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03/03/2013 at 12:44
Happy birthday NN hope it's a good one
Jason d sounds a bloody good time to me considering the conditions and your prep!!

Having a nice rest today ready for another good training week (hopefully)
03/03/2013 at 13:22

Agree with MG1 jason and there's still 5 quality weeks to go.

Got my long run done, not as long as planned but 21 miles nice and easy. A fantastic day (still needed 2 long sleeved tops under the jacket) although a bit of a breeze at times but so nice to be out.

NN I have beetroot juice every day. I love beetroot anyway so no problem for me to drink it.



03/03/2013 at 13:28
MG and Fiona- thanks, and I'm not throwing in the towel. Just going to work my arse off!
Fiona- nice mileage I love beetroot too and just found out that Morrisons are selling 1l cartons of Beet It organic beet juice
03/03/2013 at 14:05


Well done.


3.1 miles done this morning.

03/03/2013 at 15:00

SM6, hope the 10 went well today

Spark,  those interval sessions look tough with very little recovery, for i mile reps I've taken 3mins recovery, and boy it doesn't seem enough, hope you've enjoyed the 15 today

NP, I wish my legs were 21 again, how did the 16+ go today

NN, Happy Birthday good luck today

Jason, well done in what seemed to be tough conditions, and atleast you know what needs to be done between now and VLM, 

Fiona, well done with the 21, the last two day it has been shorts and t-shirt for me, but today I did have my Gillet, you know what the weather can be like up here, never tried beetroot juice, no harm in trying some I supose

HM4, well done on the 5k this morning

Today was my secon 20 mile run of the campain, decided to keep it flat today so ran around the industrial estates and an out and back to Dochgarroch, I onlt took two gels with me today, an orange flavoured one and a berry with Caffine, they are not too tasty but paletable, once again the last two miles were tough but I was expecting as much

Stats for the run




03/03/2013 at 15:06

Race Report: Silverstone:

This morning I did not fancy the race at all. I was trying to find excuses not to do it ! If truth be told I think I overdid it on holdau. 50 Miles @ average of 7:45 in 6.5 days is  lot of fast running. It was liberating however as It felt good to run fast and I toot quite a few tips from the julian goater book that was recomended. The only trouble was I had a few aches and pains and jet lag on my return meant that yesterdays 8 Mile run did not feel great by the end of it. 

Oh well I dragged myself out of bed and set off early. Cereal, frazzles, smiths square crips and 2x yorkie bars before the satrt., You dod not read that in any race prep books and showed my state of mind. I was at the track by 10:30 for a noon start as suggested by the organisers as the place can be a nightmare to get into and out during peak times. 

Got the the main area and few pitstops. However there was nowehere to go for a few miles warmup. Crazy it it sounds. So tries to stay warm and went to the start area. My PB is 1:37 from November but I thought I should try and see how near I could get to 1:30.  He who dares. So I lined up just in front of the 1:30 pace maker. Loads of folks behind and prefered the space. It was a cloudy day with spells of sunshine. around 6degrees so perfect for running.  I was near enough to the front to here them annouce the celebrety runners ( david weir / scott overall etc).

We were off. I looked at my watch after a few minutes and it said 6:12 average - far to fast so I eased back. But I stayed in fron of the 1:30 pacer. 

I felt OK up to 4miles but had a nagging doubt that I had set off to fast...but hey 5 miles came up with an average of 6:47mm.   The sun came out here and it started to effect me - but luckily it went in again and the cloud helped. There was wind too. It helped sometimes when behind you but at other times it was like running through treacle when running into it. 

7 Miles came and there was a twist in the course. I had 100 Metres on the 1:30 pace maker. All good. At this point we had to run up a short but steep bridge that went over the track!! I rememberd what mr goater said and shortened the stride and increased the cadence. It felt good and I powered up the hill. Goater calls it "running with skill" - I do not know about that but I smiled to myself. 

Mile 8 Tough. Very tough. Into the head wind and up a hill. My legs felt tough and I though that 1:33 would be mangeable from here. Howevere I thought maybe this tough spell will pass and used my arms as much as I could to keep the legs going. The cloud stayed in and the wind was soon behind me and it felt easier again. 

The miles between 10-11 were very very tough mentally. I felt I was failing but knew I only had 20 mins left. I told myself that this is what I had trained for so I needed to stick it out. I was hard. very hard !! Then after 11 it was still very hard but the finish was closer. I hoped I was picking up pace - but in relatity I think I just about hung on. 

A man dressed as superman was just in front of me - about 25 metres. I decided I needed to beat him. He was bloody good though and was overtaking folk. I stuck with him! I was closing as we got nearer the finish. No matter how fast I chased him he stayed in front. He beat me me...

Fail !!!...

But a silver lining !!! A PB

Official Website Time = 1:29:58 !!!! ( Sub 1:30 )  whoop!! 

A pB by more than 7 Mins whoop 

Chuffed as a chuff thing..... Thank you Mr Goater - your mind games and techniques worked. Had I not set myself a goal of 1:30 or as close as I could get I would not have beat it !! I think

03/03/2013 at 15:14

Splits: 6:42 6:49 6:55 6:45 6:45 6:41 6:51 6:40 7:01 6:50 6:51 6:55 6:47 1:03

Note: I ran further than needed ( 13.2) so mile markers came after garmin marker splits !!! Need to run more efficiently next time !!


03/03/2013 at 15:16

Fiona/Stewart - well done on two veryvery good long runs!

Jason - 1:23 is awesome and something I aspire to one day. I know its not what you want - but well done and head down for the next month or so. 


03/03/2013 at 15:21


Thanks & well done.


Well done.

03/03/2013 at 15:35
AGF, thats a superb effort and a really impressive PB well done
Stewart C , another good LR in the bank.
03/03/2013 at 15:40
AGF!!!! Well done on the sub 1.30 PB, Top Man!
Stewart- well done on the 20!
03/03/2013 at 16:01

Not had time to read back properly but...AGF  your pb sprung out and hit me on the nose.. !!!! fab well done you,...

will catch up properly later , just getting ready for birthday meal with family..result 1.40.32 little disapointed not to dip under the 1.40 but my 2nd fastest ever half marathon for me, I did 1.39.. 5 years ago so dead chuffed, also 1st in age cat and bottle champagne also 3rd in for the ladies team so we got 1st team prize too...

03/03/2013 at 16:16

Wow some reading back:

Jason 1:23 and bits, think I would be happy with that with still seven weeks to go and five weeks to add the speed as you look ok on the endurance side of things

 MG1  hope your enjoying your rest day.

Fiona another great 21 miles in the bank and all looking good

HM4 well done on the 3.1 miles

SC another nice 20 mile run in the bank for you sir

AFG now you need to change your name to HGF (Have Got Fitter) where to start fantastic race report and result, looks to me like you have found that inner racer over the moon for you and the sub 1:30  now for 1:25 and sub 3 hours.





03/03/2013 at 16:21

NN Cross post great result on the 1:40 and 1st in age group all looking good for VLM

As for me did 22.44 at avg 7:36 which all felt nice and easy So you where not far off NN

03/03/2013 at 16:29

.I always have a final sprint in the last mile... it wasnt even down hill..god knows where that came from !!



03/03/2013 at 16:38

mace hope you shake that niggle, and hope Thanet went ok

Fiona nice double yesterday and well done on the 21m today

Stewart well done on the 6m yesterday and well done on a controlled 20m today

MG cracking long run - nice splits and strong finish...well done

Stuart the HR reading might just be a poor contact in the cold.  Good luck on a tough back to back 10 + 20.

Spark hope the 15 went ok

NP well done on your hill and great LR today

Jason well done on a tough HM - 1.23 is a time most of us here can only dream of. 5 weeks of hard work coming up...

HM well done on the 5k today

AGF looks like the holiday plus half-killing yourself on the hotel treddie did some good!!!

NN  great time, nice age result plus a team win!!. Great day...


Essex 20

I drove up with 3 clubmates (2F, 1M) who are all in Ironman training.  3 loop course, with two big hills on each loop ("big" is relative - this in Essix, shu'aaarp). The intention was 8m easy and 12m at MP (which I don't know yet, but let's say 8mm).

The two lady clubmates were taking it slow, so I set off with the male tri-curious clubmate, who proceeded to set out at 7:30mm pace.  After I while I eased off, and luckily was joined by a chatty group which included an older runner recovering from a hip operation. Turns out his mara PB was 2:32 so listening to his stories was a worthwhile experience. 

This lot was knocking out 8.0x miles so I decided to scrap the plan and stick with them, hoping my HR was not going to explode.  Caught my idiot clubmate at mile 4 and spent the next 16m listening to his heavy breathing. He did hang on to us, though. 


7:48 7:43 8:31 8:08 8:18 8:01 7:59 8:03 7:52 8:26 8:06 7:44 8:08 7:59 7:54 8:09 8:12 8:07 7:53 7:58 .  2h41 and an average 8:03.  HR stayed below 83%max until mile 15 then started to drift badly...very badly (90% mile 20).

So (a) a 20 mile PB but a pretty stupid thing to do (b) 8:00 mm is not yet comfortable enough for mara pace.  Still 8 weeks to go though...

Edited: 03/03/2013 at 16:41
03/03/2013 at 16:41

Oh missed mile 1...7.36..I did run 13 honestly..

super running Tek  went off a bit fast though didnt ya !!

03/03/2013 at 17:05

Great running Teknik and another PB

NN fast last mile

03/03/2013 at 17:07

Fantastic PB AGF, sub 90 minutes!!!  So well deserved!

Stewart well done on the 20, great to bag another.

jason that's the stuff I drink.

NN a 1st and bubbles, a perfect result and a great time!

Another impressive long run NP.

Teknik very well done on your PB too!  Hope your clubmate does not read this thread!

A great day for the thread!!


03/03/2013 at 17:11
Thanks guys your comments are appreciated.

NN. That's brilliant to win 2xprizes. Fantastic running. Be chuffed to be the best of your peers

NP. Well done in yet another 22 miler. Your in terrific shape yourself. Thanks for comments....we will see

Tek, you did that run in high season of training. You will be ready come race day and taper.... Super run that but make sure you look after yourself this week... Brilliant Effort though...
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