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18/01/2013 at 22:32
Well tomorrows race has now been cancelled.... so will run my hill.
Welcome seven d's.
AGF well done getting out for 10.
NN great running well done getting out.
18/01/2013 at 22:35
NN, the 188 reading I got was the other week on a 10 mile run with a off road section up to the mast, so I would imagine its a few beats more than that, good run tonight as well looks like you finished strong

Tek, good run, I'm think about doing a body balance class should help with flexibility

NP, thanks again for the advice re swapping out trainers, I've ordered a new pair of precision 13, will alternate with the ronins, hit the 12st mark last week, delighted

Sevendaughters, welcome and good luck

AGF, sounds like a good run, I've only ran once in the snow it's hard work

Stuart, congrat on weight loss, hope you get your run in on Sunday

No run for me today, decided to rest up legs are feeling better, I was thinking about doing a park run tomorrow but that may not be the wisest thing to do, so ill opt for an easy run probably 8 miles
19/01/2013 at 08:18

Some good running yesterday, guys. NP- my sympathies on the weather! Our trial parkrun has been cancelled due to heavy snow.

No internet connection yesterday, but managed to run! Best of both worlds- made a big snowman in my garden with my boy, then discovered that only 2 miles away the roads were snow free! 14m in 1.37.08 (6.56 av) followed by 1m warm down

19/01/2013 at 08:56


That was handy.

19/01/2013 at 10:58

8.35mile w/20.55 parkrun. Thought a PB was on, but fell apart on the hill at 2 miles. Ah well. Heart rate was through the roof this morning, not sure why. Hit 180 on my warm up

Gym later.

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19/01/2013 at 11:57

NP sorry your race was cancelled - hope you enjoyed your hill

HM lol

Kaz well done on getting out

Sevend's welcome to the thread

AGF nice snowy 10 miler. Awesome mileage so far this month...

Stuart good cross training y'day, and nice running today. The HRM strap might be playing up in the cold - I get a bad contact until I've run a mile or two, even when using the gel.

MG I'm a big fan of Brooks Ghost 5 too...

NN yep it's yoga in a hot room. Not far off a sauna in fact. Great low HR on that MLR, well done on the pacing.

OH eek horrible weather. Hope the LSR goes ok

Stewart - I'll do anything to improve my flexibilty and balance - lots of one-legged stuff. Hope you enjoy the easy 8 miler...

Jason great day y'day, and well done on the medium run.


12.69m this morning - 6 on the road on my own, then joined the club for a trail run.  I had to lead it as the normal pathfinders were all absent. Went a bit further than normal, so I had about 30 grumbling clubmates by the time we got back, soaked by the sleet. Shame



19/01/2013 at 12:07

Well done on leading the run Teknik, doesn't look like they had much to grumble about at 6.69 miles!

Shame about the parkrun Stuart but still a great time, better watch you are not coming down with something.

jason another cracking run - and a snowman!

Stewart I hope you felt the benefit of the rest day.

NP shame about your race but that hill will be a great run as usual.

20 for me today. Now to have lunch and head into the office.


19/01/2013 at 12:29
Nice 20 Fiona, my first is a 21 next Sunday - cant understand why 21 and not 20 ??

Tek - lol @ mr unpopular ... Nice run

Nice building Jason - in both a running and snowman context

Stuart - good parkrun and re the HR i agree with Tek. I first had problems with my strap after I'd lost a bit of weight so it was loose. They also tend to work loose naturally I find so need to be tightened up. Mine only needs to be slightly loose to get bum readings and always sky high, never low. And to make extra sure, wet with saliva and then whack a blob of KY jelly on it ... Job's a good 'n

Reading back that last sentence doesn't sound like a running forum lol.

Made a last minute decision this morning to do my 15m LSR instead of the scheduled recovery 5m. With heavy snow forecast later today I thought it was best ... Actually it was my good wife who suggested it .
Felt a bit hard last few miles but then I guess that's why a recovery run was scheduled in the first place.

Have good weekends everyone
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19/01/2013 at 12:38

Good to get the 15 done mace. Had a laugh at your HR para but must try that! I get rubbish readings for anything up to 2 miles at times but contacts not great round the ribs. Chopped a bit off the strap as far too long but still get dodgy readings.

Pleased to see you are on the mend kaz.

AGF that's a good approach with Lulu, more honest than sneaking out the back door! Nice snowy 10 miles.

Great MLR NN!

Hope the new shoes did well MG1.

Welcome 7D.



19/01/2013 at 13:49
18 miles on snow packed canal paths which were decent to run on and some pavements which were not so good as the snow had turned to slush. Fiona C the Brooks Cascadia trial shoes got there first proper outing and have to say they were very gripy and comfortable. Managed 2.39 - 8.59 9.12 9.03 8.53 8.48 8.56 8.40 8.44 8.37 8.54 8.58 8.45 8.42 8.43 9.09 8.56 8.49 8.54 , more than happy with that in the artic conditions.

Now for some rest, hope everyone has a good weekend of running
19/01/2013 at 14:01

SC Hope the legs are feeling fresher today.

Jason well done on finding a clear stretch for the 14 yesterday and this mornings run.

HM4 do you have any running planned?

SM6 Well done on the park run+ the extra miles enjoy the gym.

Teknik Well done on the 13 miles funny how some folk just dont go out in the cold or complain when they do.

Fiona another fantastic 20 into the VLM bank not sure what it was like with you but very windy here. Depending on what top I wear depends what sort of HR readings I get, I think sometimes static can build up  and give you false reading.....

Mace well done on swopping and easy five for 15,"wet with saliva and then whack a blob of KY jelly on it ... Job's a good 'n" You been reading the wifes fifty shadesLOL when I read that 

Well ran up and down my hill added on two miles to give me just over 10 miles been two years since I ran up in so much snow






19/01/2013 at 14:02

MG1 Cross post well done on your  18 miles

19/01/2013 at 14:47
Jason, nice 14 miler, strange there was no snow a few miles away, bit of a result

Stuart, shame about the parkrun pb but there is always next week

Tek, nice run, I hope the group appreciated your leadership

Fiona, another 20 in the bank, take it easy at work

Mace, these women folk do talk a lot of sense, enjoy the 5 mile recovery tomorrow, I use ECG gel works a treat

MG1, good running in the snow

NP, another good hilly run and the snow would have made it harder

Just back from my run and photo shoot, some of the JS group were asked to volunteer to be in a promo pics for the half marathon, we were used to silhouette the word "Inverness" it actually looked quite good.

8 miles easy on a route I haven't ran since the summer, the legs are feeling a lot better, I did feel a little discomfort in the last mile, but after a good stretch they feel good now.

8miles 1:28:xx, @10:59mm, 140(74%)
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19/01/2013 at 15:12

Jason - well done on the miles and the snowman - I bet your lad loved that !!

Stuart - what a great Parkrun in the middle of your 8 miles... Top work if you make it to the gym later too !!

Well done Tek - do they not realise that extra miles make you fitter ?  

Blimey Fiona - 20 miles followed by the office. hats off to you. You failed to mention that you did the 20 at a very good speed too !!

Excellent Hill Work NP - offroad and in snow. Lots of dedication on this thread at the moment by everyone. 

A good run too stewart - well done. glad the niggle went after the stretch. 

Good man mace - sounds like your flexing your plan well to stay on track !!

MG - 18 miles in snow is a very very good run !  Hard as nails !


I decided to go to the gym for a run today. The snow knackered me out a bit yesterday and it looked a little dangerous this morning. ( not really - but a good an excuse as any ).  Planned to do 10 miles to take me up to 60 for the week - but ended up doing 16+ in the end. Thats 45 miles in the last 3 days - so tomorrow is a rest day  

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19/01/2013 at 15:40
AGF, 16 mile in the gym, now that's hard core.

I forgot to mention, a distance PB, 50.7 miles for the week,
19/01/2013 at 16:00

Weather not as bad as forecast with still no significant snow in the far north (if you discount a light dusting on the hills)
Stll not warm at 3°C with some wind chill on top
18 miles D&D on mostly road (snow free) but taking in the icy track over Marwick Head.

JSN as you say the best of all worlds
SM6 good going
Tek Bet they (the 30) enjoyed it really
FionaC I'd be napping at work  if I did 20 miles before!
Good to get the 15 done even if it was hard work Mace
good run in the snow - were there good views from the top?
MG well done on getting out and the new Brooks Cascadia held their grip
AGF rather you than me, but well done (I have yet to darken the doors of a gym)

19/01/2013 at 17:02

Tek - Nice run, even if the clubmates didn't enjoy it

Mace - Haha Good idea moving the LSR to avoid the worst oft he weather, might do that myself.

Fiona - Well done on the 20

MG - Great running!

NP - Sounds a good run, a bit of snow adds some excitment!

Stewart - Nice run today and great total for the week

AGF - 16 miles in the gym would be torture for me, so well done on getting it done! Good total for the week, enjoy the day off tomorrow!

OH - Good run, no swimming today?


25 minutes of lower body weights done, though I didn't get the chance to squat

Would lack of sleep potentially raise HR? Just trying to figure out why it was sooo high this morning...   

19/01/2013 at 17:07
AGF that's awesome running on the treadmill, your boredom tolerance level is impressive!
19/01/2013 at 17:20
SM6 nah, they went at 8:45 so I wimped out of swimming. My excuse was that I had to get the LSR done (although it has to be said there would still have been plenty of time after an 8:45 start ... but 8:45 on a Saturday morning? ... come on guys!)
19/01/2013 at 17:27
and yes, lack of sleep can potentially raise your HR as any other stressor.
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