well done on everyone's training and good luck for the weekend's races.  The technology problems have been sorted with a new laptop.  The trackpad & mouse buttons started to get over sensitive and it was a nightmare to use the laptop even when I plugged a mouse in.  The old one will be repaired with new keyboard etc & be used as a spare.

06/07/2013 at 13:05

NP nice recovery jog yesterday

HM hope you get the stuff sorted

AGF good luck this weekend for hitting another 70

Jason nice running this morning

Stuart fingers crossed on the Parkrun time.  Not easy in this heat...

IJ nice hot 6m - going to be really hot tomorrow. Good luck !!

MG super pace on your LR in this heat!  Enjoy the rehydrating

NN/Fiona/ OH I'm looking forward to the reports


I've managed to CBA all week n the press-ups...must try harder.  8m for me this morning - 3m on the road alone, then 5m in the woods with the club.  Nice to see our 4 Ironmen (3M, 1F) back from IM Austria.  Nope, not tempted...


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06/07/2013 at 13:07

HM cross post - glad you're sorted

06/07/2013 at 13:32


You're not the only one.  I don't know how my old laptop didn't go flying across the lounge.  Had it been Chris it would have happened, however Chris has just said it was a very close thing.

06/07/2013 at 16:52
wet 13.1! but good tail wind
came in at 2h02 by Garmin
FionaC did well (as expected)
I predictably finished up in the harbour (well couldn't get much wetter )
06/07/2013 at 17:52

MG1, well done for a good 18. I'm kinda glad my rin tomorrow is limited by a finish line at 10 miles!


Had a lovely day out today... cycled 4 miles to a pub across the city to watch the Lions rugby unfortunately my weight loss plan was ruined by the Full Engish fry up with pints of shandy and pepsi and 900 cals of steak, bacon, sausage etc. Oops!

Then cycled 3 miles including a beast of a hill and parked at the end of the runway at RAF Waddington to watch displays by The Blades (4 small aerobatic planes), then the Red Arrows, then the Vulcan. Awesome.

Then cycled round the south of the airfield and back through the city. Total 21 miles and 700 calories burnt, so now I'm allowed some dinner!

06/07/2013 at 18:19

20:46 - Not in the least bit amused with that

06/07/2013 at 19:42

HM Lol I know that feeling

OH well done at the Harris Half

IJ sounds like a great day out !

Stuart - oh bugger

06/07/2013 at 20:21

Good luck to all the weekend's racers

Stuart, next time ....

Tek, that's a stonking 17+ fella

AGF  - big aerobic miles, great stuff.

NP - sorry to hear you're struggling, let's hope you're 100% soon

Make sure you hydrate well at the wedding MG , well deserved after that 18.

Monday, Weds, Thurs off this week and i'll probably finish with around 30M but i think the extra rest was due and i've been sleeping for England  

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06/07/2013 at 20:53

Hi will catch up with all the posts later.

Had an amazing run, something totally different for me today, a real official FELL RACE !!. I was beginning to wonder if I had the done right thing entering what with the injury only just better, but I am fed up with not doing any races.


not sure if that will work !! but basically we climbed to the Golden Cap, the highest point on the South Coast,

I cant write long race reports as I cant ever remember much but today is a race I wont forget

There weremany what I would call proper Fell runner types, I had to scrape around in the back of the shed to find something that resembled an off road shoe, not worn for about 3 years probably !!

Charmouth is part of the Jurassic coast and famous for the fossils, the beach looked awesome and there were loads of bathers and walkers supporting the sun was out and everyone seemed in such a great mood !

I started at the back temps high 20s here today !! and just plodded my way through the first couple of miles and was amazed to see people walking before .75 of a mile !! there was a 578m over 2.5 mile climb to start with then a very sharp descent over a miIe on gravel and grass and through nice smelly farm land am glad it hadnt been raining, it would have been treacherous then another 550 m 1 mile climb up the highest point !! I was still overtaking and I was determined not to walk and didnt until about 20 meters from the top Mace I think you said you had walked the Golden Cap before ? I had to stop, not to catch my breath but to admire the views , it was then I realised I hadn't really pushed myself but was pleased to feel so strong, but today was all about regaining my confidence with the ankle, once I got to that point I started to push a bit harder the worst was over, still plenty up sharp up and downs , I was holding off runners quite easily and one of the few that didnt walk most of the hills, I was less than 1 min behind a lady I would normally race in with and she said she had really pushed herself,the race finished at a school Fete where there was a Fire Engine and hey !!! we got hosed down by a hunky fireman a great way to cool down.

Not sure of actual time but 1.25 on the garmin 7.9 miles


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06/07/2013 at 20:55

Sorry about the link..but it does work if you are interested

06/07/2013 at 21:38

Well done to our racers today, NN great report, SM unlucky mate always next week, won't be long until you smash it, Tek another good run OH well done mate windy here too but very warm

IJ, sounds like you've had a good nice nice fuelling between the bike rides

jason, you're piling on the miles

MG, great run hope you're having a good time at the wedding


10 mile run yesterday after work windy but very warm too didn't mind the wind kept the sweat out of my eyes at least, cricket again today unfortunately we got beat again, always next week, long run tomorrow should be fun

07/07/2013 at 09:13

mace sounds like the rest has done you good

NN that sounded like a fabulous race !  I'm so glad the ankle was ok, and well done on those fierce hills !!

Stewart well done on the 10 miler, hope the LSR goes ok today


Up at 0630 to get my MP run in before the heat kicked in.  Happy with 7:57mm over 8 miles, av. HR 78%, with the last few miles a fairly stable 82% or 83%.

Another week is over: 69m in 10h04, 8:45mm avg. pace, 70%max avg. HR (and no, Fiona, I'm not going out to do that last mile...)

07/07/2013 at 09:18

Still a great Parkrun time Stuart, the heat makes fast running tough!

MG1 well done on the long run, I'm sure the wedding would have helped the rehydration.

Teknik not surprised about the Ironman, one up here yesterday the Celtman with the run at the end being up and down 2 munros (hills over 1000m)

IJ nice cross training, must get the bike out again!

NN what a fantastic race and report. Sounds great fun and very different to the usual race. And a PB!!  

mace sounds like you needed the rest.

Stewart a warm day here, good luck with the long run.

Yesterday left the house at 6:30am to catch the 9:45am ferry at Uig. As we drove West the weather deteriorated until by Uig (on the West coast of the Isle of Skye) it was blowing a gale. The walk down the pier to the ferry was interesting just trying to stay vertical.

Happy to report I still have my sealegs as felt fine and we arrived at Tarbert on Harris in good form. A short walk to the community centre to get organised. It was great to meet OH and Elspeth.  Always nice to put faces to names on the thread and have a chat.

Then to catch the buses out to the start. It was horizontal rain by this point. The bus stopped just before the start line (a comfort break for the brave - facilities being the Atlantic!!) I stayed in the bus as folks looked as if struggling to keep their feet in the wind!

Reluctant to leave the bus but had to get out and within a few minutes we were off. A record entry apparently, results not out yet but maybe 120?

At least the wind was on our backs at the start which made it easier. I should have left the bus for the Atlantic stop and had to end up dashing off the road at mile 4!! Anyway, another no garmin run so not fussed about time.

For the whole race we were buffeted from all directions by the wind and for most of the race there was also driving rain although it could have been a lot heavier!  It was a shame that the sun was not shining for the scenery!

Through the whole run I tried to run steadily. I know that the feel was not true HM effort aerobically but the hills were quite leg sapping especially at mile 8 when running into the wind and uphill. There was a chap in front of me who I overtook on every uphill then he would go past me on the flat and downhill. However the last uphill was followed by a steep downhill before the finish to the pier so I did make an effort after that uphill and did not see him again until he crossed the line behind me. As I crossed the line I heard them say 1:34:00 exactly which I am happy enough with. I think that is the end of my Garmin-less runs!

So age group prize and the chap who drove us to Uig won the 50+ prize and 50+ Heb3 prize. He did the run in 82 minutes. (The Heb3 is the best cumulative time for 3 of the Hebridean half marathons)

The run was followed by a sauna for me, others swam in the pool (or OH in the harbour!! ) but I was too cold for a swim. Then a bit of a wait for the ferry which got into Uig just before 11pm and home by 1:45am.

Legs feel fine today but very tired so may just get a short recovery run later. A stunning morning!

Good luck to anyone racing/running long today.


07/07/2013 at 09:37

Fiona- well done on the race and the report- the weather is clearly very different up with you!

OH- well done to you too

NN- well done- you clearly loved the race! I haven't done a proper fell race for a couple of years, but do love them- they tend to be much cheaper than road races and far more friendly- with food often too

Tek- get those press ups done!

SM- Sure you will crack the sub 20 on a cooler day

IJ- lol! Sounds like you balanced the calories

I decided to get the long run out of the way today, miss the worst of the heat and not miss the tennis. 18.12m in 2.13.42 (7.23 av) and back home by 9am Already very, very warm though....


07/07/2013 at 09:48

Stuart , that is still a very good time, dont be disappointed with that, I have never even done a 5k , 10k is short and fast enough for me.

Fiona a smashing report and a great time !! its hard to imagine the weather being that bad, when it was so hot here, and I think you made a wise choice opting for the sauna rather than the swim.

Tek you have done some brilliant mileage over the last couple of weeks, and nice HR on the MP run

Stuart hope the long run goes well today, well done on the 10 miles pity about the cricket loss better luck next time

No running here today off to se Ollie Murs  my friend and I are taking her teenage daughters...that's our story and we are sticking to it...

07/07/2013 at 09:56

Nice One Jason - good to get that done early

Fiona - Sounds like you had quite an Adventure. Nice report too Well done on a cracking time too and age group win !!

OH - well done too fella. I can understand jumpig in the see in 28degrees - but in teh weather you were in ?  Hardcore !!

NN - I read your report and thought that sounded very chirpy. I then saw the bit about the hunky fireman and it all made sense  Seriously - well done and sounds like you too had a cracking day out. Enjoy todays concert !!

Stuart, Thats a very good time in this Heat. Sounds like its a Hot day PB for 5k

UP early as well Teknik - Nice one - and a cracking run too !!! your training is going brilliantly.

Stewart - a long run the day after a 10 miler sounds hard core - good luck fella

Mace - A cut back week is not a bad idea now and again - the sleep sounds like your body needed it too. You will be firing next week

Iccle Jim - I too watched the Lions - Brilliant.... then a BBQ too - Lovely saturday

HM4 - Hi - hope the new laptop is working well !!


Just over 10 slow miles this morning in the heat. Some with Lulu whom is now getting better after being "done" last week.... Happy with the weeks work - but soon will need to do some speed training instead of long slow miles...

Weeks Stats:  74.4 Miles, 11hrs 43Mins, 9:27mm. 

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07/07/2013 at 10:18

AGF- nice run and nice mileage for the week

07/07/2013 at 10:45

AGF - Nice running for the week

NN - That race sounds seriously tough going, well done. Enjoy Olly Murs later. There is a couple of boys at the pub who seem to love the guy

Jason - Great run earlier

Fiona - Another cracking half yesterday, brilliant

Tek - Nice run this morning, and another with great numbers for the week.

Stewart - Good work on the run, shame about the cricket though!

Stewart & Fiona - What's the course like for the Loch Ness 10k? I'm not doing the marathon, but have a hotel booked for that weekend so think I'll go up and visit my mate. And given that I've missed the entry deadline for Stirling the week before, doing the 10k up there sounds a plan to me.


Spent last night moaning about my parkrun time Although, from what I can gather I must have ran 6:36 for the 1st mile. As it's uphill it's my own bloody fault for ending up missing out on a PB, really should be more like 7:00.

Got up early to do my 10 miler, but pretty quickly it was clear my left ankle needs a rest So just done 3 and went home. Hopefully be ok for at least 13.1 tomorrow, although I suspect the limiting factor will be the heat (25 degrees forecast here) and hangover (hopefully celebrating Murray winning Wimbledon), and not my ankle




07/07/2013 at 12:44


It is !


Well doine on everyone's training & races.  I was out polish my halo at 8am this morning and did 5 miles.

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